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PAINTED ONES.  Tribe of savage tree rats living in north-east Mossflower.  They paint themselves with camouflage and attack travelers.  Their leader is named Shavvakamalla.  (LP, LL)

PAINTED ONES.  Also known as Longtails.  They are a tribe of treedwelling savages living in a pine forest near the ruins of Loamhedge.  They cover themselves with green and black camoflage.  They fear fire, kill all intruders, and have no real language--just shrieks and growls. (MT)

PAKATUGG TREEFLEET.  Fat, old male squirrel.   He carried a blowpipe and darts and camoflaged himself with leaves and twigs.   He lived in the forest of north-west Mossflower and was very secretive and distrustful.  He was taken prisoner by Greypatch's searats.  He died alongside Clary and Thyme fighting to free the oarslaves from Greypatch's crew. (MR)

PALLUM. Male hedgehog. Prisoner/nursemaid of Amballa's shrews. Joined Martin the Warrior in the battle against Marshank. Ancestor of Bultip. (MW)

PARUG.  Searat Bosun on the Goreleech.   Wears ribbons in his whiskers and has sharp eyesight.  Killed when the ship crashed into Tall Rocks.  (LL)

PASQUE VALERIAN.  Pretty female hare.  Medic in Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  Wife of Tammo.  (LP)

PATCHCOAT. (See Riverwyte.)

PAYKEL.  Male Dunehog.  (LL)

PEACE ISLAND.  An island in the northern part of the western sea that was populated by hedgehogs seeking a peaceful life.  It is ignored by vermin and other seafarers because the volcanic blue-green rock that makes up the island renders it nearly invisible to passing ships. (TS)

PEAR.  Female squirrel under Amber’s command. (MF)

PEARL QUEEN.  Large, hardy ship.   It was captained by Finbarr Galedeep until it was taken over by searats. Then Slipp was its captain.  Finbarr recaptured it and used it to take Joseph the Bellmaker, his Redwall companions and the Guosim to Southsward.  After the war to free Southsward, Dandin, Mariel and Bowly sailed off in it to find adventure over the western horizon.   (BM)

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PEARLS OF LUTRA. By Brian Jacques. 1996. Can Tansy and her Redwall companions find the Pearls of Lutra in time to save Abbot Durral from the evil Ublaz Madeyes?

PEARLS OF LUTRA.  Six rosy-colored, perfectly round, uniformly-sized pearls. Also known as "The Tears of All Oceans."   They were stolen from the otter Lutra by Conva, then stolen from Conva by Greylunk and Flairnose.  Greylunk brought them to Redwall, where Fermald hid them for safekeeping.  Tansy later recovered them, only to learn they were not needed as the Abbot's ransom after all.  She threw them into the sea where they would never again inspire harmful greed.  (PL)

PECUNIA FORTHRIGHT.  Young female hedgehog from the southern branch of the Forthright family.  Daughter of Merradink and Campathia.   (TG)

PELLIT.  Fat male dormouse.  Worked as a kitchen helper, then in the infirmary with Sister Viola.  Likes to take naps.  (LP)

PENNYBRIGHT. Young female hare in the Salamandastron Long Patrol.  She is skilled with both a bow and arrows and a javelin. (SN)

PERIGORD HABILE SINISTRA.  Male hare.  Major in the Long Patrol.  Brother of Twayblade.  Wears a green velvet jacket and mustache.  Had a crush on Mem Divina as a leveret at Salamandastron.  (LP)


PERIWINKLE.  The ship Joseph and Mariel were on when they were captured by searats.  It was crewed by shrews and captained by Ash.  (See also Crabclaw.)  (MR)

PETUNIA. Young female bankvole who lives with her mother at Redwall. (MR)

PICKLEPAW IRONSPIKES.  Male bankvole in Bucko Bigbones' encampment.   Champion wrestler of the Southern Coasts, known for a move called "The Picklepaw Punch."   (BT)

PIKKLE FFOLGER. Young male hare from Salamandastron.  He and his best friend, Mara, went questing from Salamandastron and eventually came to settle at Redwall.  He had an incredible appetite, even for a hare. (SN)

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PIKNIM. Redwall mousemaid.  She was a close friend of Craklyn.  She was good at solving riddles and helped to recover the Pearls of Lutra from their hiding places.  She was killed by jackdaws at St. Ninian's.   (PL)

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PITCLAW.  Male mole of Redwall.  (LL)

PLOGG.  Male Guosim shrew.  Son of Log-a-Log, brother of Welko.  (PL)

PLUGG.  Dibbun mole in the Longladle family group in Mossflower.  (BT)

PLUGG FIRETAIL.   Male fox with silver fur and a gold-red tail.  Captain of the Freebooter vessel Seascab.   He wore a long coat of green velvet and carried a double-bladed axe.  He harbored an intense dislike for Kurda.  He was fond of his late uncle, who was an educated gentlebeast and knew many songs.  He was exceptionally well-liked by his crew.  His pride and joy was his tail, until it was torn off in a booby trap set up by Shogg and Kroova.  After that he had to have his tail stuck on with pine resin, a fact he tried to keep a secret whenever possible.   He was killed by Zassaliss, Harssacss and Sesstra.  (TS)

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PLUMPEN. Youngish male dormouse.  He was the leader of a family group of about twenty members in Mossflower woods.  He had a wife and two children.  His parents were both alive at the time of the Late Rose Summer Wars.  He also had brothers and sisters.  He has captured by Cluny and forced to help the horde gain access to Redwall Abbey.  He and his family became friends of the Abbey after the war. (RW)

PODD DUBBO.  Young female mole.   Daughter of Bruff and Lully, sister of Nilly, grand-niece of Blunn and Ummer.   (OR)

POLLEEKIN. Old female mole. Good cook. Lives in the trunk of a dead oak not far from Noonvale. Has the powers of a seer. (MW)


POPPY. Mouse. Aunt of Rose. (MW)

PORGOO STRAIGHTFURRER.  Dibbun mole of Southsward.  Grandchild of Furpp. Sibling of Burdill and Grumbee. (BM)

PORTY. Fat young male hare of Salamandastron. (OR)

POSKRA.  Old male water rat.  He wandered in Mossflower after his petty thievery and nastiness got him kicked out of several vermin tribes.  He had only one tooth left and adored damson wine.  He planned to ransom Durby and Feegle after they fell over the abbey wall, but  was killed by Vallug Bowbeast.  (TG)

POSY STICKLE. Young hedgehog. Daughter of Ben and Goody. Sister of Ferdy, Coggs and Spike. (MF)

PREDAK. Female Marlfox often paired with Gelltor. Daughter of Silth, sister of Mokkan, Gelltor, Ascrod, Vannan, Lantur and Ziral. Killed by Borrakul in battle at Redwall.  (MX)

PREESE.  Guosim shrew.  (LP)

PRETHIL.  Fat female bankvole living in north-west Mossflower.  Wife of Krobzy.  (TG)

PUCKLE.  Dibbun mole of Redwall.  (OR)

PURE FERRET.  Name applied to the albino ferrets from the royal house of King Sarengo of Riftgard.  (TS)

PURLOW.  Male hare of Salamandastron.  (BT)

PURSLANE. Mouse. Wife of Groot, mother of Fuffle. Prisoner in Marshank. (MW)


QUICKBILL. Male magpie in Ironbeak’s army. Brother of Brightback and Diptail.  Either he or one of his brothers was killed in the final clash at Redwall, but it's not specified which.   (MT)


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