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HAIRBELLY.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar's band.  He was killed by Slagar at St. Ninian's for complaining and questioning orders.  (MT)

HAL, BROTHER.  Male mouse of Redwall.   Abbey Recorder and historian.  He was accidentally killed by an arrow fired by Dingeye and Thura. (SN)

HALFNOSE.  Male searat on the Waveblade.   (MR)

HALFRUMP. Early follower of Swartt. (OR)

HALFTAIL.  Male stoat.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He carried a willow cane and a dagger.  He was killed near Loamhedge by Snakespur. (MT)

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HAREBELL. Female hare of Salamandastron. Close friend of Willow and Honeydew.  She settled in Mossflower, wehe(MF)

HAREDEE GURDEE.  Cumbersome instrument played by Boorab.  Combination of a mandolin, drums, a fiddle, flutes, bugles and a harp.   (TG)

HAROLINA. Stringed instrument played by Tarquin. (MR, BM)

HARRY THE MUSE, SIR.  Male brown owl.   He is a poet who often talks in rhyme.  He loves sweets.  He helped Matthias and the others rescue their young ones from Slagar, then came to live in Warbeak Loft at Redwall. (MT)

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HARSSACSS.  Male adder.   Son of Berrussca, brother of Zassaliss and Sesstra. He and his two siblings were permanently joined together near their tails by the mace and chain of Sarengo, after being trapped in it while barely half-grown.  They lived in the ruins of Brockhall.   He was killed by Sagax.  (TS)

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HAWM.  Large male seal with dark grey, spotted fur.  He was the king of the seals around Ruddaring, and an ally of the otters there. (PL)


HEARTWOOD.  Old male otter of Redwall. (OR)

HEARTWOOD, SISTER.  Author of a medical book at Redwall with five chapters on birds called "Sister Heartwood's Compleat Category."   (MT)

HEAVYWING McGURNEY. Barn owl. Father of Stonehead. (MR)

HEDGEPAW. Female hare. Officer of the Long Patrol. (OR)

HELLGATES.  The afterlife for vermin.

HENBIT.  Male rat.  Rapmark in the Rapscallion army.  Killed by Rubbadub.  (LP)

HIGGLE STUMP.  Male hedgehog.  Grandson of Jabez, son of Jube, brother of Furlo, husband of Teasel.  Friar of Redwall.  He played the Hogtwanger.  (PL)

HIGHBEAST. Name of Amballa's tribe of pygmy shrews. (MW)

HIGHTOR, LORD.  Male badger.   Husband of Merola, father of Sagaxus.  Ruler of Salamandastron.  (TS)

HILLGORSE. Male hedgehog slave in Marshank. Killed trying to escape. (MW)

HISK. Weasel Captain in Marshank. Accidentally killed by Badrang's horde. (MW)

HOARG, BROTHER.  Ancient male dormouse.   Gatekeeper of Redwall Abbey.  (TG)

HOBEN, BROTHER.  Male mouse of Redwall.  He was the Abbey Recorder; Rosabel was his apprentice and later succeeded him as Recorder.   (TG)

HOFFY I (OLE HOFFY).  Old male dormouse.  Father of Hoffy II, father-in-law of Brund I, grandfather of Hoffy III and Brund II.  He raised his two grandmice after their parents died, traveling the countryside with them until they were invited to live at Redwall.  (OR)

HOFFY II.  Male dormouse.  Son of Hoffy I (Ole Hoffy), husband of Brund I, father of Hoffy III and Brund II.  He and his wife died during a harsh winter.  (OR)

HOFFY III.  Male Dibbun dormouse.  Son of Brund I and Hoffy II, brother of Brund II, grandson of Ole Hoffy.  He was named for his father, who died along with his mother during a harsh winter.  He, Brund II and Ole Hoffy came to live at Redwall.  (OR)

HOGSPIT.  Large, nasty weasel in the Rapscallion army.  Enemy of Sneezewort and Lousewort.  Damug raised him to rank of Rapscour.  Killed by the Guosim.  (LP)

HOGTWANGER.  Odd stringed instrument.  It can be played only by hedgehogs, who pluck the strings with their headspikes.  

HOLLYBERRY, BROTHER.  Kindly male mouse of Redwall.  He was known as an especially mischieveous Dibbun.  He was the keeper of the abbey Infirmary, and slept there in an armchair.  He had Dryditch Fever. (SN)

HON ROSIE.  (See Honorable Rosemary Woodsorrel)

HON ROSIE (ship). (See Blacksail)

HONEYDEW. Female hare of Salamandastron. Close friend of Willow and Harebell. (MF)

HONEYSUCKLE.  Large, hot-tempered wife of Log-a-Log Furmo.  A shrew both in species and behavior.   (LL)

HONEYSUCKLE.  Boat used by Martin and his friends on the way to Luke's territory.  Named for Furmo's wife.  (LL)

HONORABLE ROSEMARY WOODSORREL (HON ROSIE).   Female hare.  Wife of Tarquin L. Woodsorrel.  Mother of twelve.  She has an extremely loud laugh.  She was in a Long Patrol regiment with Clary and Thyme, where Clary nicknamed her "Hawkeye."  After being seriously wounded in battle with Greypatch's searats, she retired from the Long Patrol and married Tarquin.   She later accompanied Joseph the Bellmaker on his quest to Southsward, and was almost lost at sea. (MR, BM)

HOOKFIN.  Male searat.  Captain of the Blacksail.   Killed by Tan Loc in the final battle at Bladegirt. (MR)

HOOKTAIL.  Male rat.  Captain in Urgan Nagru’s army.  He lost an ear in battle with Muta.  He was killled trying to recapture the gatehouse of Castle Floret from Mariel, Rab and Muta. (BM)

HOOPOE. Very young male mouse slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

HORTY (HORTWINGLE). Short-eared owl. Husband of Boldred, father of Emalet. Mapmaker and historian. (MW)

HOTROOT SOUP. Favorite dish of otters. Spicy.

HUBERT, BROTHER.  Older male mouse.  He was Redwall's Recorder and gatehouse keeper.  He wears spectacles.  In his youth he had a big crush on Sage.  He acted as a teacher for Saxtus and Dandin.  (MR)

HUGO, FRIAR.  Fat male mouse.  He was the head cook of Redwall and took great pride in his work.  He wore a dockleaf on his tail and a white apron. He was on sentry duty with Edmund the night Shadow climbed the Abbey wall during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  He was killed by Slagar and his slavers. (RW, MT)

HULLABALOO.  Otter festival held every fourth summer where the streams and rivers meet the sea.  Includes sea otters and river otters and can last until autumn if everything goes well.  (TG)

HYDRAD.  Male rat.  Last Captain of Riftgard before Triss freed the slaves.  Killed by Kroova.  (TS)

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