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JACQUES, BRIAN. Author of the Redwall series. Visit the Official Brian Jacques Homepage!

JABEZ STUMP.  Male hedgehog. Descendant of Josh Stump, husband of Rosyqueen, father of Jube and ten daughters, grandfather of Furlo and Higgle.  He lived in a hollow log in Mossflower, helped Matthias on the quest to find and defeat Slagar, and then moved his family to Redwall Abbey.  He helped Ambrose run the cellars. (MT)

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JANGLUR SWIFTEYE. Large, strong male squirrel with dark, thick fur, especially around his eyes. Son of Gawjo and Ellayo, husband of Rimrose, father of Songbreeze. Has an extra-large tail and long eyelashes, and is unusually tall for a squirrel. He is wise in the ways of battle and also skilled at woodcarving.  (MX)


JARGE. Mole resident of Redwall. (MT)

JERRIL.  Male Dibbun mouse of Redwall.  In their old age, Rufe and Durry told the tale of their quest to Southsward to him and a group of other Dibbuns. (BM)

JESAT. Male Guosim shrew. (PL)

JESS SQUIRREL. Female squirrel.  Wife of Mr. Squirrel, mother of Sam.  She is a champion climber and can use a bow and arrow.   She was involved in the Late Rose Summer Wars and the quest to free the slaves from Slagar. (RW, MT)

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JIDDY.  Young male otter in Tungro's holt.  (LL)

"JODD" (WILTHURIO LONGBARROW SACKFIRTH TOXOPHOLA FEDLRIC FRITILLARY WILFRAND HURDLEFRAME LONGARROW LEAWELT PUGNACIO CINNABAR HILLWETHER JODDTRELLIO.)  Male hare.  Husband of Fleetrunn.  Redfarl's squirrel tribe found him wandering, lost in Mossflower, and took him in.  He wanted to be a squirrel, too, and tried tying his tail to his ears in hopes of growing it longer.   He was an archer who used extra-large arrows.  After he wed Fleetrunn and moved to Redwall he was content to be a hare.  (OR)

JOHN, BROTHER. Fat Redwall mouse. (MR)

JOHN CHURCHMOUSE.  Male mouse.  Husband of Mrs. Churchmouse, father of Tim and Tess.  His father, grandfather and great-grandfather lived at St. Ninian’s Church, as did he and his family until the Late Rose Summer Wars began.  They they moved to Redwall Abbey, where he later became Redwall Recorder.  He wore square spectacles.  He retired as Recorder six seasons after the Autumn of the Warriors' Return; his son, Tim, took over his duties.   (RW, MT)

JOLLY DIBBUNS CHOIR OF REDWALL.  Dibbun singing group that performed at feasts.  (TG)

JOSEPH BELL.  Giant bell of Redwall.  Made of copper, silver, brass and gold and adorned with carvings of badger runes.  It was made by Joseph the Bellmaker for Salamandastron, but it was stolen by Gabool before it could be delivered.  It eventually ended up at Redwall.  Many generations later it was dropped on Cluny the Scourge and broken. It was then recast into two smaller bells named Matthias and Methuselah.

JOSEPH THE BELLMAKER.  Strong, well-built male mouse with silver fur and a short grey beard.  Father of Mariel.   He was originally from the deep south.  Rawnblade commissioned him to make a bell for Salamandastron, but while journeying to deliver it he was captured by Gabool the Wild.  It was his first time at sea.  He was a prisoner on Terramort Island for some time before escaping.  He was a founding member of Trag.  After the fall of Bladegirt he moved to Redwall Abbey, where the grateful residents named the great bell after him.  He lived at Redwall for four seasons before Martin the Warrior came to him in a dream and warned him that Mariel and Dandin were in danger.  He and some friends journeyed to Southsward to assist them in freeing the kingdom from Urgan Nagru.   After the war, he stayed behind to help rebuild Southsward, and made a bell for the monument in front of Castle Floret.  He was given the titles of King's Advisor, Honorary Commander of the Army of Southsward, and Lord Warden of Floret.  He came to visit Redwall at least once after that, accompanied by Wincey, Benjy and Figgs.  (MR, BM)

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JOSEPH, BROTHER. Resident of Redwall. (RW)

JOSH STUMP. Great-great-great grandfather of Jabez Stump's grandfather.  He lived at the time of the great earthquake that sank Loamhedge.  He and his family lived near the Great South Cliffs, but moved to Mossflower after the quake. (MT)

JUBE (JUBILATION) STUMP. Young male hedgehog taken by Slagar’s slavers.  Descendant of Josh Stump, son of Jabez and Rosyqueen Stump, brother to ten sisters, father of Furlo and Higgle.  After he was rescued from Slagar and Malkariss, he and his family moved to Redwall.  (MT)

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JUKKA THE SLING.  An old-fashioned squirrel chieftain of a tribe of 62 squirrels.  She is cranky and argumentative, especially toward Fleetscut, but the two eventually die as friends in a skirmish in the catacombs beneath Salamandastron.  (BT)

JULIAN GINGERVERE, SQUIRE.  Male wildcat.  The last descendant of Gingervere and Sandingomm.  He has turquoise green eyes and a high, reedy, cultured voice.  He is a vegetarian and rather fastidious.  He lives as a bachelor on the Gingervere ancestral farm in eastern Mossflower.  Desipte a long quarrel that Matthias helped to end, he is close friends with Captain Snow.    (RW)

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JUNIPER. Male mouse. Slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. Killed by Badrang's horde. (MW)

JURKIN DILLYPIN.  Fat, rough male hedgehog.   Related to Lollery.  Uncle of Tingle.  Also distantly related to one of Redwall's cellarhogs.  He wears flowers and trailing weeds in his spikes.  His weapon of choice is the sling.  He is very competitive and a champion spiketussler.   (TG)

JUSKA.  Clans of nomadic vermin in north-west Mossflower.  (TG)

JUSKABOR.  Large Juska clan led by Ruggan Bor.   Clan tattoos are wavy green lines on the brow with a yellow circle on each cheek.   The Juskazan were absorbed into this larger tribe.  After clashing with Russano they were banished to the southern coast.  (TG)

JUSKARATH.  The Juska clan headed by Sawney Rath.   About sixty members.  The clan tattoo markings included a black stripe along the face with two lines of red dots on either side.

JUSKAZANN.  Name of the Juskarath clan after Sawney's death and Gruven Zann's (attempted) takeover.  This clan was later absorbed into the larger Juskabor clan.  (TG)

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