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MACPHEARSOME, WILD KING. Giant male golden eagle living the in the Mountains of the North.  Guardian of the Flowers of Icetor.   He speaks with a thick high northern accent.  He was known as unpredictable and savage, but became a valuable ally of the Redwallers.  (SN)


MACTALON, LAIRD.  Male falcon.  Rocangus is his only son.  Laird of the High Crags. (SN)

MADD.  Large, strong but aging female squirrel.   She went mad after vermin killed her family and left her for dead with a deep head wound.  Botarus nursed her back to health.  Now she prowls north-west Mossflower, seeking vengeance by killing any vermin she finds.  She wears a tunic made from the skins of weasels, rats and foxes.  (TG)

MALBUN GRIMP.  Old female wood mouse.   Healer and Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  Lifelong friend of Apodemus.  (TS)

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MALKARISS. Ancient, deformed white polecat. He was the ruler of an underground kingdom of black-robed rats and slaves built in the subterranean ruins of Loamhedge Abbey.  His titles included "Defier of the sun," "King of the deep," and "Lord of the abyss."  He lived inside a huge statue of a polecat, where he could issue orders and instill fear without revealing his less-than-impressive physical form.  He was stoned to death by slaves. (MT)

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MALLEN, BROTHER. Young male mouse of Redwall.   He was a Dibbun four seasons before Joseph left Redwall for Southsward.  (BM)

MAMMEE MIGOOCH.  Homely female hedgehog living on the shore north of Salamandastron.  Mother of Fridilo, wife of Cumarnee, sister of Roobee, sister-in-law of Birty.  (TS)

MANGEFUR. Rat Captain and scavenger in Cluny the Scourge's army. (RW)

MANGIZ THE SEER. Male crow.  Originally from the far north, he was Ironbeak’s second-in-command and advisor.  He often had visions, but the spirit of Martin the Warrior blocked them while he was at Redwall Abbey.   He was killed by Constance. (MT)

MARA. Young female badger.  Adopted daughter of Urthstripe.  Best friend of Pikkle.  Urthstripe found her as orphan near Salamandastron and raised her as his own, giving her the nickname "Browneyes."   After running away from home in a fit of youthful rebellion and encountering many adventures and dangers, she came to be the badger mother of Redwall. (SN)

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MARBUL.  Male weasel with one all-white, blind eye.   Assassin in Swartt’s army.  He was strangled to death by Crow Brethren.   (OR)

MARGE. Mole of Redwall. (RW)

MARIEL.  Female mouse.  Daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker.  Her favorite weapon is the Gullwhacker:  a thick, knotted rope.  Originally from the deep south, her first sea voyage was with her father as he went to deliver his great bell to Salamandastron.  Before they could reach their destination they were captured by Gabool the Wild.  She was a slave to Gabool, who called her "Skiv."  She angered and nearly defeated Gabool, and the searat king threw her into the sea.  She washed up on the beach in a storm with amnesia.   She called herself "Storm Gullwhacker" and eventually made her way to Redwall, where she regained her memory.  She then set off with Dandin, Tarquin and Durry to rescue her father and take revenge on Gabool.  She later went questing to the south with Dandin and helped liberate Castle Floret from Urgan Nagru.  After that she, Dandin and Bowly sailed off in the Pearl Queen to find adventure over the western horizon.  (MR, BM)

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MARIEL OF REDWALL. By Brian Jacques. 1991. The mousemaid Mariel goes on a quest for revenge against Gabool the Wild, King of searats.

MARIGOLD. Otter. Wife of Starwort. (MW)

MARLFOX. A mysterious group of foxes from the south of Mossflower threaten Redwall Abbey.

MARRAHAGGA.  Female weasel.  Leader of a savage tribe of pygmy rats on an island south-west of Luke's caves.  She wears lots of jewelry made from crab claws, and paints her face with black and white lines.  (LL)

MARSHGREEN.  Large, slimy, wartless male toad with large eyes.  He was the leader of the toads near Bat Mountpit. (MF)

MARSHANK. Fortress of Badrang. Located in the north near the Eastern Sea. Conquered by the Fur and Freedom Fighters and their allies, abandoned. (MW)  

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MARTIN.  The original owner of the legendary Sword of Martin.  He was the grandfather of Luke, and the great-grandfather of the famous Martin the Warrior. (LL)

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. By Brian Jacques. 1994. The story of Martin's early life in the far north as he battles to defeat Badrang the Tyrant of Marshank.

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series.   Male mouse with brown fur.  Son of Luke the Warrior and Sayna, grandson of Windred. His mother was killed by Vilu Daskar's searats when he was still an infant.  After Luke’s death, he was taken as a slave by Badrang. He escaped, visited Noonvale, and returned to liberate Marshank from Badrang. His love, Rose, died in the battle. He then travelled south to Mossflower and was imprisoned by Verdauga. He escaped with Gonff, then went questing with Gonff, Dinny and Log-a-Log to Salamandastron. He returned to Mossflower and liberated it by killing Tsarmina. He was severely wounded in the battle but survived. He then hung up his sword and led a life of peace, becoming Redwall Abbey’s co-founder with Abbess Germaine.  He later traveled to the far north to learn the truth about his father's fate.  He presumably died of old age (there is no evidence to the contrary,) and was buried in a tomb beneath the Abbey.  His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)

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MARTIN II.  Male mouse.  Son of Mattimeo and Tess, grandson of Matthias, Cornflower and John and Mrs. Churchmouse. Named for Martin the Warrior. Abbey guardian. (MT, PL)

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MASK, THE. See Riverwyte. (MF, LL)

MATTHIAS THE WARRIOR.  Male mouse.   Husband of Cornflower, father of Mattimeo, grandfather of Martin II.  Matthias was entrusted to the care of the Redwallers as an infant, presumably having been orphaned.   Both Abbot Mortimer and Methuselah were father figures to him in his childhood. He idolized Martin the Warrior and was not comfortable being a plain Redwall mouse.  When the Late Rose Summer Wars broke out, he quested to retrieve Martin's armor and sword.  In the process he learned that Martin somehow knew Matthias would be his heir, and was guided by the Warrior's spirit and riddles in his quest.  He eventually killed Asmodeus and retrieved Martin's sword.  He returned to save Redwall from the forces of Cluny the Scourge.  He later journeyed to the kingdom of Malkariss to rescue his son from Slagar the Cruel. (RW, MT, GF)

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MATTHIAS.  Along with Methuselah, one of the two bells cast from the remains of the Joseph Bell, which broke at the end of the Late Rose Summer Wars.

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MATTIMEO. By Brian Jacques. 1990. Sequel to Redwall. Mattimeo and other Redwall young ones are kidnapped by slavers. Can their parents save them?

MATTIMEO. (Full name Matthias Methuselah Mortimer.)  Son of Matthias and Cornflower, husband of Tess Churchmouse and father of Martin II.  He misbehaved and resisted authority when he was young.   Then he was kidnapped by Slagar the Cruel and taken to the kingdom of Malkariss.   He matured greatly during the ordeal and found the warrior within himself.  He was rescued by his father and returned to Redwall, where he later inherited the title of Abbey warrior. (RW, MT)

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MAY. Female great red kite (bird). Firstborn daughter of Stryk and Skine.  She was originally named "Sissimay" but her namesake, Sister May of Redwall, insisted it be pronounced properly as simply "May."  (MT)

MAY, SISTER.  Young female mouse. Redwall resident.  She worked in the abbey infirmary worker.  Her simple and modest ways belied her clever, at times even devious, mind.  She saved Rollo from Ironbeak and was otherwise a great asset in the battle to free Redwall from the raven's forces.   She befriended Stryk Redkite, who called her "Sissimay." (MT)

MAYBERRY.  Dibbun ottermaid in Redwall, and friend of Catkin.  (LL)

MAYON. Authoritative male Guosim shrew.  (MX)

MEADOWCLARY.  (See "Clary.")

MEGRAW, MIGHTY. Male osprey (fish eagle). Lived by the Great Inland Lake until attacked by magpies. Later joined up with Songbreeze and the Redwallers to liberate Marlfox Island, which he then ruled.  (MX)


MELANIUS.  Young female badger.  Daughter of Lord Russano and Lady Rosalaun of Salamandastron.  Three seasons older than her brother Snowstripe.  (BT)

MELDRUM FALLOWTHORN THE MAGNIFICENT, FIELD MARSHAL.   Old, overweight male hare of Southsward.  Uncle of Foghill, Runtwold, Coltvine and Thurdale.  Grand-nephew of Bracken Woodsorrel, distant relative of Tarquin.   He wore a faded pink mess jacket with epaulets and silver buttons, and a tricorn hat with a drooping white feather.  His whiskers were waxed into a handlebar mustache.  He took great pride in his many medals, which he made himself.  His old-fashioned military knowhow and bravado were an asset in the war to free Southsward from Urgan Nagru.  (BM)

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MELILOT, BROTHER. Fat male dormouse of Redwall.

MELLUS.  Female badger.  Guardian of Redwall.  She was stern but loves Dibbuns.  She was killed by Slipp, and Redwall was without a guardian for quite some time before Mara came to fill the role.   (MR, BM)

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MEM DIVINA.  Hare.  Wife of Cornspurrey De Fformelo Tussock, mother of Lynum, Saithe and Tammo.  Retired member of the Long Patrol, when she used a silver-handled dirk.  Lives in Camp Tussock.  Wears an apron.  (LP)

MEMM FLACKERY.  Fat old female hare.   Wears a poke bonnet and apron.  She served at Salamandastron in her younger seasons and was a good friend of Lady Merola.  Then she went to Redwall, where she became the nurse for the Dibbins.  (TS)

MERIAM, ABBESS. Tall, slender, female mouse of middle seasons.  She had hazel eyes.  She was known for her wisdom and serenity, as well as her very graceful way of walking.  She wore a simple, long robe of pale green belted with a soft white cord.  She was a close friend of Bryony, and eventually chose her as her successor.  (OR)

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MEROLA, LADY.  Female badger.  Wife of Hightor, mother of Sagaxus.  Russano the Wise was her "fifth great grandsire."  She was friends with Memm Flackery when the hare lived at Salamandastron.  (TS)

MERRADINK FORTHRIGHT.  Male hedgehog from the southern branch of the Forthright family.  Husband of Campathia, father of Pecunia.  His wife is so intimidating that he usually just stands back and repeats whatever she says.   (TG)

METHUSELAH.  Ancient male mouse.   Wears spectacles. In addition to his duties as Redwall Abbey's Recorder, he also kept detailed records of tales travelers shared with him.  He could speak to birds that almost no one else can understand.  He was a close friend of Matthias.   Chickenhound (Slagar) killed him when he tried to stop him from escaping from Redwall. (RW)

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METHUSELAH.  Along with Matthias, one of the two bells cast from the remains of the Joseph Bell, which broke at the end of the Late Rose Summer Wars.

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MHERA, ABBESS.  Female otter of Redwall.   Daughter of Rillflag and Filorn, older sister of Deyna/Tagg.  She was four seasons past Dibbunhood when Deyna was born.  She became very close friends with Cregga, who eventually chose her to become the abbess of Redwall.  (TG)

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MIDGE MANYCOATS.  Male hare.  Member of Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  Spy and disguise artist.  (LP)

MIGGLO.  A male, "fat, whiskery, old bankvole" in Redwall.  (LL)

MIGGO THE SEER.  Alias used by Midge Manycoats when he infiltrated the Rapscallions.  Supposedly served under Gormand Tunn.  Lifelong friend of Burfal.  (LP)

MIGROO.  Male stoat.  He was one of the first to join Ferahgo's horde, back when he conquered the Southwest Lands.  Ferahgo once cut off his ear as punishment.  He was killed by Big Oxeye. (SN)

MIKLA. Shrew.  Trag member.  (MR)

MILDWORT MIRDROP. Rabbit. Lives north of Noonvale. Wife of Fescue, mother of Burnet and Buttercup. Snobby. (MW)

MILKEYE.  One-eyed male weasel in the Juskarath clan.   Killed by a poisoned dart shot by Krobzy.  (TG)

MIMSY.  Kindly female Guosim shrew who wears a flowered pinafore and bonnet.  Wife of Gulif.  (TS)

MINDEL.  Bright and pretty female hare of Salamandastron.  (TS)

MINGO.  Male Guosim shrew.  Killed by Asmodeus near the old quarry.  (RW)

MINGOL.  Rat in Urgan Nagru's army. (BM)

MIREFLECK.  Female rat in the Blue Horde of Ungatt Trunn.  One of the Horde's most respected captains, she was nevertheless demoted after failing to capture Stonepaw alive.  Killed by Doomeye.  (BT)

MIRDROP. Rabbit family name of Fescue. Also the name of the fake monster the rabbits use to scare travellers. (MW)


MIRKLEWORT SPIKEDIGGLE.  Female hedgehog.   Wife of Ducco, mother of Skittles.  Brazen and loud-mouthed but kindhearted.   (BT)

MOKKAN. Male Marlfox who usually acts as leader among his siblings. Son of Silth, brother of Lantur, Gelltor, Ascrod, Vannan, Predak and Ziral. The only Marlfox to survive the conflicts with Redwallers. Returned to Marlfox Island, killed Lantur and briefly became King only to be killed by Nettlebudd.  (MX)

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MOKUG.  Golden-furred male hamster.   In his "middle seasons" and very thin.  Played a reed flute.   His earliest memory was of being a parentless slave at Riftgard.  He was the personal slave of Sarengo, and the only slave the king brought with him on that last, fateful voyage.  After the Pure Ferret and his party were killed by Berrussca, Mokug lived alone in Mossflower for many years.  He was taken in by Redwallers, then returned with Triss to Riftgard to help free the other slaves.  With Kroova, he became the unofficial leader of the peaceful community founded at Riftgard after the slave revolt.  (TS)

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MOLEDEEP. Subterranean mole meeting place in Mossflower Woods. (MF)

MOLEEDION.  Instrument played by moles.   (TS)

MOLLO.  Young male shrew in Alfoh's Guosssom tribe.  (SN)

MONITORS. Large flesh-eating lizards on Sampetra who serve Ublaz. They are very intolerant of cold weather. (PL)

MOONPAW. Female hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol.   She was killed defending a starwell in Salamandastron from Ferahgo's forces. (SN)

MORDALFUS, ABBOT. Prefers to be known as Alf. A skilled fishermouse and former pondkeeper of Redwall. Mortimer's successor as Abbot. (RW, MT, GF)


MORIO.  Lieutenant in Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  Quartermaster.  Uncle of Deodar.  (LP)

MORITMER, ABBOT.  Male mouse.  He was a gentle soul who disliked violence.  He was a skilled healer, and liked to take afternoon naps in Redwall's orchard.  He was a father figure to Matthias.  He was killed by Cluny in the final battle of the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW)

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MOSSFLOWER. By Brian Jacques. 1988. Covers the events from Martin the Warrior's arrival in Mossflower, through the defeat of Tsarmina, up to the founding of Redwall Abbey. The epilouge from this novel became the basis for The Outcast of Redwall.

MOSSFLOWER. Forest that runs along the east side of the North Path. Numerous streams run through it.

MOUSEBABE, THE.  Male mouse Dibbun of Redwall.   He was very rambunctious.  His best friend was Furrtil, and he also befriended Blaggut.  (BM)

MRS. CHURCHMOUSE. Wife of John Churchmouse, mother of Tim and Tess, friend of Cornflower, resident of Redwall. (RW, MT)

MUGGLE. Female mole member of the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe. (MX)

MUGGRA.  Male weasel in Swartt’s army.   He was a follower of Swartt since the early days when Sunflash was their prisoner.   He was later promoted to Captain. (OR)

MUNGA.  Deep-voiced, male Guosim shrew. (OR)

MURFO.  Hedgehog.  Son of Chief Dunespike and the "Allcoast Champion Spinetussler".  (LL)

MUSKO. Guosim shrew. (OR)

MUTA.  Mute female badger of Southsward. Nursemaid of Serena’s son Truffen.  She was severely wounded by Urgan Nagru’s army, nursed back to health by Egbert the Scholar, and went berserk for a time.  After the war was over and she was reunited with Truffen her mind recovered. (BM)

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MYRTLE. Overweight hedgehog wife at Redwall. Accidentally poisoned by Veil instead of Bunfold, but survived. (OR)


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