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FAITH SPINNEY.  Female hedgehog of Redwall Abbey.  Wife of Tudd. Close friend of Abbess Vale.  She wears spectacles while embroidering.  (SN)

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FALLOW.  Hare in the Long Patrol.  (LP)

FANGBURN.  Male rat.  Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army. Illiterate.  He lost a chunk of his ear in a fight with Redtooth.  He was killed by Constance in the final battle for Redwall Abbey. (RW)

FARRAN THE POISONER.  Male black fox with pale, amber eyes.  Nobeast ever heard him speak.  He wore an adderskin belt from which hung batskin pouches of poisons.  He was not a member of Ferahgo's horde, but followed them from a distance, sometimes working for Ferahgo when the price was right.  Ferahgo sent him into Salamandastron to poison the food and water supplies.   He succeeded in this but was killed by Urthstripe. (SN)

FARROW, BROTHER.  Withe’s predecessor as Herbalist of Redwall.  (OR)

FATCH.  Male Guosim shrew.  Friend of Rufe and Durry.  He was killed by Silvamord in the battle to liberate Castle Floret, thereby saving Rufe's life. (BM)

FATCHUR. Male water rat under Gelltor's command. Killed by Janglur Swifteye. (MX)

FATTY.  Obese female ferret in Plugg's crew.  (TS)

FEADLE.  Male weasel. Soldier often assigned to sentry duty in Ferahgo's horde. Killed by Ferahgo for letting Oxeye and Sapwood escape. (SN)

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FEEGLE.  Dibbun mousemaid of Redwall.  Friends with Durby.  She survived a fall from the abbey wall--something Cluny the Scourge barely survived!  (TG)

FELCH.  Male fox in the Juskarath clan.  His weapon of choice was the axe.  One of his paws was crippled by Sawney Rath after he threatened baby Deyna/Tagg.  He tried to desert the Juskarath fifteen seasons after Deyna/Tagg's birth, but he was caught.  Antigra soon killed him because he witnessed Sawney Rath's murder.  (TG)

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FELLDOH. Warrior squirrel. Son of Barkjon. Marshank prisoner since he was very young. Escaped with Martin and Brome. Swore a vendetta against Badrang. Killed by hordebeasts after paw-to-paw combat with Badrang. (MW)

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"FELLDOH THE WRESTLER." Martin told Gonff this was a childhood friend of his, but was doubtlessly referring to the Felldoh above. (MF)

FELLTOOTH.  Male searat. Crew member on the Waveblade. (MR)

FENGAL. Weasel slaver in Slagar’s band. Died when he was sucked under in a swamp in Mossflower. (MT)

FENNO. Evil male Guosim shrew who murdered Log-a-Log. Captured by Mokkan, later killed by Dipper.  (MX)


FENTZ. Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

FERAHGO THE ASSASSIN.  Male weasel. Father of Klitch.  He had sparkling blue eyes and a charming smile, but was a ruthless warlord.  He wore a broad belt, a short kilt of skins, and crossbelts diagonally across his chest.  He always carried numerous knives, which he could throw with deadly accuracy.  He was also skilled with a mace and chain.  Early in his career as a warlord, he killed Urthhound and Urthrun to conquer the Southwest Lands.   Later he and his son pressed northward in search of the rumored badger treasure within Salamandastron.  His relationship with Klitch was an uneasy mix of mentor/protege and insult-ridden rivalry, but he was still grudgingly proud of his cunning offspring and allowed him some command over the horde.  During the war Ferahgo was injured by boiling water but quickly recovered, eventually breaking the great mountain fortress.  His victory was short-lived, however, for reinforcements arrived in the form of Loambudd, Samkim, Mara and the Guosssom.  He was killed when a mortally-wounded Urthstripe leapt from the top of Salamandastron's crater while gripping the weasel to him. (SN)

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FERDY STICKLE. Male hedgehog. Son of Ben and Goody. Brother of Coggs,
Posy and Spike. As a Dibbun, he idolized Martin and Gonff, and was once captured by Tsarmina.  He later was one of the first residents of Redwall Abbey.   (MF, LL)

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FERGUN.  Young sea otter in Brogalaw's holt.   (BT)

FERMALD THE ANCIENT.  Redwall squirrelmaid who lived to be very old.  She lived alone in the Abbey attic.  She carried a beautifully carved wooden spoon around with her.  She was senile and happily lived in her own little world, often speaking in rhymes and riddles.  She loved to fish on the Abbey pond.  She befriended Graylunk and hid the Pearls of Lutra for safekeeping.  (PL)

FERN, SISTER. Redwall resident.  She was an adult when Mordalfus was a Dibbun. (MT)

FFRING. Male hare of Salamandastron. Close friend of Trubbs and Wother. He lost his tail in Boar’s Battle.  He later settled in Mossflower and became a founding member of the "Fur and Foot Fighters" border patrol there.  (MF)

FIELDMOUSE, MR. AND MRS.  Cornflower's parents.  He was injured by Shadow but recovered.  (RW)

FIELDROAN THE TRAVELER.  Male hare.  Friend of Lorquin.  He was already old when Lorquin knew him.  He was always traveling, and stayed half of one winter season with Brother Hubert in Redwall's gatehouse.  He left behind poetric instructions to Terramort there.  (MR)

FIGGS.  Tiny female ottermaid of Southsward.   She was marooned on the Island of Wrecked Ships, where Wincey and Benjy became her adopted siblings and Burrom her adoptive mother.  After she, Wincy and Benjy were rescued by the crew of the Pearl Queen, she returned to Southsward, where all three were adopted by King Gael and Queen Serena.  She was also close to Hon Rosie, and liked to follow her around, mimicking her.  (BM)

FIGGUL.  Molemaid of Redwall.  (OR)

FILLCH.  Male rat in Urgan Nagru's army.   Killed by Rab.  (BM)

FILORN.  Female otter of Redwall.  Wife of Rillflag, mother of Mhera and Deyna/Tagg.  She enjoyed cooking and was quite good at it. (TG)

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FINBARR GALEDEEP.  Large male sea otter.   He was covered in tattoos and scars, is missing an ear, and has a mussel shell eyepatch.  He carried two curved swords in crossbelt on his back.   His crew, wife and two sons were killed when searats captured his ship, the Pearl Queen.   Seasons later, he recaptured the ship while helping Joseph the Bellmaker on his quest to Southsward.  He was killed by Bladetail during a battle with Urgan Nagru.   with one eye and lots of tattoos.  Captain of the Pearl Queen.  Helped in the fight to liberate Southsward.  Killed  (BM)

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FINDO. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Accidentally killed by the horde. (MW)

FINGLE, BROTHER. Resident of Redwall. (BM)

FIRDANCE, LADY.  Big female squirrel with a husky voice and a large facial scar.  She was the leader of a tribe of squirrels in northwestern Mossflower, near Salamandastron. (OR)

FIRGAN.  Big, tough, male rat in Urgan Nagru’s army. Killed by Rab and Muta. (BM)

FIRJAK.  Male squirrel.  Son of the Squirrelqueen, father of Elmjack.  He and his childhood friend, Bankrose, brought together the squirrels and otters of north-west Mossflower. He saved her from searats, getting a lame paw in the process. He loved to swim. (OR)

FIRL. Small, silent yellow-throated newt.    Lives with Bobbo in a cave on the coast of north-west Mossflower. (MR)

FISHGILL. Male searat.  Greypatch's steersrat on the Darkqueen.  Carries a cutlass.  He was the only one to remain loyal to Greypatch during Bigfang's mutiny.  He was lured into dangerous Flitchaye territory by Oak Tom.  (MR)

FISHTAIL.  Male searat.  Mate on the Seatalon.   Gabool killed him by throwing him to Skrabblag.  (MR)

FLAIRNOSE.  Male weasel Corsair on the Waveworm.   Along with Graylunk, he stole the Pearls of Lutra from Conva.  He died after fighting Graylunk for the pearls.  (PL)

FLAGG. Large male otter of Redwall. He is skilled with a slingshot and stones.  (MR)

FLAGGARD.  Monitor lizard of Sampetra.   (PL)

FLANEY. Captain on Sampetra killed by Trident-rats for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

FLANGOR. Rat in Urgan Nagru's army. Killed by Muta. (BM)

FLANJEAR.  Crew member of the Goreleech, killed when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

FLANN.  Shrew.  Trag member.  (MR)

FLEABACK.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He was banished to the far south by Matthias and Orlando. (MT)

FLEABANE. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Accidentally killed by Badrang's horde. (MW)

FLEABITT.  Skinny male rat.   Crew member on the Goreleech.  He beat the drum to keep the oarslaves rowing in a steady rhythm.  He was beaten after being falsely accused of stealing from the ship's larder.  He was killed when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks. (LL)

FLEAWIRT.  Male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Killed by Thyme. (MR)

FLEETLEG.  Tall male hare of Salamandastron.   Son of Sergeant Learunner, baby brother of Gorsepaw and Crocus. (MR)

FLEETRUNN. Female hare of Salamandastron.  She was a Captain in the Long Patrol until she married Jodd and moved to Redwall. (OR)

FLEETSCUT.  Old male hare of Salamandastron.   An old friend and colleague of Stonepaw.  He escaped from Salamandastron early in the conflict with Ungatt Trunn and traveled with Jukka and Brocktree for awhile before returning to the Mountain.  Despite long animosity toward Jukka, the two died together as friends in a skirmish with Trunn's forces in the catacombs beneath Salamandastron.  (BT)

FLIGG.  Guosssom shrew.  (SN)

FLINK. Weasel tracker in Badrang's horde. Sucked under in a swamp. (MW)

FLITCHAYE. Tribe of savage, runty weasels in north-west Mossflower, a day's walk north of Redwall.  They live underground and use sleeping herbs and scented smoke to overcome enemies.  They wear barkcloth masks and disguises made of reeds, leaves and trailing weeds, and smear themselves with plant dyes.  They were led by Snidjer during Mariel's day. (MR, LL)

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FLITH.  Male rat.  Lieutenant under Captain Riftun.  He was killed by Shogg while trying to stop the otter, Triss and Welfo from escaping from Riftgard.  (TS)

FLOATER. Weasel in Clogg's crew, then in Badrang's horde. Killed by Ballaw and Felldoh. (MW)

FLOBBEARS. Hare. Uncle of Ballaw. (MW)

FLOBURT, SISTER.  Female hedgehog of Redwall.   Granddaughter of Drogg, sister of Egburt, great-great-granddaughter of Gurgan Spearback.  With Egburt, succeeded Sister Alkanet as abbey infirmary keeper.   (TG)

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FLOGGA.  Male searat.   Captain of the Rathelm.  He knew and served under Gabool for many seasons.  In his madness Gabool thought Flogga was Greypatch and had him killed by Skrabblag. (MR)

FLOGGTAIL.  Searat first mate of the Greenhawk.   Killed by Luke's tribe.  (LL)

FLOKE. Older male hare in Salamandastron’s Long Patrol. (OR)

FLOKKY.  Rat in Urgan Nagru's army. Killed by Muta. (BM)

FLOOM. Guosim shrew. (OR)

FLORET.  See Castle Floret.

FLORIAN DUGGLEWOOF WILFFACHOP. Male hare descended from Ballaw DeQuincewold. Leader of the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe. Wears of a rumpled frock of lilac silk, a wide-brimmed straw hat, yellow boots and carries a silver-tipped cane. Has an overblown sense of theatrics. (MX)


FLOWERS OF ICETOR. The only known cure for Dryditch Fever, these flowers are found only in the north mountains near the eyrie of King MacPhearsome.  They are small, white and starlike with blue-tinged petals. (SN)

FLUGG. Shrew who replaced Log-a-Log as Guosim leader when the first died fighting the blackrobes of Malkariss in the ruins of Loamhedge. (MT)

FOGHILL. Young hare. Nephew of Meldrum. Brother of Coltvine, Thurdale and Burdill. (BM)

FOLGRIM.  Male otter.  Son of Bargud, brother of Tungro, nephew of Garraway, Warthorn (Skipper) and Riverwyte (Mask).   Captured by vermin and held for two seasons.  When he returned, he had one eye, crippled paws and a ruined mind.  He was banished from Tungro's holt for cannibalism, but periodically returned.  His mind healed quite a bit after befriending little Chugger.  (LL)

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FOLRIG STREAMPAW. Otter. Lives with Ruddle behind a waterfall in north-west Mossflower. Loves to insult Ruddle and vice versa. Friend of Sunflash. (OR)

FOOTLECUM DURR.  Foppish male shrew in a humorous Guosim folksong.  (TS)

FORBUN. Guosssom shrew.  Father of twins. Married to Tubgutt's sister. (SN)

FORDPETAL. Young, flirtatious female hare of Salamandastron.  She had big, brown eyes.  She loved Bradders. She was killed by Zigu on the beach outside Salamandastron. (OR)

FOREMOLE. Title given to the leader of the moles.  The first mole to hold that title in Redwall was Dinny, although the term predates the Abbey.

FOREMOLE.  Male mole of Redwall.   The otherwise unnamed Foremole of Matthias' generation was a direct descendant of Dinny.  (RW, MT)

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FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Leader of the moles in Mossflower.  Friend of Old Dinny.  (MF)

FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Leader of the moles at Redwall.  (OR)

FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Leader of the moles at Redwall. (MR, BM)

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FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Leader of the moles at Redwall.  Diggum succeeded him as Foremole.  (PL)

FORGRIN.  Male fox.  Soldier in Ferahgo's army. Carries a rapier.  Her plotted to kill Ferahgo, but the weasel chieftan killed him first. (SN)

FORTUNATA. Vixen healer. Uses the alias of Besomtail, a wandering healer.  She was born and bred in Mossflower.  She helped Tsarmina poison Verdauga and served under the wildcat queen until she was killed by ten squirrel arrows. (MF)

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FOULWHISKER.  Male weasel. Kotir soldier. Killed for insulting Tsarmina. (MF)

FOURDUN.  Ancient male squirrel.  Hermit in Mossflower Woods.  Taken prisoner by the Rapscallions but rescued by the Long Patrol.  (LP)

FRACKLE.  Female Guosim shrew.  Friend of Log-a-Log.  (LP)

FRADDLE.  Male Monitor lizard of Sampetra who accompanied Lask to Mossflower but did not survive the return journey.  (PL)

FRAGGUN. Rat in Badrang's horde. Killed by Brome. (MW)

FRAGORL, GRAND.  A female ferret in the inner circle of Ungatt Trunn's Horde.  She wears a large robe and a nose ring, and dies her fur blue.  She deserted from the Horde, and her whereabouts are unknown.  (BT)

FRANG.  Male ferret in Ferahgo’s army.   (SN)

FRAUL.  Somber-looking male stoat.  Captain in Trunn's Horde.  He was demoted after failing to capture Stonepaw alive, and was killed by spider crabs. (BT)


FREEBEAST.  Boat used for Grath and Martin II's expedition to Sampetra.  It was a double-outrigger vessel with sails and oars. (PL)

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FREEBOOTER. Corsair vessel of Sampetra with red pennants and three masts. Once Captained by Barranca. Taken over by Redwallers and renamed the Seaking. (PL)

FREEDOM.  Tiny mousebabe found at Riftgard immediately after the slave revolt.  No one claimed him so Sleeve and Kroova adopted him.  (TS)

FREEDOM (ship).   See Seascab.

FRIBB.  Vermin in Sholabar's gang.   (LL)

FRIDILO MIGOOCH.  Young female hedgehog.   Daughter of Mammee and Cumarnee, niece of Roobee and Birty.  Wore a tunic of green woven linen with a floral patterned pinafore over it, and had flowers in her headspikes.   (TS)

FRIMBLE, BROTHER.  Redwall resident.   (OR)

FRINK. Male searat.  Matey of Deadglim.  Greypatch's lookout on the Darkqueen.  Skilled at throwing daggers.  He was killed by Thyme. (MR)

FRIPPLE.  Female mouse Dibbun, about three seasons older than Martin.  Daughter of Cardo.  Killed by Vilu Daskar's Sea Rogues.  (LL)

FROAT. Searat on Terramort. (MR)

FROGBIT. Rat in Badrang's horde. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

FROGBLOOD.  Male rat.  Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army. He was killed by Matthias in the final battle at Redwall.  (RW)

FRUMBLE, BROTHER.  Late Redwaller who taught Malbun and Skipper's generation at Abbey School.  (TS)

FRUTCH.  Female sea otter.  Mother of Brogalaw. (BT)

FUFFLE. Infant mouse. Son of Groot and Purslane. Slave in Marshank. (MW)

FUR AND FOOT FIGHTERS.  Mossflower border patrol founded by Ffring, Wother, Trubbs, Willow, Harebell and Honeydew after the fall of Kotir.   (MF)

FUR AND FOOT FIGHTING PATROL. Founded by Tarquin and Rosie Woodsorrel. (MR)

FUR AND FREEDOM FIGHTERS. Army organized to oppose Badrang. Made up of former Marshank slaves and the Rambling Rosehip Players. Has a green banner with a flying javelin severing a chain. (MW)

FURGALE.  Young male hare of Salamandastron.  Killed in the battle at the Ridge of a Thousand.  (LP)

FURGLE THE HERMIT.  Small, thin, elderly woodvole with a bushy white beard.  He lived alone in Mossflower woods near Redwall Abbey.    He wore a long smock of brown barkcloth.  His knowledge of Dryditch Fever and the Flowers of Icetor were invaluable to Redwall Abbey during the plague.   He said he had never been sick a day in his life. (SN)

FURLO STUMP.  Male hedgehog.   Grandson of Jabez, son of Jube, brother of Higgle.  Redwall cellarkeeper.   He shared beekeeping duties with Brother Dormal.  (PL)

FURMO, LOG-A-LOG.  Shrew chieftan, hen-pecked husband of Honeysuckle.  (LL)

FURPP STRAIGHTFURRER.  Old male mole of Southsward.  Grandfather of Burdill, Grumbee and Porgoo.  Patriarch of a mole colony living in a hollowed-out hill near Castle Floret.  (BM)

FURREL.  Young molemaid.  Niece of Foremole Urrm.  Assistant cook at Redwall Abbey, serving under Friar Gooch.   (TS)

FURREL, MRS.  Female mole of Redwall, mother of Durby.   (TG)

FURRIB.  Shrew in Log-a-Log Grenn's tribe.   (BT)

FURRTIL. Female mole Dibbun of Redwall.  She was best friends with the mousebabe and also befriended Blaggut.  (BM)

FWIRL.  Female squirrel.  Wife of Broggle, mother of Rosabel.  She was orphaned by foxes as an infant and lived on her own in Mossflower for years.  Eventually she met Broggle and moved into Redwall Abbey.   She was a beautiful squirrel with large eyes, white teeth and a "red gold tail."  Her attire was "a short, belted tunic of soft green."   She was a "treewhiffler," or expert climber.  (TG)

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