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NADAZ.  Male rat.  He was the Voice of the Host in the Kingdom of Malkariss, and Malkariss' second-in-command.  He wore a purple robe and carried a scepter topped with a mouse skull.  He had a flat voice and was fanatically devoted to Malkariss.  He was killed when Loamhedge collapsed. (MT)

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NAGRU.  See Urgan Nagru.

NASTURTIUM, SISTER.  Pretty, plump female mouse.  She was very popular with the Dibbuns and known for a nice singing voice.   She helped Bellows in the abbey kitchens.  She frequently received messages from Martin in the form of poems and songs.  She had Dryditch Fever. (SN)

NETTLEBUD. Burly female hedgehog. Daughter of Sollertree and Beechtipp. Kidnapped into slavery on Marlfox Island. Killed Mokkan. Reunited with her father when the slaves were freed. (MX)

NIGHTSHADE THE SEER.  Vixen.  She felt destined to follow Swartt, who was younger than she was.  She wore a feather-trimmed cloak and daubed her body with paint and mud.  She also carried a long staff decorated with bones, hanks of hair, and shells.  She was a seer who often had visions relating to Swartt's future, and faithfully served him for many seasons.   She killed Skarlath with a poisoned arrow, then was killed by Sunflash. (OR)


NIGHTWAKE. Searat vessel. Captained by Riptung. Renamed Abbot Bernard and captained by Dandin on the voyage back to Mossflower. (MR)

NILLY DUBBO.  Young female mole.  Daughter of Bruff and Lully, sister of Podd, grand-niece of Blunn and Ummer.  (OR)

NIMBALO THE SLAYER.  Male harvest mouse from northern Mossflower.  He had light golden brown fur and wore a yellow tunic.  Champion fibber.  Cannot swim.  He was abused by his father and never knew his mother.   He became good friends with Deyna/Tagg and eventually moved into Redwall, finally overcoming his fear of families.  Boorab taught him how to play the haredee gurdee and eventually handed down to him the title of Master of Music of Redwall Abbey.   (TG)

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NINIAN.  Lazy and gluttonous mouse.   Husband of the mousewife who built "Saint" Ninian's.  (LL)

NORDO.  Male shrew.  Only son of the Log-a-Log of the Guosssom.  His grandfather was also a Log-a-Log.  When he was very young he accidentally lost the Blackstone on the island in the Great Inland Lake.  He was also held captive in a pit by King Glagweb with forty other shrews, but his father rescued him. (SN)

NORGLE.  Male otter.  Son of Drenner.   Oarslave on the Goreleech.  Presumed to have died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks. (LL)

NORTH PATH. As the South Path, this road runs past the Big Inland Lake, through Mossflower woods. It then skirts along the fringes of Mossflower, past St. Ninian's church and Redwall Abbey. It crosses the River Moss and continues on through the woods to the far North.

NORTHFORK STREAM.  Stream running through northern Mossflower.  (LL)

NUTBEAK.  Little Owl.  Child of Orocca and Taunoc, sibling of Nutclaw and Nutwing.  (LP)

NUTCLAW.  Little Owl.  Child of Orocca and Taunoc, sibling of Nutbeak and Nutwing.  (LP)

NUTWING.  Little Owl.  Child of Orocca and Taunoc, sibling of Nutclaw and Nutbeak.  Stayed at Redwall after his siblings went off to see the world. Wears glasses. Killed when Marlfoxes attacked the abbey. (LP, MX)

NYCTEA.  Owl.  Esteemed ancestor of Captain Snow.   (RW)

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