Mariel of Redwall Covers & Extras
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British hardcover

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American hardcover

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First American softcover

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Newer American softcover

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A German edition

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Another German edition

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Dutch edition

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Russian edition

mr-cover-german-small.jpg (7113 bytes)
Another German edition

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Finnish edition

mr-cover-uk-alt.jpg (25331 bytes)
Another British edition
mr-cover-alt2.jpg (19557 bytes)
Another British edition
mr-cover-swedish.jpg (35803 bytes)
Swedish edition
mr-cover-italian.jpg (18253 bytes) mr-cover-italian2.jpg (18286 bytes)
Italian editions

mr-cover-french2.jpg (43969 bytes)mr-cover-french.jpg (45130 bytes)
Four-volume French edition
mr-cover-french3.jpg (41932 bytes)

Another French image

Random Mariel of Redwall bloopers:

Chapter 13 (page 117 of the American hardcover) refers to "Abbot Hubert" instead of Brother Hubert.

Chapter 18, (page 164 of the American hardcover) calls Pakatugg a hedgehog--but he's a squirrel!