The Long Patrol Covers & Extras
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British hardcover

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American hardcover

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British audiobook

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French edition
(Since when is Damug Warfang an armadillo?)  o_0

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American softcover


The hares of the Long Patrol, my lads,

Love friendship more than gold.

 We'll share long days, and tread hard ways.

 Good comrades, brave and bold!
To run with the Long Patrol, to join the legendary army of fighting hares who serve Cregga Rose Eyes, Ruler of Salamandastron -- this is young Tammo's dream. In the heart of Mossflower Wood stands Redwall Abbey, peaceful in the gentle sun. But there is worrying news. The south wall is collapsing, leaving the Abbey open to invasion.

Damug Warfang, at the head of a thousand Rapscallions, the deadliest horde of foebeasts ever to jump from ship to shore, is looking for plunder and slaughter. Can anybeast stand against the conqueror and his savage troops?

From the north and from the west, friends are on the move. Major Perigord's Long Patrol has a score to settle.


Rousing adventure, songs, riddles, mysteries, feasts -- and friends, old and new -- are all here in this sweeping new saga from the chronicles of Redwall. 

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