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AKKLA.  Ferret steersbeast on the Goreleech.   Killed when the ship crashed into Tall Rocks.  (LL)

AMBER, LADY.  Squirrelqueen, resident of Redwall and an expert archer.  (MF, LL)

ARFSHIP.  The half-ship that was left, wedged between the Tall Rocks, after the Goreleech was wrecked.   (LL)


BARGUD.  Otter.  Husband of Garraway's sister, father of Folgrim and Tungro, brother of Warthorn (Skipper) and Riverwyte (The Mask).  (LL)

BAROOL.  One-eared otter captain in Garraway's holt.  (LL)

BEAUCLAIR FETHRINGSOL COSFORTINGHAM (BEAU).  Hare who started on a trading ship, then was captured by Vilu Daskar and spent two seasons as an oar slave.  When he was too weak to push the oar, he was thrown overboard and was cast up on an island south-west of Luke's cave, where he protecting himself by posing as a monster named Werragoola Purpleface.  He later joined Luke in his quest, and survived to old age on the Arfship.  (LL)

BELLA OF BROCKHALL.  Brown-eyed female badger.  Daughter of Boar, granddaughter of Brocktree, mother of Sunflash, widow of Barkstripe. Old friend of Abbess Germaine. First badger mother of Redwall. (MF, LL, OR)

BINDLE.  Guosim shrew in Furmo's tribe.  (LL)

BOLWAG.  Friendly sea lion in the ocean west of Luke's caves.  (LL)

BOOTBRAIN.  Weasel steersbeast of the Greenhawk.   Killed by Luke's tribe.  (LL)

BRANGO.  Male ferret in a vermin band in northern Mossflower.  Killed by a weasel in an argument.  (LL)

BUBBLIN' BOBBS.  Special soup made by otters in Garraway's holt.  (LL)

BULLFLAY.  Fat, cruel male weasel.  The chief slave driver on the Goreleech.  Uses a sharkskin whip on the oarslaves.   He had his ear bit off by Ranguvar, and perished when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

BURDLE.  Young mole, nephew of Drunn Tunneller.   (LL)


CARDO.  Male mouse from Luke's tribe who accompanied him on his voyages, although he was seasick at first.  The ship's cook. Father of Fripple. Killed when the Goreleech rammed the Sayna.   (LL)

CATKIN.  Dibbun ottermaid in Redwall, friend of Mayberry.  (LL)

CHING.  Crew member of the Goreleech, killed when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

CHUGGER.  Orphaned, Dibbun male squirrel.  He was rescued from the Flitchaye by Trimp, Martin, Gonff and Dinny, and accompanied them on their quest to Luke's cave and back to Redwall.  (LL)

CLUBFACE.  Burly male weasel, crew member of the Goreleech.  Killed by Luke.  (LL)

COGGS.  Male hedgehog, brother of Ferdy.  He and his siblings were Dibbuns during the war against Tsarmina, and later grew up in Redwall.  (MF, LL)

COLL.  Mouse crew member on the Sayna.   Killed when the Goreleech rammed the ship.

COLUMBINE.  Female fieldmouse.  Wife of Gonff, mother of Gonff II/Gonflet, grandmother of Bryony.  Close friend and ward of Abbess Germaine.  She was originally from Loamhedge, came north to Mossflower with the others, and settled in the old St. Ninian's Church with Gonff. (MF, LL)

CORDLE.  Mouse crew member of the Sayna, killed when the ship was rammed by the Goreleech.  (LL)


"DADDO".  Garraway's father.  Old otter warrior.  (LL)

DEATH PIT, THE.  Name given to the bottom deck of the Goreleech by the oarslaves, because of the deplorable conditions there.   (LL)

DENNO.  A fat, jolly, mouse from Luke's tribe who accompanied him on the Sayna.  He was seasick at first.  He was taken as an oarslave on the Goreleech, and later survived to old age aboard the Arfship.   (LL)

DINNY, YOUNG.  Male mole.  Grandson of Old Dinny, grandfather of Togget.  He went questing to Salamandastron with Martin, Gonff and Log-a-Log.  He later became the first Foremole of Redwall. (MF, LL)

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DOGGLE.  Male Dunehog.  (LL)

DRENNER.  Male otter.  Father of Norgle.   Died as an oarslave on the Goreleech.  (LL)

DROBNA.  Searat on the Goreleech.  Died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.

DRUNN TUNNELLER.  Mole friend of Luke's tribe.   Uncle of Burdle.  (LL)

DULAM.  Mouse from Luke's tribe who accompanied him on the Sayna.  He was seasick at first.  He was taken as an oarslave on the Goreleech.  (LL)

DUNEHOGS.  Tribe of hedgehogs who inhabit the sand dunes on the coast well north of Salamandastron.  They scare off intruders by wearing ghost costumes and stilts.  (LL)

DUNESPIKE.  Enormous hedgehog chieftan of the Dunehogs.  Father of Murfo.  (LL)


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FERDY.  Male hedgehog, brother of Coggs.  He and his siblings were Dibbuns during the war against Tsarmina, and later grew up in Redwall. (MF, LL)

FLANJEAR.  Crew member of the Goreleech, killed when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

FLEABITT.  Skinny male rat.   Crew member on the Goreleech.  He beat the drum to keep the oarslaves rowing in a steady rhythm.  He was beaten after being falsely accused of stealing from the ship's larder.  He was killed when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks. (LL)

FLITCHAYE.  Savage, runty weasels in the forest a day's walk north of Redwall.  They smear themselves with plant dyes and wear trailing weeds.  They use scented smoke to overcome enemies. (MR, LL)

FLOGGTAIL.  Searat first mate of the Greenhawk.   Killed by Luke's tribe.  (LL)

FOLGRIM.  Male otter.  Son of Bargud, brother of Tungro, nephew of Garraway, Warthorn (Skipper) and Riverwyte (Mask).   Captured by vermin and held for two seasons.  When he returned, he had one eye, crippled paws and a ruined mind.  He was banished from Tungro's holt for cannibalism, but periodically returned.  His mind healed quite a bit after befriending little Chugger.  (LL)

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FOREMOLE.  Title given to the mole leader in Redwall.  In Legend of Luke, this was Dinny, friend of Martin and Gonff.

FRIBB.  Vermin in Sholabar's gang.   (LL)

FRIPPLE.  Female mouse Dibbun, about three seasons older than Martin.  Daughter of Cardo.  Killed by Vilu Daskar's Sea Rogues.  (LL)

FURMO, LOG-A-LOG.  Shrew chieftan, hen-pecked husband of Honeysuckle.  (LL)


GARRAWAY BULLOW.  Queen of all the Northern Otter Tribes (NORT).  Female otter chieftain in Flitchaye territory in northern Mossflower.   Daughter of "Daddo" and sister of Folgrim and Tungro's mother.  Old friend of Gonff.  (LL)

GERMAINE, ABBESS.  Mouse. Formerly of Loamhedge. Along with Martin, she is the co-founder of Redwall, as well as its first Abbess. Longtime friend of Bella.  In old age, she used a sawed-off spiral seashell in her ear to help her hear.(MF, LL)

GIRFANG, BOSS.  Water rat chieftan in northern Mossflower.  Father of Riddig.  (LL)

GONFF.  The jovial Prince of Mousethieves.  Best friend and traveling companion to Martin.  Husband of Columbine, father of Gonflet. (MF, LL)

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GONFLET.  Male mouse.  Dibbun son of Gonff and Columbine.  Takes after his father with his sense of humor and playful thievery.  (MF, LL)

GORELEECH.  Trireme warship of the Sea Rogues, led by Vilu Daskar.  Powered by oarslaves, and painted blood-red.   Destroyed when Luke rammed it into the Tall Rocks.  See also Arfship.   (LL)

GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GREENHAWK.  Reynard Chopsnout's corsair ship.  After Luke's tribe killed the crew, it was refurbished and renamed the Sayna.  (See also Sayna.)  (LL)

GRIGG.  Sea rat lookout on the Goreleech.   Killed when the ship crashed into the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

GRIMLEG.  Ferret in Sholabar's gang.   (LL)

GURBEE.  Male mole of Redwall.   (LL)

GURDLE.  Male mole of Redwall.   (LL)


HONEYSUCKLE.  Large, hot-tempered wife of Log-a-Log Furmo.  A shrew both in species and behavior.   (LL)

HONEYSUCKLE.  Boat used by Martin and his friends on the way to Luke's territory.  Named for Furmo's wife.  (LL)


"IN THE WAKE OF THE RED SHIP".  Account of Luke's adventures written by Denno, Beau, Vurg, et al, aboard the Arfship.   (LL)


JACQUES, BRIAN. Author of the Redwall series. Visit the Official Brian Jacques Homepage!

JIDDY.  Young male otter in Tungro's holt.  (LL)



KITTS.  Name for baby otters in Garraway's holt.   (LL)

KRAR THE WOODWATCHER.  A goshawk who claims ownership over the woods near Boss Girfang's territory.  His archaic speech is in contrast to his savage manners, but he is friendly to Redwallers and otters.  (LL)

KWEEKUM.  Dolphin leader, friend of Bolwag.   (LL)


LOG-A-LOG.  Leader of Guosim Shrews.  (See also Furmo.)

LUKE THE WARRIOR.  Mouse.  Father of Martin the Warrior, husband of Sayna, son-in-law of Windred, grandson of Martin.  Born at St. Ninian's but his family was driven out by Verdauga when he was still an infant.   Described as being of "average height and stocky build".  The leader of a tribe of mice on the far north-west shore.  He left his grandfather's sword to his son when he went of questing for revenge against Vilu Daskar, the murderer of his wife.  The quest was ultimately successful, but took his life.  (LL)

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MARRAHAGGA.  Female weasel.  Leader of a savage tribe of pygmy rats on an island south-west of Luke's caves.  She wears lots of jewelry made from crab claws, and paints her face with black and white lines.  (LL)

MARTIN.  The original owner of the legendary Sword of Martin.  He was the grandfather of Luke, and the great-grandfather of the famous Martin the Warrior.

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series.  Great mouse warrior. Son of Luke the Warrior and Sayna, grandson of Windred. Along with Germaine, he is the co-founder of Redwall Abbey. (MW, LL, MF)


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MAYBERRY.  Dibbun ottermaid in Redwall, and friend of Catkin.  (LL)

MIGGLO.  A male, "fat, whiskery, old bankvole" in Redwall.  (LL)

MURFO.  Hedgehog.  Son of Chief Dunespike and the "Allcoast Champion Spinetussler".  (LL)


NINIAN.  Husband of the mousewife who built "Saint" Ninian's.  Lazy and gluttonous.  (LL)

NORGLE.  Male otter.  Son of Drenner.   Oarslave on the Goreleech.  Presumed to have died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

NORTHFORK STREAM.  Stream running through northern Mossflower.  (LL)


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PAINTED ONES.  Savage tribe in northern Mossflower of an unknown species--probably tree rats.  They paint themselves with camouflage and attack travelers.

PARUG.  Searat Bosun on the Goreleech.   Wears ribbons in his whiskers and has sharp eyesight.  Killed when the ship crashed into Tall Rocks.  (LL)

PAYKEL.  Male Dunehog.  (LL)

PITCLAW.  Male mole of Redwall.  (LL)


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RANGUVAR FOESEEKER.  Female black squirrel with the Bloodwrath.  She was taken as an oarslave on the Goreleech, and although she helped Luke in his quest for revenge against Vilu Daskar, she died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

REYNARD CHOPSNOUT.  Fox corsair in the far north.   His ship was the Greenhawk.  His nose was chopped off in a swordfight with a ferret, and he replaced it with a blob of pitch.  He was killed by Luke.   (LL)

RIDDIG.  Son of Girfang.  A bratty, teasing, young, gray-brown water rat.  (LL)

RINGPATCH.  Ferret on the Goreleech.   Died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

RIPPJAW.  Burly weasel on the Goreleech.  Killed by Vilu Daskar for withholding plunder.  (LL)

RIVERWYTE.  Otter.  Brother of Bargud and Warthorn (Skipper), brother-in-law of Garraway, uncle of Folgrim and Tungro. He was a fierce warrior until his tail was cut off by vermin.  Then he retired to woodland life and took the name "The Mask", as a master of disguise.  (MF, LL)

RUGGER.  Guosim shrew in Furmo's tribe.  (LL)


SAYNA.  Female mouse born at St. Ninian's.  Daughter of Windred, wife of Luke and mother of Martin.  Killed by Vilu Daskar.  (LL)

SAYNA.  Ship used by Luke and his friends on their quest of vengeance against Vilu Daskar.  Formerly the Greenhawk, Reynard Chopsnout's corsair ship. It was destroyed when the Goreleech rammed it.   (LL)

SCRITCHY.  Corsair on the Greenhawk.   Killed by Luke's tribe.  (LL)

SEA BOGLE.  Mythical ocean-faring ghost portrayed by Beau and Vurg on the Goreleech.  (LL)

SEA ROGUES.  Vilu Daskar's corsair band.  (LL)

SEAWEED GROG. Foul-tasting searat drink that makes colors when spat into a fire. (BM)

SHOLABAR.  Fox leader of a small band of vermin in northern Mossflower.  He wears tattered silks, hooped brass earrings and some old tattoos.  His weapon is a single-headed axe.  Killed by Folgrim.   (LL)

SLARISS.  Snake worshipped by Marrahagga's tribe of pygmy rats, on an island south-west of Luke's caves.  Killed by Luke's crew.  (LL)


TALL ROCKS.  Two days' sail from Luke's caves, these two huge pillars of stone are surrounded by treacherous reefs.   The resting place of the Goreleech/Arfship.  (LL)

TIMBALLISTO (a.k.a. TIMBAL, "T.B.")  Male mouse.  Childhood friend of Martin the Warrior. About three seasons older than Martin.  He was left in charge of the tribe after Luke's death. He was known for building ballistas. He was an oar slave on the Bloodwake, then rescued by Martin and his friends.  He died the winter after he helped overthrow Kotir. (MF, LL, MW)

TRIMP THE ROVER.  Hedgehog maid.   Grandaughter of Welff Tiptip.  She was born on the northland coast, but after being attacked by slavers her family moved to the midnorth hills.  After a roving trip up north to her birthplace, she went south to Redwall, where she joined Martin on his quest to find the truth about his father.  (LL)

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TUNGRO.  Otter leader in northern Mossflower.  Son of Bargud, nephew of Garraway, Warthorn (Skipper) and Riverwyte (Mask), brother of Folgrim.  Friend to Martin.  (LL)

TWIN ISLANDS.  Two closely-spaced islands south-west of Luke's caves, where the Sayna was wrecked.   (LL)

TWINDLE.  Young hedgehog maid, friend of Luke's tribe.  Daughter of Welff Tiptip, and either the mother or the aunt of Trimp the Rover.

TWOOLA.  Very old male mouse in Luke's tribe.  (LL)


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VILU DASKAR.  Famed stoat pirate.  Captain of the Sea Rogues aboard the Goreleech.  Tall, sinewy, and much smarter than the average vermin.  He wears a long, red cloak, a plain black tunic, a broad red calico sash, a white silken scarf around his head, and a rounded silver helmet with a spike in the middle.  His weapon is a long, bone-handled scimitar.  He was killed when his ship was driven into the Tall Rocks by Luke.  (LL)

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VURG.  Male mouse.  Luke's best friend.  He accompanied Luke on his voyages, and was one of the few survivors of the wreck of the Goreleech/Arfship.   He returned to Luke's tribe's caves many times over the years to await his possible return, and there met Martin.  (LL)


WALLOPER.  Crew member of the Goreleech, killed when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

WARTHORN.  Otter.  Brother of Bargud and Riverwyte, brother-in-law of Garraway, uncle of Folgrim and Tungro.  He left the holt when he was still quite young and became the leader of the otters near Kotir, using the name Skipper.  He later moved into Redwall.  (MF, LL)

WELFF TIPTIP.  Female hedgehog of the North.   Trimp the Rover's grandmother, mother of Twindle. A friend of Luke's tribe. (LL)

WILLAG.  Small searat on the Goreleech.  Died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

WINDRED.  Mouse. Mother of Sayna, mother-in-law of Luke and grandmother of Martin.  Originally of St. Ninians, later of Luke's tribe in the North.  (LL, MW)

WIPPBACK.  Corsair on the Greenhawk.   Killed by Luke's tribe. (LL)

WOOD ISLE.  Island west of Luke's caves with fresh water supplies.  (LL)


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