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KANGLE.  Shrew in Log-a-Log Grenn's tribe.   (BT)

KARANGOOL.  The only fox in Ungatt Trunn's horde besides Groddil.   Captain in Chief of Trunn's armada.  He was killed by Bucko Bigbones in vengeance for killing Bucko's family in the Northern Mountains.    (BT)

KARVIL.  Male steersrat of the Sprayraider.   Killed by Grath.  (PL)

KASTERN. Mousemaid in the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

KERRAT. Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

KEYLA. Young male otter. Slave in Marshank. Fur and Freedom Fighter. (MW)

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KILLCONEY. Male ferret in Cluny's army.   He is a native of Mossflower and occasionally refers to advice given to him by his mother.  He holds knowledge in a wide variety of topics, such as playing a drum while marching, pitching tents, tunneling and digging, as well as engineering principles like fulcrum and leverage.  He was killed by Matthias in the final battle of the Late Rose Summer Warsl. [Note: In certain places in the text of Redwall, Killconey is referred to as a "she," but author Brian Jacques says the character was intended to be male. The "she's" were typos.] (RW)

KITTS.  Name for baby otters in Garraway's holt.   (LL)

KOLAM.  Sea otter in Brogalaw's holt.  (BT)

KONUL.  Cheeky ottermaid in Brogalaw's holt.   (BT)

KOTIR. Old red sandstone fortress near the River Moss in Mossflower. Was abandoned when Verdauga took it over. Tsarmina ruled it after Verdauga’s death. A subterranean lake lies below it. Damaged by woodlander’s fire arrows. Destroyed when the woodlanders dammed the River Moss and flooded it, creating a temporary lake. (MF, LP)

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KLIGGER.  Male stoat with an affinity for pears.  Along with Burgogg, he was one-third of Wicky's gang until he was killed by adders at Brockhall.  (TS)

KLITCH.  Young male weasel.  Son of Ferahgo.  Like his father, he had striking blue eyes.  He wore a yellow tunic with a woven belt and thick bone bracelets.  He was often cocky and overconfident and teased Ferahgo for being past his prime.  He had the potential to became as great a warlord as his father, once the brashness of youth wore off, but he never got the chance.   He died after drinking poisoned water in Salamandastron. (SN)

KRAKULAT.  Male crow.   Husband of Bonebeak.  Ruler of the Crow Brethren.  His mother was killed by Scarback and Marbul.  He was consumed by a desire for revenge against Swartt's horde, but he and his tribe were all killed by Shang Damsontounge’s foxes. (OR)

KRAR THE WOODWATCHER.  A goshawk who claims ownership over the woods near Boss Girfang's territory.  His archaic speech is in contrast to his savage manners, but he is friendly to Redwallers and otters.  (LL)

KROBZY.  Small, fat male bankvole.  Husband of Prethil.  Leader of a vole community in north-west Mossflower.  (TG)

KROOVA WAVEDOG.  Male sea otter. Husband of Sleeve, adoptive father of Freedom. Doesn't remember having parents.  Friend and traveling companion of Sagax and Scarum.  He helped free Riftgard from the Pure Ferrets, and there met his future wife, Sleeve.  The couple adopted Freedom, an orphaned mouse, and stayed to help run the community of freed slaves.  (TS)

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KUBBA.  Large, deep-voiced male Guosim shrew.   (BT)

KUJA.  Male searat on Sampetra killed by Clecky and Martin II. (PL)

KURDA, PRINCESS.  Female "Pure Ferret" (albino).  Granddaughter of Sarengo, daughter of Agarnu, younger sister of Bladd.  She was a highly skilled swordsbeast who practiced often with her sabre and other blades.  She wore silk robes.  She died in Mossflower Woods during a duel with Triss by tripping and falling on her own broken sword.  (TS)

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KWEEKUM.  Dolphin leader, friend of Bolwag.   (LL)

KYBO. Grizzle male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Killed by Hon Rosie. (MR)  

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