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GABOOL THE WILD.  Male searat.  His titles included: King of Searats, Lord of Terramort Island, Captain of Captains, Warlord of All Rodent Corsairs, and Warlord of All Waters.  He wore a red cloak, gold earrings, and a beard tied with blue and red silken ribbons.  He also had gold teeth studded with emeralds.  He knew Greypatch for most of his life, and Greypatch was mate when Gabool was captain of the Ratwake.  Gabool eventually came to power as King of Searats, ruling from Fort Bladegirt on Terramort Island.  He was driven insane by dreams, insomnia and hallucinations about the Joseph Bell and Rawnblade's quest to destroy him.   He was killed by Skrabblag.  (MR)

   gabool5.jpg (11885 bytes)  gabool4.jpg (5679 bytes) The infamous picture of Gabool with a very non-Redwall weapon--a gun!

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GABRIEL. (See Waveblade.)

GABRIEL QUILL (GABE).  Male hedgehog.   Uncle of Durry.  Cellarmaster of Redwall.  He passed away sometime in the first four seasons after Mariel and Dandin left Redwall to go adventuring.  (MR, MW)

GADGEE.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall. (PL)

GADUSS.  Male weasel.  Rapmark in the Rapscallion army.  (LP)

GAEL SQUIRRELKING.  Male squirrel.   Ruler of Southsward.  Husband of Serena, father of Truffen, adoptive father of Wincey, Benjy and Figgs.  He was imprisoned when Urgan Nagru conquered Castle Floret, but was later rescued by Mariel, Dandin and Meldrum. (BM)

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GAFFER. Male mole.  Resident of Redwall. (RW, MT)

GALDRA. Trident-rat appointed as Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

GANCHO.  Male searat Corsair of Sampetra.   He was appointed captain by Rasconza, demoted the next day by Ublaz, and later re-promoted by Rasconza.  (PL)

GARFFY. Redwall Dibbun. (PL)

GARNET, SISTER.  Resident of Redwall.  She was an adult when Constance was a Dibbun. (MT)

GARR. Male Guosim shrew. (MT)

GARRAWAY BULLOW.  Queen of all the Northern Otter Tribes (NORT).  Female otter chieftain in Flitchaye territory in northern Mossflower.   Daughter of "Daddo" and sister of Folgrim and Tungro's mother.  Old friend of Gonff.  (LL)

GARRTAIL. Male searat. Captain of the Greenfang.   Killed by Greypatch. (MR)

GATCHAG.  Male rat.  Captain in Urgan Nagru's army.  He was killed by Urgan Nagru for voicing an unpopular opinion. (BM)

GAUCHEE. Mousemaid in the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

GAWJO SWIFTEYE. Male squirrel. Husband of Ellayo, father of Janglur, grandfather of Songbreeze, adoptive father of Torrab the female hedgehog and 13 other orphaned hedgehogs. The only prisoner ever to escape from Marlfox Island until the arrival of the Four Chieftains. (MX)

GAWJUN. Male hedgehog of Southsward.  Mate of Deekeye.  He was from a rather primitive tribe and used archaic speech.  He carried a war club. (BM)

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GAWTRYBE. Tribe of barbaric squirrels north of Noonvale. Wear sashes and have feathers on their tails. (MW)

GEORGE, BROTHER. Mouse. Resident of Redwall. (RW)

GELLTOR. Male Marlfox often paired with Predak. Son of Silth, brother of Mokkan, Lantur, Ascrod, Vannan, Predak and Ziral.  Killed by Janglur Swifteye at Redwall. (MX)

GERMAINE, ABBESS. Elderly female mouse.  Formerly of Loamhedge. Along with Martin, she is the co-founder of Redwall, as well as its first Abbess.  She was a longtime friend of Bella, and a mother figure for Columbine.  She drew on parchment for enjoyment and journal-keeping purposes.  In old age, she used a sawed-off spiral seashell in her ear to help her hear.  She wore small, square spectacles.  She was buried beneath Redwall Abbey in a tomb marked by a statue of herself with a book in her lap. (MF, LL)

GERUL.  Young male barn owl. Friend of Clecky.  He came from the north and settled at Redwall.  He was forever quoting his mother's sayings.  (PL)


GEUM. Old mousewife. Slave in Marshank. Cantankerous. (MW)

GILLER LINGL. Female hedgehog. Daughter of Tirry and Dearie, sister of Gurmil, Tirg and Bitty. Lives in a cave in north-west Mossflower. (OR)

GILLY. Young male mole of Redwall. (MT)

GINGERVERE GREENEYES. Male wildcat. Son of Verdauga, nephew of Ungatt Trunn, brother of Tsarmina, husband of Sandingomm, ancestor of Julian.   He held the title of Squire before Verdauga’s death. He was imprisoned by Tsarmina, who publicly blamed him for Verdauga’s poisoning, and later freed by the Mask and the Corim.  He fled eastward into Mossflower, where he wed Sandingomm and settled on the farm near the quarry. (MF)

GINKO, BROTHER.  Redwall's Bellringer.  (LP)

GIRFANG, BOSS.  Water rat chieftan in northern Mossflower.  Father of Riddig.  (LL)

GLACIER.  Owl.  Esteemed ancestor of Captain Snow.  (RW)

GLAGWEB, KING.  Male toad with red eyes, covered in yellow warts on slime-green skin.   Leader of a tribe of cannibal toads east of Salamandastron. Carries a trident.  He was last seen imprisoned in a pit with a pike after being defeated by the Guosssom.  (SN)


GLENNER. Young female otter in Skipper's crew.   Redwall ally.  (PL)

GLIMPY.  Male rat in Swartt’s army.   He wore a red bandana.  He was killed as a demonstration of The Wraith’s abilities.  (OR)

GLINC.  Male watervole.  Husband of Sitch. Took in Grath after Conva's crew injured her. (PL)

GLOGALOG.  Very large, old male toad.  King of marshtoads in Southsward. He carried a bulrush sceptre topped with a lizard skull and often traveled in a hammock carried by other toads. (BM)

GLOKKPOD.  Male red-backed shrike or "Butcher Bird" of Southsward.  He was imprisoned in Castle Floret after it was conquered by Urgan Nagru and later escaped with Mariel, Dandin and Meldrum.   He was bad-tempered and fought with Meldrum but did help the others escape from the castle's highest tower. (BM)

GLOOMER, THE.  Huge, greyish black male water rat.   He had no speech, little hearing, and was blind and crazy.  He was capturned by Verdauga and kept in an underground lake beneath Kotir.  He wore a studded iron collar.  He was killed by Stormfin in combat in the River Moss. (MF)

GOFFA.  Young, shifty-looking male ferret in Ferahgo's army. Friend of Klitch. He wore a long tunic that had been cut down to fit him, with a rope belt.  He was killed outside Salamandastron by a giant arrow fired by Urthstripe. (SN)

GONFF THE MOUSETHIEF. Plump, jovial male mouse. Wore a green jerkin and a broad belt. Best friend and traveling companion to Martin.  Husband of Columbine, father of Gonflet/Gonff II, great-grandfather of Bryony, ancestor of Dandin.  He admires otters and likes to call people "matey."   His parents were killed by Kotir soldiers so he was raised by the Stickles. He played a reed flute and was forever composing ballads and songs for every occasion.   He called himself the Prince of Mousethieves, a title which he deserved.  He met Martin while imprisoned in Kotir, and went questing to Salamandastron with Martin, Dinny and Log-a-Log.  He later lived at St. Ninian's with his family and also went with Martin on his quest to learn about his father, Luke.  (MF, LL)  

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GONFF II, a.k.a. GONFLET.  Plump male mouse.  Son of Gonff and Columbine, father of at least one son.  He was born the day the main gate of Redwall was raised.  He lives at St. Ninian’s and takes after his father with his sense of humor and playful thievery.  (MF, LL)

GOOCH, FRIAR.  Male squirrel.  Head cook at Redwall.  (TS)

GOODY (GOODWIFE) STICKLE. Hedgehog. Wife of Ben, mother of Posy, Spike, Ferdy and Coggs. Adoptive mother of Gonff. Resident of Mossflower. (MF)

GORELEECH.  Trireme warship of the Sea Rogues, led by Vilu Daskar.  Powered by oarslaves, and painted blood-red.   Destroyed when Luke rammed it into the Tall Rocks.  See also Arfship.   (LL)

GORM. Water rat under Mokkan's command. (MX)

GORMAD TUNN.  Greatrat.  Firstblade of the Rapscallions.  Father of Byral and Damug.  Died of complications of an injury inflicted by Cregga Rose Eyes at Salamandastron.  (LP)

GORSEPAW.  Male hare of Salamandastron.   Son of Learunner, brother of Crocus and Fleetleg.  Killed by searats.   (MR)

GOWJA.  Male searat of Sampetra with yellowed teeth.  He was taken captive by Clecky and later marooned on Sampetra after Martin II spared his life.  (PL)

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GRALL. Male black-backed gull.  Leader of the gulls at Sampetra. He died of exhaustion after flying from Mossflower to Sampetra.   (PL)


GRASSUM.  Hedgehog.  Brother of Reedum.   Helped save Skittles when he was lost in Mossflower Woods. (BT)

GRATH LONGFLETCH.  Female otter.   Daughter of Lutra, wife of Inbar, daughter-in-law of Wallyum and Dorumee, sister-in-law of Winniegold.  She was nearly killed by Conva and his crew, who slew the rest of her family.  She was then consumed by a desire for revenge against all searats, firing green-fletched arrows into many an unfortunate vermin.  She helped Martin II and the Redwallers to rescue Abbot Durral from Ublaz, then wed Inbar and settled in Ruddaring.  (PL)


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GRAYJAW.  Female weasel in Swartt’s army.   She was killed by the Long Patrol at Bat Mountpit.  (OR)

GRAYLUNK.  Male weasel Corsair on the Waveworm.   He and Flairnose stole the Pearls of Lutra from Conva, then wounded each other fighting over the Pearls.  Graylunk went to Redwall, where he was taken in and cared for.  He befriended Fermald.  He never really recovered from his injuries, and wandered into Mossflower Woods to die. (PL)

GRAYWORT.  Male rat in Urgan Nagru’s army.   Husband of Sicant.  He was very briefly promoted to captain before being killed by Mariel, Dandin, Gael and Meldrum in their escape. (BM)

GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GREAT INLAND LAKE. Large freshwater lake south of Mossflower. The island in the center is the site of Castle Marlfox. (SN, MX)

GREAT REDWALL FEAST, THE. By Brian Jacques. Illustrations by Chistopher Denise. 1996. Rhymed picture book describing a feast at Redwall.

GREATRATS.  Odd breed of rats.  Twice the size of normal rats.  Associated with the Rapscallion army.  (LP)

GREAT SOUTH CLIFFS. Huge cliffs in southern Mossflower, not too far from the ruins of Loamhedge. Unscalable except by rope ladder. A fall from the top is invariably fatal. (MT)

GREAT SOUTH STREAM. River that flows from the western mountain, through south Mossflower Woods and empties into the Big Inland Lake. (MF, SN)

GREEN MAELSTROM.  Giant whirlpool off the coast of Southsward, along the Roaringburn current.  It is more than ten shiplengths wide and nearly impossible to escape from.  It swallowed the Shalloo. (BM)

GREENBECK.  Big male otter in Rab and Iris Streambattle’s band. (BM)

GREENCLAW.  Male stoat.  Captain in Bowfleg’s army.  Carried a sword.  Killed by Swartt. (OR)

GREENFANG.  Searat ship captained by Bludrigg, then Garrtail.  It was burned by Greypatch at the mouth of the River Moss.   The wreck was later fixed up by Mariel and her fellow questors and sailed back to Terramort. (MR)

GREENHAWK.  Reynard Chopsnout's corsair ship.  After Luke's tribe killed the crew, it was refurbished and renamed the Sayna.  (See also Sayna.)  (LL)

GRENN.  Male shrew.  Log-a-Log of the Guosim.   (BT)

GREY ONE. Old male water vole. Fat, greedy, dishonest leader of the Riverhead tribe. (MX)

GREYPATCH. Thin, male grey searat with an eyepatch.  He was a longtime acquaintance of Gabool, and served as mate on the Ratwake when Gabool was Captain.  He was a skilled swordfighter.  Tiring of Gabool's insanity, he stole the Darkqueen and sailed to Mossflower.  He tried to conquer Redwall without success.  He was killed by Oak Tom. (MR)


GREYTAIL.  Male sparrow.  Husband of Dunwing, father of Warbeak.  He was considered a brave warrior.  He was killed by Asmodeus the spring before the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW)

GRIBBLE.  Small male rat.  Member of the Rapscallion army.  Spy for Damug.  (LP)

GRIFTY.  Male Guosim shrew who knew lots of songs and poems.  His mother was a famous healer in Mossflower.  (TS)

GRIGG.  Searat lookout on the Goreleech.   Killed when the ship crashed into the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

GRIMJAW.  Male grayling in the Redwall pond. Fermald the Ancient longed to catch him but never did.  He died by choking on one of the Pearls of Lutra, leaving a mate behind.  (PL)

GRIMLEG.  Ferret in Sholabar's gang.   (LL)

GRIMTOOTH.  Male searat corsair.  Captain of the Crabclaw. Killed by Mariel and Durry in the final battle at Bladegirt. (MR)

GRINAK.  Male rat in Ungatt Trunn's Horde.   Killed by Trunn for losing a skirmish to Salamandastron hares.  (BT)

GRINFLIT.  A vermin in Swartt’s army who was killed by Jodd north of Redwall Abbey.  (OR)

GRING.  Young male Guosim shrew. (OR)

GRINGOL. Soldier in Urgan Nagru’s army. Killed by Rab and Muta. (BM)

GRINJ.  Male rat in Urgan Nagru's army.   Experienced archer.  Killed by Meldrum. (BM)

GRIPPER.  Searat in Saltar's crew.  He was accidentally killed by Mariel while boarding and ransacking the Periwinkle. (MR)

GRISSOUL.  Old vixen seer of the Juskarath clan, then the Juskazann, then the Juskabor.  She had one lazy eye and wore a red and black barkcloth coat with bracelets of coral, brass and silver.  She died while in a trance trying to predict the future of Ruggan Bor and the fate of the Taggerung.  (TG)

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GRITTER. Searat in Clogg's crew on the Seascarab. Kliled by Felldoh and Ballaw. (MW)

GROABY. Redwall mole. (MR)

GROBAIT.  Male rat in the Juskarath clan.  (TG)

GRODDIL.  Malformed silver fox serving as High Magician to Ungatt Trunn.  Wears reading glasses and has the powers of a seer.   One of only two foxes in Trunn's Horde.  His family was killed by Trunn, which was why he refused to save the wildcat from drowning after the final battle at Salamandastron.  After that, he left and was never seen near Mossflower again.   (BT)

GROMAL.  Male ferret.  Member of the Rapscallion army.  Weapon is a spear.  Partner of Skulka.  Killed by Russa.  (LP)

GROO, LOG-A-LOG.  Male shrew.   Leader of the Guosim.  Preferred dancing to singing.  (TS)

GROOD.  Male squirrel in Jukka's tribe who often gets scolded for nasty language.  (BT)

GROOJAW.  Male stoat Captain on Sampetra.   Promoted by Rasconza.  (PL)

GROOT. Mouse. Husband of Purslane, father of Fuffle. Slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

GROWCH. Steersrat of the Seascarab. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

GRUBB. Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.  Good friend of Bagg and Runn.  (MR, MW)

GRUBBAGE.  Oversized, overweight male wharf rat.  Bosun of the Seascab under Captain Plugg Firetail.  His ears were cut off long ago, and although he wore a turban to hide the stumps he was nearly deaf.  He was a jolly and likable creature with some healing knowledge.   He was taken captive by Redwallers but treated kindly, and he helped Triss navigate back to Riftgard.  (TS)

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GRUBCLAW.  Male rook in Ironbeak’s army. (MT)

GRUBWHACKER.  Male black water beetle.  He was sort of a pet of Log-a-Log Big Club when not with his mate and family. (MF)

GRUMBEE STRAIGHTFURRER.  Dibbun mole of Southsward.  Grandchild of Furpp.  Sibling of Burdill and Porgoo. (BM)

GRUMM TRENCHER. Mole. Close friend of Rose. From Noonvale. Uncle of Bungo. Always has a small ladle in his belt. Makes good soup. (MW)

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GRUNEL.  Mole of Redwall.  (SN)

GRUTCH. Large, grey male rat in Urgan Nagru’s army. (BM)

GRUVEN.  Male stoat in the Juskarath clan.  Mate of Antigra, father of Gruven Zann.  His weapon of choice was the spear.  He was described as "big, strong but not too intelligent."  He was killed by Sawney Rath for challenging his leadership.  (TG)

GRUVEN ZANN JUSKAZANN.  Male stoat.  Son of Antigra and Gruven.  Approximately the same age as Deyna/Tagg.  His given name, Zann, means "Mighty One" or "Great Warrior," because his mother expected him to be the Taggerung, but Sawney decreed that he must be called Gruven instead.  After Sawney's death, Gruven attempted to take over as chief and renamed the clan the Juskazann, but he could not claim the title without first slaying the Taggerung, Deyna.  His cowardly and inept attempts at doing so were unsuccessful, but he succeeded in convincing Ruggan Bor that he had killed Deyna/Tagg.  This meant he was now Gruven Zann Taggerung--so Bor beheaded him and claimed the title for himself   (TG).

GRUZZLE. Searat in Clogg's crew. (MW)

GRUZZLE.  Large female weasel in the Juskabor clan.   Her weapon of choice is a sword.  She is unswervingly loyal to Ruggan Bor.   (TG)

GUARD COMMAND. Threescore high-ranking water rat officers in Castle Marl. Each carries a leaf-bladed short spear and a small, round buckler shield. (MX)

GUBBIO.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall who grew up to be Foremole. (LP, MX)

GUFF. Male Dibbun doormouse of Redwall with enormous, sensitive ears. (MX)

GUJA.  Male searat.  He was the steersrat of the Freebooter, then steersrat of the Bloodkeel.  He and Rasconza were the only survivors when the Bloodkeel sank.  He played the melodeon. (PL)

GULBA. Large female hedgehog leader near Noonvale. Wears tassels on her spikes. Uses a warclub. Wife of Trung. Ally of Starwort. (MW)

GULIF.  Male Guosim shrew.  Husband of Mimsy.  (TS)

GULLWHACKER. Thick, knotted rope weapon used by Mariel. The original version ended up serving as the bellrope for the Joseph Bell. (MR, BM)

GULLY.  Squirrel in Firdance's tribe.  (OR)

GUMBLER. Noonvale mole. (MW)

GUNDIL.  Male mole of Redwall, a few seasons older than Deyna/Tagg.  Good friend of Mhera.  Succeeded Brull as Foremole of Redwall.   (TG)

GUOSIM. Female shrew. President of the shrew union. She wore a brightly colored headscarf and has spiky fur.  She was killed by Asmodeus in the old quarry. (RW)

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GUOSIM . Guerilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower. Their leader is called Log-a-Log. They are skilled at handling river craft and good cooks but are very argumentive. In a meeting, only the person who hold the Blackstone may speak.

GUOSSSOM. Guerilla Union of South Stream Shrews in Mossflower.  An offshoot of the more familiar Guosim.  Their leader, called the Log-a-Log, holds the Blackstone as a mark of rank.  (SN)

GURBEE.  Male mole of Redwall.   (LL)

GURD.  Male searat on the Darkqueen.   Killed by toads near Salamandastron.  (MR)

GURDLE.  Male mole of Redwall.   (LL)

GURDLE SPRINK.  Male hedgehog.   Cellarkeeper of Redwall.  (TS)

GURGAN SPEARBACK.  Male hedgehog.  Leader of the Waterhogs.  Husband of Rufftip, father of seven, great-grandfather of Drogg Spearback, great-great-grandfather of Egburt and Floburt.  Retired and let his eldest son Tragglo become Chieftan.  Wears floppy sea boots, a large belt, seagull feathers in his headspikes, white paint with red polka dots on his face.  Skilled warrior.  (LP)

GURLO.  Dibbun mole in the Longladle family group in Mossflower.  (BT)

GURMIL LINGL. Young male hedgehog. Son of Tirry and Dearie, brother of Tirg, Bitty and Giller. (OR)

GURN. Male Guosim shrew.  He was such a good digger he joked that his grandfather was a mole.  (MT)

GURRAD. Rat in Marshank. Aide of Badrang. Killed by Oilback. (MW)

GURRBOWL.  Mole.  Redwall's Cellarkeeper.  [Note: Due to a rare goof by Brian Jacques, the genders of Diggum and Gurrbowl were switched between Pearls of Lutra and The Long Patrol.  In the latter, Gurrbowl is female, but in the former, Gurrbowl is a male Dibbun.]   (PL, LP, MX)

GURTH LONGLADLE.  Male mole of Mossflower.   Son of Rogg.  Distantly related to Blossum Bunn.  Champion wrestler.   Accompanied Dotti and Brocktree to Salamandastron. (BT)

GUTPROW.  Corsair searat ship captained by Warpclaw. It had a single green sail and was also powered by oar slaves.  The entire crew was killed by Sunflash, who then sunk the ship.  (OR)

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