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LAIRD MACTALON. (See Mactalon, Laird.)

LANTUR. Female Marlfox. Daughter of Silth, sister of Mokkan, Gelltor, Ascrod, Vannan, Predak and Ziral. The favorite of her father. Smaller and more finely-featured than her siblings. The only Marlfox sibling who didn't leave their island to go to Mossflower. She was very briefly Queen after killing her mother, Silth, but Mokkan threw her into the lake to be killed by pike. (MX)

LARDGUTT.  Male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen.  Carries a dagger.  Killed by Oak Tom. (MR)

LARDTAIL.  Large, ill-tempered, male rat in Swartt’s army.  He was a supporter of Wildag in an attempted mutiny.  He was killed by Scarback and Marbul when Swartt blamed him for Wildag’s death. (OR)

LASK FRILDUR. Male Montior lizard with grey-blue skin.  Monitor General of Sampetra.  He was killed by Romsca in a battle on the Waveworm. (PL)

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LATE ROSE SUMMER WARS. Redwall Abbey was beseiged by Cluny the Scourge’s army. (RW)

LATE ROSE. Rose bush growing in the abbey orchard. Grown from a cutting from the bush in Noonvale after which Rose is named.

LATEROSE.  See "Rose."

LEAFLAD.  Male wren.  Friend of the Guosssom.   (SN)

LEAFWOOD. Weapon comprised of a green ball on a stick. Highly revered by the Riverhead tribe. Carried by Songbreeze on the quest to Marlfox Island. (MX)

LEARUNNER, SERGEANT.  Male hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol. Father of Fleetleg, Gorsepaw and Crocus.  He and his two eldest children, Gorsepaw and Crocus, were killed by searats.  His widow died less than a season later.  (MR)

LEDDER.  Male searat.  First mate of Saltar on the Darkqueen.  Carries a scimitar.  (MR)

LETTIE BANKVOLE.  Female vole.  Widowed mother of Rollo. She wore a flowered pinafore.  She was killed by Slagar and his slavers the night they kidnapped Rollo and other Abbey young ones.  (MT)

LINGFUR. Young male Salamandastron hare. (SN)

LITTLEBOB HARE.  Jump-rope rhyme learned by leverets at Salamandastron that also contained information about a secret passage out of the catacombs beneath the Mountain.  (BT)

LOAMBUDD.  Female badger.  Wife of Urthclaw, mother of Urthhound and Urthrun, grandmother of Urthstripe and Urthwyte.   She was a mighty fighter in her younger days.  After Ferahgo conquered the Southwest Lands she took Urthwyte and fled eastward.  She and Ashnin came to live on the island in the Big Inland Lake with Urthwyte.  When Salamandastron was under siege by the forces of Ferahgo, she traveled there to assist.  She did not arrive in time to save Urthstripe's life, but she stayed on to help her other grandson, Urthwyte, rule the mountain.  (SN)

LOAMDOG.  Mole.  Resident of Redwall.  (MT)

LOAMHEDGE.  Novel by Brian Jacques.  2003.   Redwallers go in search of the ancient abbey of Loamhedge, seeking a cure for a crippled young hare named Martha.  Meanwhile, searats and a band of wandering vermin cause trouble back at at Redwall.

LOAMHEDGE.  Abbey to the south of Mossflower.   The community was nearly as large as Redwall.  It was abandoned due to a plague brought by vermin, and many years later was destroyed in an earthquake.  The subterranean ruins were later the domain of Malkariss.  Its first Abbess was Sylvaticus, and its last was Abbess Germaine.  Survivors of the plague traveled north to Mossflower, where they helped Martin the Warrior free Mossflower from Tsarmina, and founded Redwall Abbey.  (MF, MT, LH)

LOAMSCRIPT.  Writing system used by the residents of Loamhedge.  By the time of Matthias' generation, only Methuselah and John Churchmouse were still able to read it.  (MT)

LOG-A-LOG. Title given to the leader of the Guosim shrews.

LOG-A-LOG.  Male shrew.  The Guosim leader of Matthias' generation was from a family of ferryshrews on the river near the old quarry in Mossflower woods.  His father and grandfather also held the title of Log-a-Log.  He was killed in the battle to free Malkariss' slaves.  (RW, MT)

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LOG-A-LOG.  Male shrew.  Nordo is his only son.  Leader of the Guosssom.  His father was also Log-a-Log.  (SN)

LOG-A-LOG.  Male shrew.  Leader of the Guosim.   He and some of his shrews accompanied Joseph the Bellmaker on his quest to Southsward.  (BM)

LOG-A-LOG. Older male shrew with a gruff voice, ragged fur and a colored headband.  He had a daughter who was just a season old when Sunflash rescued her from searats.  (OR)

LOG-A-LOG. Small, fat male shrew.   Father of Plogg and Welko but no daughters.  (PL)

LOG-A-LOG BIG CLUB.  Male shrew.   He was leader of a tribe of shrews on the banks of the River Moss north of Salamandastron until the village was invaded by searats and he and many others became oar slaves.  He escaped near Salamandastron and worked his way inland to the Great South Stream, where he lived alone in a cave in the riverbank and ran a ferry.  He had a pet beetle named Grubwhacker.  He later joined Martin, Dinny and Gonff on their quest for Salamandastron and was reunited with his tribe.  (MF)

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LOLLERY, GREAT-AUNT.  Female hedgehog living near the mountains in northern Mossflower.  She was Robald's nurse when he was a child.   She is related to the Dillypin clan.  She is renowned as an excellent cook.   (TG)

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LONG PATROL. Elite fighting force of hares at Salamandastron.

LONG PATROL, THE.  By Brian Jacques. 1997.  A young hare finds adventure with the Long Patrol of Salamandastron while helping to save Redwall Abbey from Damug Warfang.

LONGEYES. Male Salamandastron hare. Good vision. (MR)

LONGLADLE.  Mole family in Mossflower including Rogg and Gurth.  (BT)

LONGTAILS.  See Painted Ones. (MT)

LORD OF MOSSFLOWER. Giant, ancient fir tree near the ruins of Loamhedge. (MT)

LORQUIN WOODSORREL.  Male hare.  Father of Tarquin.  (MR)

LOUSEWORT.  Male rat.  Soldier in the Rapscallion army.  Close companion of Sneezewort.  Briefly promoted to Rapscour by Damug, but soon demoted again to a very low rank.  (LP)

LUGWORM.  Male stoat.  Confidant of Damug during his rise to power, but later doublecrossed him.  Killed by Borumm.  (LP)

LUKE THE WARRIOR.  Male mouse.  Father of Martin the Warrior, husband of Sayna, son-in-law of Windred, grandson of Martin.  Mouse.  Father of Martin the Warrior, husband of Sayna, son-in-law of Windred, grandson of Martin.  Born at St. Ninian's but his family was driven out by Verdauga when he was still an infant.   Described as being of "average height and stocky build".  The leader of a tribe of mice on the far north-west shore.  He left his grandfather's sword to his son when he went of questing for revenge against Vilu Daskar, the murderer of his wife.  The quest was ultimately successful, but took his life.  (LL)

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LULLY DUBBO.  Female hedgehog.  Wife of Bruff, mother of Nilly and Podd, friend of Sunflash.  She lived in a cave in north-west Mossflower. (OR)

LUMBA. Tall, strong male rat in Urgan Nagru’s army.  He was presumably killed trying to recapture the gatehouse of Castle Floret from Mariel, Rab and Muta.  (BM)

LUMPBACK. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Wears just a kilt. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

LUPIN. Salamandastron hare. Wife of Buffheart, mother of Starbuck and Breeze. Found the fallen star from which Boar reforged Martin’s sword. (MF)

LUSSAK.  Male Monitor lizard of Sampetra who accompanied Lask to Mossflower but did not survive the return trip. (PL)

LUTRA.  Male otter.  Father of Grath.   Leader of the Holt Lutra in north-west Mossflower. He and his mate and family were killed by Conva and his crew. (PL)

LYNUM.  Male hare.  Son of Cornspurrey and Mem Divina, elder brother of Tammo, brother of Saithe.  Lives in Camp Tussock.  Interested in farming.  (LP)

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