Mariel of Redwall

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ABBOT BERNARD. (See Nightwake.)

ALDER, FRIAR. Thin, lanky male mouse.   Head cook of Redwall.  He eventually went into semi-retirement as assistant to Friar Cockleburr. (MR, MW)

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ASH, BROTHER. Redwall resident. (MR)

ASH, CAPTAIN. Shrew captain of the Periwinkle. (MR)


BAGG. Mischievous Dibbun otter of Redwall. Twin brother of Runn. (MR, MW)

BARTY.  Young male hedgehog.  Older brother of Dorcas.  He doesn't remember his mother.   He was a member of Trag, and after the fall of Bladegirt he went went to live at Redwall.  (MR)

BERNARD, ABBOT.  Male mouse.  Friend of Simeon.  He passed away sometime in the first four seasons after Mariel and Dandin left Redwall to go adventuring. (MR)

BIGFANG. Large searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Challenged Greypatch's authority. Killed by Greypatch. (MR)

BLACKSAIL. Searat ship. Captained by Hookfin. Renamed the Hon Rosie and Captained by Tarquin on the voyage back to Mossflower. (MR)

BLADEGIRT, FORT.  Fortress on Terramort Island.  Whomever could hold the fortress was considered the king of the searats.  It was burned and gutted by the Trag after Gabool's defeat. (MR)

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BLAGGTAIL.  Male searat on Terramort . (MR)

BLODGE.  Male searat with a gruff, hard voice.  Slavedriver on the Seatalon. Killed by Dandin aboard the Seatalon in Terramort Cove. (MR)

BLOODWRATH. Killing rage that comes upon badger warriors.

BLUDRIGG. Male searat. Captain of the Greenfang. Brother of Saltar. Beheaded by Gabool. (MR)

BOBBO. Fat old male dormouse.  He wore a faded velveteen longcoat and square eyeglasses and walked with a walking stick.  He could not remember his parents or a time before he was an oarslave under Gabool.  He was thrown overboard when he was too weak to row anymore, and washed ashore on the coast of north-west Mossflower.  Then he lived in a cave near the ocean with his pet newt Firl.  (MR)

BROWNSPIKE O'QUILL.  Ancestor of Gabriel and Durry Quill.  Cellarhog of Redwall. (MR)

BULLFANG. Searat on Terramort. (MR)

BURGO. Fat mole of Redwall. Loves eating garlic. (MR)

BUXTON. Fat Redwall mole. (MR)


CATSEYES.  Male searat.   Captain of the Seatalon. He briefly carried the Sword of Martin after stealing it from Dandin.  He was killed by Joseph the Bellmaker aboard the Seatalon in Terramort Cove. (MR)

CAVERN HOLE.  Cozy, informal meeting and dining area in Redwall Abbey, down from Great Hall.

CLARY, COLONEL. (Family name is Meadowclary.)   Male hare in the Salamandastron Long Patrol. He was older than his patrol partners, Thyme and Hon Rosie.  He was killed by Greypatch's searats in a valiant stand that allowed the oarslaves to escape. (MR)

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CLATT.  Small male searat on the Seatalon.   Blodge's assistant.  Killed by vengeful oarslaves. (MR)

COCKLEBURR. Small male hedgehog of Redwall.  He was Friar Alder's assistant in the abbey's kitchens, and later became friar himself when Alder retired.  He passed away sometime in the first four seasons after Mariel and Dandin left Redwall to go adventuring.  (MR, MW)

COPSEY. Female fieldmouse. Oar slave on the Seatalon. (MR)

CRABCLAW. Searat vessel. Captained by Skullgor, then by Grimtooth.  Before and after being taken over searats it was named the Periwinkle.  After the fall of Terramort, Joseph captained her on the voyage to Mossflower, bringing the Joseph Bell to Redwall.  (See also Periwinkle.)  (MR)

CROCUS. Female hare of Salamandastron. Daughter of Learunner, sister of Fleetleg and Gorsepaw. Killed by searats. (MR)


DANDIN THE SWORDCARRIER.  Male mouse.  Great-great grandson of Gonff, Prince of Mousethieves. Childhood friend of Saxtus.  He helped to build Redwall’s belltower.  He was chosen to carry Martin’s sword in the quest to rescue Joseph the Bellmaker from Gabool. (MR, BM)

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DAN'L. Redwall mole. (MR)

DANTY. Young mole of Redwall. (MR)

DARKQUEEN.  Huge black galley with red sails, powered by oarslaves.  The flagship of Gabool's fleet, it was captained by Saltar and then stolen by Greypatch.  It was later scuppered in the River Moss by the Long Patrol. (MR)

DEADGLIM.  Male searat.  Matey of Frink.   Greypatch's bosun on the Darkqueen.  He carried scimitar.  He lost his left ear in battle with the Long Patrol.  He was lured into dangerous Flitchaye territory by Oak Tom.  (MR)

DIBBUNS.  Young ones at Redwall Abbey.  (The term was introduced in Mariel of Redwall.)

DORCAS. Young female hedgehog. Trag member. Younger sister of Barty. Went to live at Redwall after the fall of Bladegirt. (MR)

DRIPNOSE.  Male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. (MR)

DRUBBER. Male mole of Redwall.  He is easily moved by music and poetry. (MR, MW)

DURRY QUILL. Male hedgehog of Redwall.  Nephew of Gabriel Quill.  He went questing with Mariel and Dandin, and later succeeded his uncle as cellarmaster of Redwall.  He also went with Joseph the Bellmaker on his quest to Southsward.  Along the way he became close friends with Rufe and Fatch.  (MR, BM, MW)

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FELLTOOTH.  Male searat. Crew member on the Waveblade. (MR)

FIELDROAN THE TRAVELER.  Male hare.  Friend of Lorquin.  He was already old when Lorquin knew him.  He was always traveling, and stayed half of one winter season with Brother Hubert in Redwall's gatehouse.  He left behind poetric instructions to Terramort there.  (MR)

FIRL. Small, silent yellow-throated newt.    Lives with Bobbo in a cave on the coast of north-west Mossflower. (MR)

FISHGILL. Male searat.  Greypatch's steersrat on the Darkqueen.  Carries a cutlass.  He was the only one to remain loyal to Greypatch during Bigfang's mutiny.  He was lured into dangerous Flitchaye territory by Oak Tom.  (MR)

FISHTAIL.  Male searat.  Mate on the Seatalon.   Gabool killed him by throwing him to Skrabblag.  (MR)

FLAGG. Large male otter of Redwall. He is skilled with a slingshot and stones.  (MR)

FLANN.  Shrew.  Trag member.  (MR)

FLEAWIRT.  Male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Killed by Thyme. (MR)

FLEETLEG.  Tall male hare of Salamandastron.   Son of Sergeant Learunner, baby brother of Gorsepaw and Crocus. (MR)

FLITCHAYE. Tribe of savage, runty weasels in north-west Mossflower, a day's walk north of Redwall.  They live underground and use sleeping herbs and scented smoke to overcome enemies.  They wear barkcloth masks and disguises made of reeds, leaves and trailing weeds, and smear themselves with plant dyes.  They were led by Snidjer during Mariel's day. (MR, LL)

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FLOGGA.  Male searat.  Captain of the Rathelm.   He knew and served under Gabool for many seasons.  In his madness Gabool thought Flogga was Greypatch and had him killed by Skrabblag. (MR)

FOREMOLE. Title given to the leader of the moles.  The first mole to hold that title in Redwall was Dinny, although the term predates the Abbey.

FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Leader of the moles at Redwall. (MR)

FRINK. Male searat.  Matey of Deadglim.   Greypatch's lookout on the Darkqueen.  Skilled at throwing daggers.   He was killed by Thyme. (MR)

FROAT. Searat on Terramort. (MR)

FUR AND FOOT FIGHTING PATROL. Founded by Tarquin and Rosie Woodsorrel. (MR)


GABOOL THE WILD.  Male searat.  His titles included: King of Searats, Lord of Terramort Island, Captain of Captains, Warlord of All Rodent Corsairs, and Warlord of All Waters.  He wore a red cloak, gold earrings, and a beard tied with blue and red silken ribbons.  He also had gold teeth studded with emeralds.  He knew Greypatch for most of his life, and Greypatch was mate when Gabool was captain of the Ratwake.  Gabool eventually came to power as King of Searats, ruling from Fort Bladegirt on Terramort Island.  He was driven insane by dreams, insomnia and hallucinations about the Joseph Bell and Rawnblade's quest to destroy him.   He was killed by Skrabblag.  (MR)

  gabool5.jpg (11885 bytes)  gabool4.jpg (5679 bytes) The infamous picture of Gabool with a very non-Redwall weapon--a gun!

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GABRIEL. (See Waveblade.)

GABRIEL QUILL (GABE).  Male hedgehog.   Uncle of Durry.  Cellarmaster of Redwall.  He passed away sometime in the first four seasons after Mariel and Dandin left Redwall to go adventuring.  (MR, MW)

GARRTAIL. Male searat. Captain of the Greenfang.   Killed by Greypatch. (MR)

GORSEPAW.  Male hare of Salamandastron.   Son of Learunner, brother of Crocus and Fleetleg.  Killed by searats.   (MR)

GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GREENFANG.  Searat ship captained by Bludrigg, then Garrtail.  It was burned by Greypatch at the mouth of the River Moss.   The wreck was later fixed up by Mariel and her fellow questors and sailed back to Terramort. (MR)

GREYPATCH. Thin, male grey searat with an eyepatch.  He was a longtime acquaintance of Gabool, and served as mate on the Ratwake when Gabool was Captain.  He was a skilled swordfighter.  Tiring of Gabool's insanity, he stole the Darkqueen and sailed to Mossflower.  He tried to conquer Redwall without success.  He was killed by Oak Tom. (MR)

GRIMTOOTH.  Male searat corsair.   Captain of the Crabclaw. Killed by Mariel and Durry in the final battle at Bladegirt. (MR)

GRIPPER.  Searat in Saltar's crew.  He was accidentally killed by Mariel while boarding and ransacking the Periwinkle. (MR)

GROABY. Redwall mole. (MR)

GRUBB. Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.  Good friend of Bagg and Runn.  (MR, MW)

GULLWHACKER. Thick, knotted rope weapon used by Mariel. The original version ended up serving as the bellrope for the Joseph Bell. (MR, BM)

GURD.  Male searat on the Darkqueen.   Killed by toads near Salamandastron.  (MR)


HALFNOSE.  Male searat on the Waveblade.   (MR)

HAROLINA. Stringed instrument played by Tarquin. (MR, BM)

HEAVYWING McGURNEY. Barn owl. Father of Stonehead. (MR)

HON ROSIE.  (See Honorable Rosemary Woodsorrel)

HON ROSIE (ship). (See Blacksail)

HONORABLE ROSEMARY WOODSORREL (HON ROSIE).   Female hare.  Wife of Tarquin L. Woodsorrel.  Mother of twelve.  She has an extremely loud laugh.  She was in a Long Patrol regiment with Clary and Thyme, where Clary nicknamed her "Hawkeye."  After being seriously wounded in battle with Greypatch's searats, she retired from the Long Patrol and married Tarquin.   (MR, BM)

HOOKFIN.  Male searat.   Captain of the Blacksail.  Killed by Tan Loc in the final battle at Bladegirt. (MR)

HUBERT, BROTHER.  Older male mouse.   He was Redwall's Recorder and gatehouse keeper.  He wears spectacles.  In his youth he had a big crush on Sage.  He acted as a teacher for Saxtus and Dandin.   (MR)


IRAKTAAN.  Savage heron. Guardian of the ford on the North Path. (MR)



JOHN, BROTHER. Fat Redwall mouse. (MR)

JOSEPH BELL.  Giant bell of Redwall.  Made of copper, silver, brass and gold and adorned with carvings of badger runes.  It was made by Joseph the Bellmaker for Salamandastron, but it was stolen by Gabool before it could be delivered.   It eventually ended up at Redwall.

JOSEPH THE BELLMAKER.  Strong, well-built male mouse with silver fur and a short grey beard.  Father of Mariel.   He was originally from the deep south.  Rawnblade commissioned him to make a bell for Salamandastron, but while journeying to deliver it he was captured by Gabool the Wild.  It was his first time at sea.  He was a prisoner on Terramort Island for some time before escaping.  He was a founding member of Trag.  After the fall of Bladegirt he moved to Redwall Abbey, where the grateful residents named the great bell after him.  (MR, BM)

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KYBO. Grizzle male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Killed by Hon Rosie. (MR)


LARDGUTT.  Male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen.  Carries a dagger.  Killed by Oak Tom. (MR)

LEARUNNER, SERGEANT.  Male hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol. Father of Fleetleg, Gorsepaw and Crocus.  He and his two eldest children, Gorsepaw and Crocus, were killed by searats.  His widow died less than a season later.  (MR)

LEDDER.  Male searat.  First mate of Saltar on the Darkqueen.  Carries a scimitar.  (MR)

LONGEYES. Male Salamandastron hare. Good vision. (MR)

LORQUIN WOODSORREL.  Male hare.   Father of Tarquin.  (MR)


MARIEL.  Female mouse.  Daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker.  Her favorite weapon is the Gullwhacker:  a thick, knotted rope.  Originally from the deep south, her first sea voyage was with her father as he went to deliver his great bell to Salamandastron.  Before they could reach their destination they were captured by Gabool the Wild.  She was a slave to Gabool, who called her "Skiv."  She angered and nearly defeated Gabool, and the searat king threw her into the sea.  She washed up on the beach in a storm with amnesia.   She called herself "Storm Gullwhacker" and eventually made her way to Redwall, where she regained her memory.  She then set off with Dandin, Tarquin and Durry to rescue her father and take revenge on Gabool.  (MR, BM)

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MARIEL OF REDWALL. By Brian Jacques. 1991. The mousemaid Mariel goes on a quest for revenge against Gabool the Wild, King of searats.

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series. Male mouse with brown fur.  He was a great warrior from the far north who helped to free Mossflower from the reign of cruel wildcats.  He was severely wounded in the battle but survived. He then hung up his sword and led a life of peace, becoming Redwall Abbey’s co-founder with Abbess Germaine.  He presumably died of old age (there is no evidence to the contrary,) and was buried in a tomb beneath the Abbey.  His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)

MEADOWCLARY.  (See "Clary.")

MELLUS. Female badger.  Guardian of Redwall.  She is stern but loves Dibbuns. (MR, BM)

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MIKLA. Shrew.  Trag member.   (MR)


NIGHTWAKE. Searat vessel. Captained by Riptung. Renamed Abbot Bernard and captained by Dandin on the voyage back to Mossflower. (MR)


OAK TOM. Fat squirrel. Husband of Treerose. Lives in Mossflower Woods. Was mischievous as a Dibbun. (MR, BM)

ORGEYE.  Male searat.  Captain of the Waveblade.   Killed by Rawnblade.  (MR)

OTTER AND HIS WIFE. Rock sculpture on the North Path north of the River Moss. (MR)

OYKAMON.  Overweight, male speckled toad.  Leader of a group of toads on the coast of north-west Mossflower. (MR)


PAKATUGG TREEFLEET.  Fat, old male squirrel.  He carried a blowpipe and darts and camoflaged himself with leaves and twigs.  He lived in the forest of north-west Mossflower and was very secretive and distrustful.  He was taken prisoner by Greypatch's searats.  He died alongside Clary and Thyme fighting to free the oarslaves from Greypatch's crew. (MR)

PERIWINKLE.  The ship Joseph and Mariel were on when they were captured by searats.  It was crewed by shrews and captained by Ash.  (See also Crabclaw.)  (MR)

PETUNIA. Young female bankvole who lives with her mother at Redwall. (MR)


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RANZO.  Searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen.  Carried a cutlass.  Killed by Clary at Redwall. (MR)

RATHELM.  Searat vessel captained by Flogga.  It was sunk in Terramort Cove by the Trag.  (MR)

RATWAKE.  Searat ship.  When they were young Gabool was its captain and Greypatch was the mate.  They sailed into the deep southern seas and captured Skrabblag.  (MR) 

RAWNBLADE WIDESTRIPE.  Male badger.  Lord of Salamandastron.  Great-grandson of Sunstripe/Sunflash the Mace.  He had brown eyes.  He carried the sword Verminfate and was the sworn enemy of Gabool and all searats. (MR)

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REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

REEKHIDE. Searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Killed by Hon Rosie and Thyme. (MR)

RINGTAIL. Searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Killed by Brigadier Thyme. (MR)

RIPTUNG.  Male searat.  Captain of the Nightwake.   He expertly wielded a curved sword.  He was killed by Dandin in the final battle at Bladegirt. (MR)

RUFE BRUSH.  (Also known as Rufe Brushtail.)  Male squirrel.  He was Redwall Abbey's first bellringer.  He took Martin's sword to the Abbey roof after Dandin returned from Terramort. (MR, BM)

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RUNN.  Mischievous male Dibbun otter of Redwall. Twin brother of Bagg.  Good friend of Grubb.  (MR, MW)


SAGE, SISTER.  Plump, older female mouse.   Resident of Redwall Abbey.  Childhood sweetheart of Hubert.  (MR, BM)

SALAMANDASTRON. Extinct volcano that has been made into a fortress to guard the seashore. Generations of Badger Lords have ruled the mountain, with the help of the hares of the Long Patrol.

SALTAR.  Male searat corsair.  Brother of Bludrigg.  Captain of the Darkqueen.  He fought with a sword and a sharp hook.  He was killed by Gabool. (MR)

SAXTUS, ABBOT.  Male harvest mouse.   Childhood friend of Dandin.  He was very studious and well-behaved as a Dibbun.  He succeeded Bernard as Abbot of Redwall.  (MR, BM, MW)


SEATALON.  Searat vessel captained by Catseyes.  Powered by oarslaves.  It was sunk in Terramort Cove by the Trag. (MR)

SEAWEED GROG. Foul-tasting searat drink.

SERENA, SISTER. Fat female mouse.  She ran the Redwall Abbey infirmary. (MR)

SHORECLAW.  Male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen.   Carried a spear.  Killed by Clary.  (MR)

SHOREBUCK.  Sandy-colored male hare of Salamandastron. (MR)

SHORNEAR.  Male searat.  He was a crew member on the Darkqueen under Saltar and left behind on Terramort when Greypatch stole the ship. (MR)

SIMEON. Blind male mouse.  Friend of Bernard.   Herbalist at Redwall. (MR, BM, MW)

SKIV. (See "Mariel".)

SKRABBLAG.  Large black scorpion taken to Terramort from the tropics by Gabool and Greypatch. Kept in a pit in Fort Bladegirt.   Killed by Dandin.  (MR)

SKULLGOR.  Male searat. Captain of the Crabclaw.   He was killed by Gabool for accidentally damaging the Crabclaw. (MR)

SNIDJER. Savage weasel. Leader of the Flitchaye. (MR)

STONEHEAD McGURNEY. Large male barn owl.   Son of Heavywing, husband of Thunderbeak, father of two sons and two daughters.   He had golden eyes.  He lived in north-west Mossflower and was a menace to the Flitchaye.  (MR)


STORM GULLWHACKER. Name Mariel used for herself until she recovered from amnesia. (MR)

STUMPCLAW.  Male searat in Graypatch's crew on the Darkqueen.  Killed by Iraktaan. (MR)

SUNSTRIPE THE MACE.  Male badger.   Great-grandfather of Rawnblade.  Also known as Sunflash.  (MF, OR)

SWORD OF MARTIN THE WARRIOR. Used to belong to Martin’s father, Luke. Stolen by Badrang, but recovered by Martin. Broken by Tsarmina, reforged from meteorite metal by Boar the Fighter. Later wielded by Dandin and many other Redwall heroes.  


TAN LOC.  Male vole.  His entire family was killed by Hookfin when he was taken captive by searats.  He was a slave of Gabool, but escaped into the caves of Terramort Island.  He and Joseph the Bellmaker founded the Trag.  He spoke very little. (MR)

TARQUIN LONGLEAP WOODSORREL.  Male hare.  Son of Lorquin, husband of Hon Rosie, and father of twelve. He wore green and yellow jester's attire and played the harolina--often composing awful love songs to Hon Rosie.  He was sent by Rawnblade to Redwall to be the abbey's first resident hare.  He accompanied Mariel and Dandin on their quest to Terramort, then returned to Redwall to marry Hon Rosie.  (MR, BM)

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TERRAMORT. Island off the north-west coast of Mossflower. Home to searats and their king. Location of Fort Bladegirt. (MR)

THOMAS, ABBOT.  Predecessor of Bernard as leader of Redwall.  He died when Tarquin was a leveret.  (MR)

THUNDERBEAK. Female barn owl.  Wife of Stonehead, mother of two sons and two daughters.  Lives in north-west Mossflower.   (MR)

THYME, BRIGADIER.  Young male hare of Salamandastron.   His Long Patrol partners were Clary and Hon Rosie.  He had a stiffly waxed whisker mustache.  He was killed by Greypatch's searats in a valiant stand that allowed the oarslaves to escape.    (MR)

TRAG. Terramort Resistance Against Gabool. Rebel alliance on Terramort of former slaves of the searats. Base of operations is a series of caves and tunnels on the north-east coast of Terramort. (MR)

TREEROSE. Pretty red squirrel. Wife of Oak Tom. Redwall resident until her marriage, then lived in Mossflower Woods. (MR, BM)

TURGLE.  Male squirrel Dibbun of Redwall. (MR)


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 VERITY, SISTER.  Redwall resident.  Teacher of Hubert and Sage.  (MR)

VERMIN. General term given to rats, weasels, stoats, ferrets and foxes.

VERMINFATE.  Huge broadsword carried by Rawnblade Widestripe of Salamandastron.  (MR)


WAVEBLADE. Searat vessel. Captained by Orgeye and then taken over by Rawnblade.  It was renamed Gabriel by Redwallers and captained by Durry on the voyage back to Mossflower. (MR)

WELTSKIN.  Ragged male searat on Terramort.   Gabool pretended to give him his sword but cut off the tip of one of his ears instead.  (MR)

WILLYUM.  Fat male mole of Redwall.  Known as a champion singer. (MR)

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