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British cover of Legend of Luke
British hardcover

USA cover of L.O.L.
American hardcover

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British audiobook

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American audiobook

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French edition

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American softcover

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Legend of Luke at-a-glance

Written by: Brian Jacques (of course! :-)
Illustrated by: Chris Baker
British cover art by: Chris Baker
Length of British edition: 387 pages
Chronological placement: Parts 1 & 3 are set just after Mossflower, and Part 2 is set before Martin the Warrior.
Returning characters: Martin the Warrior, Dinny, Gonff, Ferdy, Coggs, Bella, Skipper, Germaine, Columbine, and more.

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Legend of Luke scans that are not in the Encyclopedia portion of the site:

Luke with the newborn Martin
Luke and son
Luke and Vurg
Luke leaving the caves
Luke manning an oar
Martin and Gonff
Martin enjoying the breeze
Martin with Sayna's pebble
A pair of otters

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Plot info and summaries:

Only a few seasons have passed since the events of Mossflower. Plans drawn up during those terrible times are now being acted upon. Plans for a wonderful safe place where all     can live in harmony. The woodlanders are busy building a new home. Everyone is helping.   Their haven will be an Abbey, an Abbey known as REDWALL.

Creatures from far and wide have been drawn to this community. Among them is a traveller from the north. She is Trimp the Rover, a young hedgehog maid. As the workers sing songs, using the rhythm to bring together their efforts of pulling and lifting, Trimp joins them. She shares a half-remembered ballad recounting the adventures of a brave warrior mouse. His name? LUKE!

Martin, a warrior mouse now in his middle seasons, is stunned to hear this song of his long lost father. He wishes to know more. But the traveller can tell him nothing more. So Martin  and his friends Gonff and Dinny set off with Trimp to return to the Northland shore, and   seek the truth of the father he barely knew.

         "A floodtide of memories poured in on Martin's senses. Every rock, even
         the wind-driven sand drifts, looked familiar to him. Turning to his tired
         companions, the Warrior spoke in a hoarse whisper. "I was born here; I
         know this place."

Martin encounters friends and enemies, old and new. There is Folgrim, the mad otter, and his brother the Chieftain, Tungro. There are GUOSIM shrews aplenty, and little hugger.  There are battles with Flitchayes and the dreaded Painted Ones.

At long last, the adventurers discover a clue, an extraordinary shipwreck. It is a ship known   as Arfship, and it is home to three ancient, veteran warriors. In their possession is a dusty old volume. It is the ship's log of the good ship Sayna. In it is chronicled the dramatic account of Luke's pursuit of his hated enemy, the pirate stoat, Vilu Daskar, to avenge the murder of his beloved wife.

Luke and his companions sail the Sayna, a tiny frail vessel, in an epic voyage in pursuit of the slavers who plow through the oceans in their monstrous ship, the Goreleech. This ship and its pirate captain drive fear to the ends of the earth, as they plunder far flung tropic isles. The ship, its decks often awash in blood, becomes known simply as The Redship.

In this tale the stories of father and son are interwoven. Many of the mysteries of the Abbey's early years unfold. Every true Redwaller will want to sign on for this adventure.

Summary by Brian Jacques, courtesy of

In a special live chat for members of on 3 January 1999, Brian Jacques had this to say about Legend of Luke:

"Any Hares out there, will find a Super Duper nutty hare In LOL." [Legend of Luke -- not Laughing Out Loud!  ~Snowfur]

"L[egend] O[f] L[uke] is released Summer 1999 in U.K. Lord Brocktree is our book for 2000.  U.S. publication follows approximately 8 months after U.K."

Other snippets of info that emerged during the chat:
Legend of Luke will be divided into three parts, with the main part being in the form of a ship's log. He referred to a vessel named REDSHIP.
Mr. Jacques also promised more information on the design and construction of Redwall Abbey.

Here is another summary found online:

"Once upon a time, long ago and far away...
Trimp the Rover, a young hedgehog maid, came to Mossflower Country and met two great fat hedgehog brothers, Ferdy and Coggs. They took her to a place where a great Abbey was being built, which would later be named Redwall. There, a mouse in his middle seasons, Martin the Warrior, heard Trimp sing an old ballad from the far North Coasts. His father Luke was mentioned in the song.

Martin was intrigued and mystified. Thus began an epic and adventurous quest! You are invited to join me upon it! Go with Trimp, Dinny, Martin and his friend, Gonff, Prince of Mousetheives. Meet others along the way-Folgrim the mad otter, his brother the Chieftain Tungro, Guosim shrews aplenty and little Chugger. March, feast, sing and fight alongside them-north through the forests, down streams and rivers to the shores of the great sea, while battling with vermin, Flitchayes and the dreaded Painted Ones. Sail and trek through the heat of high summer, storms, rapids and many other perils-north along the desolate shores to the far coast where Martin was born. It is there that you will learn the tale of Luke the Warrior.

A lonely young mouse stands upon the winter strand, watching his father sail off on
a mission of vengeance against the fearsome foebeast Vilu Daskar, the pirate. Captain of Goreleech, the monstrous red ship that ploughs the oceans of the earth, Vilu Daskar is pursued by Luke and his comrades in Sayna, a tiny frail vessel. What can the murderous slaver do against such mighty odds? Vilu Daskar, plundering far flung tropic isles, with Luke the Warrior always in his wake, following, his heart set upon revenge. The epic voyage is interlaced with the lives of many creatures. Bullflay the Slavemaster, Beau the wild castaway hare, Ranguvar Foeseeker the berserk squirrel and Bolwag the great sea lion. Together with a host of other interesting characters, these beasts feature in an astounding tale of courage against evil. Read the log of the vessel Sayna. Traverse the ocean from warm mysterious islands to the frozen wastes. Learn how the faithful creatures of Redwall built their fabulous Abbey. Do battle with enemies fearsome and wicked. Meet old friends and make new ones. Sing, fight, feast and quest with heroes and heroines in my new epic saga...

~~Brian Jacques~~
Recorder and creator of Redwall Abbey

The following is another preview of The Legend of Luke, also written by Brian Jacques himself.  Preview courtesy of

It is very early in the history of Redwall, just a few seasons after the events of Mossflower.
The friends and woodlanders are building a wonderful place to live, based on the plans drawn up during those terrible times. Everyone is helping. Their new home will be called Redwall Abbey.
Creatures from far and wide are drawn to this community and among them is a traveller from the north. While working they sing work songs to help the rhythm of pulling and lifting. The traveller sings a song from the northlands about a brave warrior mouse and his adventures, his name? LUKE!!
Martin is stunned to hear about his long lost father, and wishes to know more. The traveller can tell him nothing more. So Martin and friends set off to the northlands to search for more clues.

They find an encampment of old warriors who knew Luke and so the story of Luke's adventures unfolds.

And that is all I can tell you just now.
Hope it is enough of a taster.

~~~ Brian Jacques ~~~

This quote is an excerpt from Big Plug's interview with Brian Jacques in 1997:

 "...all of my readers wish to know what happened to Luke the Warrior, father of Martin the Warrior. That's funny, so do I. Me thinks mayhap I'll put quill to scroll in some future season and find out for myself. Then I can let you readers know."

More information is provided by this e-mail which I received 16 April 1998 from a helpful Redwaller:
Hello!  I am an 8th grader from Auburn, Maine, a town which Brian Jacques recently attended.  Following a book signing a friend of mine and I were leaving when outside we were met by the great author himself who told us that there was indeed a book called "Luke the Warrior" and it concerned his son Martin.  In  it a young hedgehog maid visits Martin during the construction of the Abbey.  She tells him to return to the North and find his father.  I don't know exactly how it comes about but we end up hearing about the voyage of Luke.