The Pearls of Lutra

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AMBROSE SPIKE. Male hedgehog.   Cellarkeeper of Redwall.  He knows magic tricks and has an appetite to match a hare's.  (RW, MT, GF)

ARVEN.  Male squirrel of Redwall.  He was a close friend of Tansy, especially as a Dibbun.  His other best friends as a Dibbun were Diggum and Gurrbowl, whom he often led into mischief.  (PL, LP)

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AUMA. Female badger.  Daughter of Orlando and Brockrose.  Her mother died when she was very small, so she was raised by her father in the western plains. She later succeeded Constance as badger mother of Redwall.   (MT, PL)

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AUTUMN OF THE LATE MARJORAM.  A season in which Tim Churchmouse was Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  (LP)


BALTUR. Male searat Corsair of Sampetra.  He had been a Corsair for as long as he could remember.  He was appointed captain by Rasconza, demoted the next day by Ublaz, and later re-promoted by Rasconza.  (PL)

BARRANCA.  Male stoat.  Brother of Conva. Captain of the Freebooter.  He wore bright red silks, a headband and a black, garnet-studded belt.  He carried a sabre.  He was popular on Sampetra and led a rebellion against Ublaz.  He was killed by Rasconza. (PL)

BASIL STAG HARE.  Very tall male hare.   He lived as a bachelor in Mossflower but was a close friend of Matthias and a valuable ally of Redwall.   (RW, MT, GF)

BILGETAIL. Tall, somber male weasel.   Captain of Sampetra.  Killed for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

BLADERIBB. Male searat from the Waveworm.   He was taken prisoner by Martin II, Grath and the Guosim and forced to lead them to Sampetra.  He was crushed to death by an iceberg on the journey. (PL)

BLADETAIL. Male steersrat of the Waveworm. Killed by Grath. (PL)

BLOODKEEL.  Searat vessel of Sampetra.   It was captained by Slashback, whose bosun, Rasconza, became Captain after his death.  The ship was sabotaged and sunk by Ublaz. (PL)

BLOODSNOUT.  Female corsair on Sampetra.   She was killed by Trident-rats for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

BLOWFLY.  Male weasel Corsair with blackened teeth.  He was Barranca's mate on the Freebooter.  (PL)

BUCKLA.  Male searat Captain on Sampetra.   Promoted by Rasconza. (PL)


CAVERN HOLE.  Cozy, informal meeting and dining area in Redwall Abbey, down from Great Hall.

CICELY, SISTER.  Female mouse.  Infirmary worker at Redwall Abbey.  She was often stern and humorless, and was infamous for forcing her patients to take nettle broth as a cure-all. (PL)

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"CLECKY" (CLECKSTARR LEPUS MONTISLE).  Male mountain hare of the far northern Montisles.  His fur was white in winter and brown in summer, and he wore a white tunic.  Eating shellfish gave him a rash.  He was a good friend and traveling companion of Gerul.  He was the first hare at Redwall since Basil.  He accompanied Martin the Second and Grath on their voyage to Sampetra, where he lost an ear in battle.  He wore a replacement ear of red velvet.  (PL)

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CLUNY THE SCOURGE.  Male rat warlord who waged war against Redwall Abbey during the time of Matthias.  He used Saint Ninian's Church as his base of operations.  (RW)

CONVA.  Male stoat.  Brother of Barranca.   Corsair Captain of the Waveworm. Killed by Ublaz. (PL)

CORAL WATER SNAKE. Very poisonous. Type of animal that killed Ublaz. (PL)

CRABSEAR. Stoat.  Rebel corsair on Sampetra.   Killed by Clecky and Martin the Second.  (PL)

CRAKLYN. Female squirrel of Redwall.   She was a close friend of Piknim and Tansy.  She was good at solving riddles and helped in the search for the Pearls of Lutra.  She later became Abbey Recorder. (PL, LP)

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CRIUTH. Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

CUP OF CHEER.  Pink rhubarb wine brewed by Ambrose Spike during the Winter of Deepest Snow.  (PL)

CURLO.  Young female Guosim shrew with a lively, gruff singing voice.  (PL)


DABBY. Male Guosim shrew.  (PL)

DARK FOREST. The afterlife.

DEDDGUTT.  Male ferret Captain on Sampetra.   Promoted by Rasconza.  (PL)

DIBBUNS. Infants at Redwall Abbey.

DIGGUM. Little molemaid of Redwall.  (PL, LP)   [Note:  Due to a rare goof by Brian Jacques, the genders of Diggum and Gurrbowl were switched between Pearls of Lutra and The Long Patrol.  In the latter, Diggum is male, but in the former, Diggum is a female Dibbun.]

DIMPLE. Guosim shrew. (PL)

DORMAL, BROTHER.  Shy, old male mouse.  As Redwall's Herbalist, he had extensive knowledge of plants and insects.  He was also a poet and shared beekeeping duties with Furlo. (PL)

DORUMEE.  Fat old grandmother otter.  Wife of Wallyum, mother of Inbar and Winniegold, mother-in-law of Grath.  She wears an apron.  She lives in Ruddaring with the Holt Rudderwake.  (PL)

DURGEL. Redwall Dibbun. (PL)

DURRAL, ABBOT.  Old male mouse.  He was once a kitchen worker before he became Abbot, presumably succeeding Mordalfus.  In his seventh season as Abbot he was kidnapped by Lask Frildur and the Monitors and taken to Sampetra.  He befriended Romsca along the way.  Martin the Second rescued him and returned him to Redwall.  He then abdicated to Tansy and became a friar. (PL)

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EULALIA. War cry of badgers and hares, especially those associated with Salamandastron.


FENTZ. Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

FERMALD THE ANCIENT.  Redwall squirrelmaid who lived to be very old.  She lived alone in the Abbey attic.  She carried a beautifully carved wooden spoon around with her.  She was senile and happily lived in her own little world, often speaking in rhymes and riddles.  She loved to fish on the Abbey pond.  She befriended Graylunk and hid the Pearls of Lutra for safekeeping.  (PL)

FLAGGARD.  Monitor lizard of Sampetra.   (PL)

FLAIRNOSE.  Male weasel Corsair on the Waveworm.   Along with Graylunk, he stole the Pearls of Lutra from Conva.  He died after fighting Graylunk for the pearls.  (PL)

FLANEY. Captain on Sampetra killed by Trident-rats for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

FOREMOLE. Title given to the leader of the Redwall moles.

FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Leader of the moles at Redwall.  Diggum succeeded him as Foremole.  (PL)

FRADDLE.  Male Monitor lizard of Sampetra who accompanied Lask to Mossflower but did not survive the return journey.  (PL)

FREEBEAST.  Boat used for Grath and Martin II's expedition to Sampetra.  It was a double-outrigger vessel with sails and oars. (PL)

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FREEBOOTER. Corsair vessel of Sampetra with red pennants and three masts. Once Captained by Barranca. Taken over by Redwallers and renamed the Seaking. (PL)

FURLO STUMP.  Male hedgehog.  Grandson of Jabez, son of Jube, brother of Higgle.  Redwall cellarkeeper.  He shared beekeeping duties with Brother Dormal.  (PL)


GADGEE.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall. (PL)

GALDRA. Trident-rat appointed as Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

GANCHO.  Male searat Corsair of Sampetra.   He was appointed captain by Rasconza, demoted the next day by Ublaz, and later re-promoted by Rasconza.  (PL)

GARFFY. Redwall Dibbun. (PL)

GERUL.  Young male barn owl. Friend of Clecky.  He came from the north and settled at Redwall.  He was forever quoting his mother's sayings.  (PL)

GLENNER. Young female otter in Skipper's crew.   Redwall ally.  (PL)

GLINC.  Male watervole.  Husband of Sitch.   Took in Grath after Conva's crew injured her. (PL)

GOWJA.  Male searat of Sampetra with yellowed teeth.   He was taken captive by Clecky and later marooned on Sampetra after Martin II spared his life.  (PL)

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GRALL. Male black-backed gull.  Leader of the gulls at Sampetra. He died of exhaustion after flying from Mossflower to Sampetra.  (PL)

GRATH LONGFLETCH.  Female otter.   Daughter of Lutra, wife of Inbar, daughter-in-law of Wallyum and Dorumee, sister-in-law of Winniegold.  She was nearly killed by Conva and his crew, who slew the rest of her family.  She was then consumed by a desire for revenge against all searats, firing green-fletched arrows into many an unfortunate vermin.  She helped Martin II and the Redwallers to rescue Abbot Durral from Ublaz, then wed Inbar and settled in Ruddaring.  (PL)

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GRAYLUNK.  Male weasel Corsair on the Waveworm.  He and Flairnose stole the Pearls of Lutra from Conva, then wounded each other fighting over the Pearls.  Graylunk went to Redwall, where he was taken in and cared for.  He befriended Fermald.  He never really recovered from his injuries, and wandered into Mossflower Woods to die. (PL)

GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GRIMJAW.  Male grayling in the Redwall pond. Fermald the Ancient longed to catch him but never did.  He died by choking on one of the Pearls of Lutra, leaving a mate behind.  (PL)

GROOJAW.  Male stoat Captain on Sampetra.   Promoted by Rasconza.  (PL)

GUJA.  Male searat.  He was the steersrat of the Freebooter, then steersrat of the Bloodkeel.  He and Rasconza were the only survivors when the Bloodkeel sank.  He played the melodeon. (PL)

GUOSIM . Guerilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower. Their leader is called Log-a-Log. They are skilled at handling river craft and good cooks but are very argumentive.

GURRBOWL.  Dibbun mole.  [Note: Due to a rare goof by Brian Jacques, the genders of Diggum and Gurrbowl were switched between Pearls of Lutra and The Long Patrol.  In the latter, Gurrbowl is female, but in the former, Gurrbowl is a male Dibbun.]   (PL, LP)


HAWM.  Large male seal with dark grey, spotted fur.  He was the king of the seals around Ruddaring, and an ally of the otters there. (PL)

HIGGLE STUMP.  Male hedgehog.   Grandson of Jabez, son of Jube, brother of Furlo, husband of Teasel.  Friar of Redwall.  He played a Hogtwanger passed down to him from his father, Jube.  (PL)

HOGTWANGER.  Odd stringed instrument.   It can be played only by hedgehogs, who pluck the strings with their headspikes.

HOTROOT SOUP. Favorite dish of otters. Spicy.


INBAR TRUEFLIGHT.  Tall, muscular, dark-furred male otter. Son of Wallyum Rudderwake and Dorumee, brother of Winniegold, husband of Grath.  He carried a bow and red-feathered arrows.  He lived at Ruddaring all his life except for a journey to Sampetra to help Grath and Martin II overthrow Ublaz.   He was a peaceful creature who did not relish killing but could hold his own in battle.  (PL)

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JACQUES, BRIAN. Author of the Redwall series. Visit the Official Brian Jacques Homepage!

JESAT. Male Guosim shrew. (PL)

JUBE (JUBILATION) STUMP.  Male hedgehog.  Descendant of Josh Stump, son of Jabez and Rosyqueen Stump, brother to ten sisters, father of Furlo and Higgle.  (MT)


KARVIL.  Male steersrat of the Sprayraider.   Killed by Grath.  (PL)

KERRAT. Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

KUJA.  Male searat on Sampetra killed by Clecky and Martin II. (PL)


LASK FRILDUR. Male Montior lizard with grey-blue skin.  Monitor General of Sampetra.  He was killed by Romsca in a battle on the Waveworm. (PL)

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LOG-A-LOG. Title given to the leader of the Guosim shrews.

LOG-A-LOG. Small, fat male shrew.   Father of Plogg and Welko but no daughters.  (PL)

LONG PATROL. Elite fighting force of hares at Salamandastron.

LUSSAK.  Male Monitor lizard of Sampetra who accompanied Lask to Mossflower but did not survive the return trip. (PL)

LUTRA.  Male otter.  Father of Grath.   Leader of the Holt Lutra in north-west Mossflower. He and his mate and family were killed by Conva and his crew. (PL)


MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series. Male mouse with brown fur.  He was a great warrior from the far north who helped to free Mossflower from the reign of cruel wildcats.  He was severely wounded in the battle but survived. He then hung up his sword and led a life of peace, becoming Redwall Abbey’s co-founder with Abbess Germaine.  He presumably died of old age (there is no evidence to the contrary,) and was buried in a tomb beneath the Abbey.  His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)

MARTIN II.  Male mouse.  Son of Mattimeo and Tess, grandson of Matthias, Cornflower and John and Mrs. Churchmouse. Named for Martin the Warrior. Abbey guardian. (MT, PL)

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MATTHIAS THE WARRIOR.  Male mouse.   Husband of Cornflower, father of Mattimeo, grandfather of Martin II.  Champion of Redwall.  (RW, MT, GF)

MATTIMEO. (Full name Matthias Methuselah Mortimer.)  Son of Matthias and Cornflower, husband of Tess Churchmouse and father of Martin II.  Redwall warrior. (RW, MT)

MONITORS. Large flesh-eating lizards on Sampetra who serve Ublaz. They are very intolerant of cold weather. (PL)

MOSSFLOWER. Forest that runs along the east side of the North Path. Numerous streams run through it.


NINIAN'S CHURCH. See St. Ninian's.


ORLUG.  Male Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz.  Killed by Rasconza.  (PL)


PEARLS OF LUTRA. By Brian Jacques. 1996. Can Tansy and her Redwall companions find the Pearls of Lutra in time to save Abbot Durral from the evil Ublaz Madeyes?

PEARLS OF LUTRA.  Six rosy-colored, perfectly round, uniformly-sized pearls. Also known as "The Tears of All Oceans."   They were stolen from the otter Lutra by Conva, then stolen from Conva by Greylunk and Flairnose.  Greylunk brought them to Redwall, where Fermald hid them for safekeeping.  Tansy later recovered them, only to learn they were not needed as the Abbot's ransom after all.  She threw them into the sea where they would never again inspire harmful greed.  (PL)

PIKNIM. Redwall mousemaid.  She was a close friend of Craklyn.  She was good at solving riddles and helped to recover the Pearls of Lutra from their hiding places.  She was killed by jackdaws at St. Ninian's.   (PL)

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PLOGG.  Male Guosim shrew.  Son of Log-a-Log, brother of Welko.  (PL)


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RAFGLAN.  Male searat bosun of the Waveworm. (PL)

RANGAPAW. Tall female otter. Daughter of Skipper. (PL)

RASCONZA. Male fox.  He was the only Corsair fox who frequented Sampetra.  He was a renowed blade thrower and always carried at least ten daggers.  He was bosun to Slashback on the Bloodkeel, and later the ship's Captain.  He led a mass revolt against Ublaz.  As Chief Captain of Sampetra he sailed out in Bloodkeel, only to have it sink due to Ublaz's sabotage.  Only he and his steersrat, Guja, survived.  He returned to Sampetra and intensified the rebellion.  After nearly capturing Ublaz's palace he was killed by Sagitar. (PL)

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REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

RIPPDOGG.  Female weasel Captain of Sampetra.   She was killed by Trident-rats for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

ROCPAW. Male stoat Captain of Sampetra.  He was killed by Trident-rats for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

ROLLO.  Male bankvole.  Son of Lettie.  He was very mischievious as a Dibbun.  He worked in the Abbey wine cellars in his youth.  As an adult, he wore spectacles, served as Abbey Recorder, and assisted in the search for the Pearls of Lutra.  (MT, PL)

ROMSCA. Female ferret Corsair.  She wore ragged silks and brass earhoops and had tattooed paws.  She was Conva's first mate on the Waveworm and became its Captain after his death.  She and Lask Frildur went on a mission to Mossflower to recover the Pearls of Lutra for Emperor Ublaz.   Failing to locate the Pearls, they instead kidnapped Abbot Durral.  Romsca ended up befriending him and protected him from the Monitors.  On the return voyage to Sampetra she was killed in battle with Lask and his Monitors aboard the Waveworm. (PL)

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RUBBY. Male vermin.  Cook on the Waveworm. (PL)

RUDDARING ISLE.  Hollow mountain in the sea north-north-west of Salamandastron.  Home of the Holt Rudderwake.  Settled in ancient times by four otter families who escaped from corsairs and fought off the native Monitors.  (PL)

RUSHCUTTER.  Otter in Skipper's tribe.  (PL)


SAGITAR SAWFANG. Large, lean and sinewy female searat.   As Chief Trident-rat of Sampetra she was second only to Lask Frildur under Ublaz's command. She wore a tunic.  She betrayed Ublaz and joined Rasconza's rebels, but when she turned on Rasconza during the final battle for the palace he killed her.  (PL)

SAINT NINIAN'S CHURCH.  Ancient building to the south of Redwall Abbey, on the east side of the road.  It was built before Luke's generation by Ninian's wife.  By the time of the fall of Kotir it was an abandoned, overgrown ruin.  It was fixed up and became the home of Gonff and Columbine and six generations of their descendants. In later generations it was inhabited by the Churchmouse family, Cluny's army and Slagar the Cruel's band of slavers.  It was burned down by Redwallers after jackdaws killed Piknim there.


SALAMANDASTRON. Extinct volcano that has been made into a fortress to guard the seashore. Generations of Badger Lords have ruled the mountain, with the help of the hares of the Long Patrol.

SAMPETRA. Tropical island in the far western sea ruled by Emperor Ublaz. Has a palace, a harbor and many taverns. Many corsairs were marooned there after Ublaz's defeat. (PL)

SCRUVO.  Male jackdaw.  He was the leader of the jackdaws at Saint Ninian's who killed Piknim.  He was slain by Rangapaw.  (PL)

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SCULRAG.  Fat but strong male searat.   Captain of the Sprayraider.  Killed by Grath.  (PL)

SEAKING. (See Freebooter.)

SEAWEED GROG. Foul-tasting searat drink.

SITCH. Female watervole. Wife of Glinc. Took in Grath after Conva's crew injured her. (PL)

SKARBOD.  Burly male stoat.  Veteran Corsair of Sampetra.  Killed by Skipper.  (PL)

SKIPPER.  Title given to the leader of the otters in Mossflower.

SKIPPER.  Big, tough-looking male otter with a deep, gruff voice.  Father of Rangapaw.  He was the leader of the otters living in Mossflower's forest and waterways and an ally of Redwall Abbey.  (PL) 

SLAGAR THE CRUEL.  Male fox slaver.  Enemy of Redwall during the time of Matthias and Mattimeo.  He once used Saint Ninian's Church as a base of operations.  (MT)

SLASHBACK.  Grizzled male searat.  Captain of the Bloodkeel. He was killed for rebelling against Ublaz.  (PL)

SOMGIL. Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

SPRAYRAIDER.  Searat ship. Lost when it ran into rocks. Only Captain Sculrag, Karvil and five other rats survived. (PL)

SPRING OF THE LESSER PERIWINKLE.  A season in which Tim Churchmouse was Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  (PL)

SUMMER OF THE ROSEBAY WILLOWHERB.  The sixth season after the Autumn of the Warrior's Return.  Was followed by the Winter of the Deepest Snow.   Tim Churchmouse was Recorder of Redwall Abbey then.  (MT, LP)

SWORD OF MARTIN THE WARRIOR.  Legendary sword belonging to Redwall's co-founder and guardian spirit, Martin the Warrior.  It originally belonged to Martin, grandfather of Luke the Warrior.  It was passed on to the famous Martin the Warrior, who brought it to Mossflower with him.  It was broken by Tsarmina and later reforged by Boar the Fighter at Salamandastron using metal from a fallen star.  Some superstitious vermin erroneously believe it to be magical.   It was later wielded by Matthias, Mattimeo, Martin II and many other Redwall heroes.


TANSY, ABBESS.  Female hedgehog of Redwall.   Good friend of Arven, Craklyn and Piknim.  She was the leader in the search for the Pearls of Lutra.  She succeeded Durral as Redwall leader.  (PL, LP)

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TEARS OF ALL OCEANS.  Another name for the Pearls of Lutra, mainly used by Corsairs.  (LP)

TEASEL STUMP.  Female hedgehog of Redwall.   Wife of Higgle. (PL)

TENO. Male Guosim shrew. (PL)

TESS CHURCHMOUSE.  Female mouse of Redwall.  Daughter of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, twin sister of Tim, wife of Mattimeo, mother of Martin II.  (RW, MT)

TIM CHURCHMOUSE.  Male mouse.  Son of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, twin brother of Tess, brother-in-law of Mattimeo, uncle of Martin II.  He succeeded his father as Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  He served as Recorder during the Spring of the Lesser Periwinkle, the Autumn of the Late Marjoram, the Summer of the Rosebay Willowherb, and the Winter of the Deepest Snow.  (RW, MT)

TRIDENT-RATS. Police force of Ublaz on Sampetra. Led by Sagitar. (PL)

TRIMP. Guosim shrew. (PL)


UBLAZ MADEYES, EMPEROR. Large male pine marten with black, almond-shaped eyes and curled whiskers.  He was strong, sleek and handsome, with fine brown fur from head to bushy tail, and a creamy yellow throat and ears.  He carried a silver-bladed dagger with blue sapphires on the handle.    He was feared for the hypnotic powers of his eyes.  He was once a Corsair, feared for his great skill with a sword.  Later he set himself up as ruler of Sampetra, backed by Monitors and Trident-rats.  He had an extensive wardrobe of silk robes, including ones in brown; gold; green with a gold border and a sharkskin belt; and umber bordered with silver filigree work.  He also sometimes wore turbans:   one was white with a feather and a green jewel, and another was dark green with silver fringes.  He had a crown but chose not to be seen wearing it until he had the Pearls of Lutra to decorate it.   He never did get his paws on the Pearls.   He received a fatal bite from his pet coral water snake while dueling with Martin II. (PL)

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VIOLA BANKVOLE, SISTER. Prissy female bankvole of Redwall.   She and Abbot Durral were captured by the forces of Ublaz, and although she was soon rescued she joined the others in their quest to save the Abbot.   She later became Redwall's Infirmary Sister.  (PL, LP)


WALLYUM RUDDERWAKE.  Old, grey male otter with a deep voice.  Husband of Dorumee, father of Inbar and Winniegold, father-in-law of Grath.  Leader of the Holt Rudderwake in Ruddaring Isle.   He wore a light brown tunic.  (PL)

WAVE BRETHREN.  Name given to Rasconza's rebel Corsairs on Sampetra.  (PL)

WAVEWORM.  Corsair vessel from Sampetra.   It was captained by Conva, then by Romsca.  It was burnt and sunk in Sampetra harbour by woodlanders.  (PL)

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WELKO.  Male Guosim shrew.  Son of Log-a-Log, brother of Plogg. (PL)

WINNIEGOLD. Young female otter.  Daughter of Wallyum Rudderwake and Dorumee, sister of Inbar, sister-in-law of Grath.  She lived in Ruddering.  (PL)

WINTER OF THE DEEPEST SNOW.  A season in which Tim Churchmouse was Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  Preceeded by the Summer of the Rosebay Willowherb.  (LP)

WULLGER.  Fat male otter who wears a belted tunic.  Gatekeeper of Redwall.  (PL)

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ZURGAT.  Large female Monitor lizard on Sampetra.  She replaced Lask Frildur as Monitor General.  She was killed by Grath and Inbar.  (PL)