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RAB STREAMBATTLE.  Male otter of Southsward.   Husband of Iris.  He had brown eyes.  He was the leader of the otter guard of Castle Floret before Urgan Nagru conquered it.  He was seriously wounded and temporarily driven mad by Urgan Nagru’s troops.  Egbert the Scholar nursed him back to health, although he remained mute until he was reunited with Iris. (BM)

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RABBAD.  Small male fox in the Juskarath clan.   He was killed by burbot and pike while crossing a stream in Mossflower.  (TG)

RABBLE, THE.  Hedgehog tribe ruled by Baron Drucco Spikediggle.  (BT)

RACLA. Male Guosssom shrew in Alfoh’s colony. His brother was killed by vermin associated with Ferahgo. (SN)

RADD.  Sea otter in Brogalaw's holt.  (BT)

RAFGLAN.  Male searat bosun of the Waveworm. (PL)

RAGEAR.  Fat, awkward male rat.  Soldier and scavenger in Cluny the Scourge's army. He was killed by Asmodeus after Matthias left him tied to a tree in Mossflower woods. (RW)

RAGFEN. Rat soldier in Urgan Nagru’s army. (BM)

RAGWING. Male rook in Ironbeak’s army.   After Ironbeak's defeat he was fitted with an iron collar and sent into exile.   (MT)

RAKER. Male ferret.  A Captain in Kotir. (MF)

RAKKADOO.  Female fieldvole in Krobzy's tribe esteemed for her singing voice.  (TG)

RAMBLING ROSEHIP PLAYERS. Traveling entertainment troupe of woodlanders. Founded by Ballaw and Rowanoak. (MW)

RANGAPAW. Tall female otter. Daughter of Skipper. (PL)

RANGUVAR FOESEEKER.  Female black squirrel with the Bloodwrath.  She was taken as an oarslave on the Goreleech, and although she helped Luke in his quest for revenge against Vilu Daskar, she died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

RANTACLAW. Falcon in Mactalon's clan who helped escort Thrugg back to Redwall. (SN)

RANZO.  Searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen.   Carried a cutlass.  Killed by Clary at Redwall. (MR)

RAPMARK.  Rank of Captain in the Rapscallion army.  Each of the ten Rapmarks commanded 100 soldiers.  (LP)

RAPPSNOUT.  Searat. First mate of Slipp on the Pearl Queen. (BM)

RAPSCALLIONS.  Multispecies army led by a Firstblade, who is always a Greatrat.  Usually raid coastlines and stay away from the open seas, but have also been known to venture inland.  Were wiped out at the battle of the Ridge of a Thousand.  (LP)

RAPSCOURS.   Officers in the Rampscallion army who scout ahead.  (LP)

RAPTAIL. Searat soldier in Ferahgo's army. Archer.  He was killed by Ferahgo after killing Sickear in an attempted mutiny. (SN)

RASCONZA. Male fox.  He was the only Corsair fox who frequented Sampetra.  He was a renowed blade thrower and always carried at least ten daggers.  He was bosun to Slashback on the Bloodkeel, and later the ship's Captain.  He led a mass revolt against Ublaz.  As Chief Captain of Sampetra he sailed out in Bloodkeel, only to have it sink due to Ublaz's sabotage.  Only he and his steersrat, Guja, survived.  He returned to Sampetra and intensified the rebellion.  After nearly capturing Ublaz's palace he was killed by Sagitar. (PL)

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RATDEATH. Name given to Matthias' sword by Mortimer after the defeat of Cluny. (RW, MT)

RATFLANK.  Male stoat.  He was promoted to the rank of Captain at Kotir after Brogg succeeded Club as Captain of the Guard.  He frequently insulted Tsarmina in tenuous anonymity until she found out and had Brogg kill him. (MF)

RATGUARDS.  Armed guards serving under the Pure Ferrets of Riftgard.  (TS)

RATHELM.  Searat vessel captained by Flogga.  It was sunk in Terramort Cove by the Trag.  (MR)

RATWAKE.  Searat ship.  When they were young Gabool was its captain and Greypatch was the mate.  They sailed into the deep southern seas and captured Skrabblag.  (MR) 

RAURA SHELLRUDD.  Childless old female sea otter who helped Kroova, Sagax and Scarum on their journey.  She lives with Slippo in a sea cave north of Salamandastron.  (TS)

RAVENTAIL. Barbarian ferret chieftain leading a band of other savage ferrets. Weapon of choice is a scimitar. Ally of the Marlfoxes. Killed by Cregga. (MX)


RAWBACK.  Male stoat in the Juskarath clan.  He went insane when Gruven Zann tricked him into getting lost in a swamp, where he nearly died in quicksand.  He later was taken in by the Juskabor.  (TG)

RAWNBLADE WIDESTRIPE.  Male badger.  Lord of Salamandastron.  Great-grandson of Sunstripe/Sunflash the Mace.  He had brown eyes.  He carried the sword Verminfate and was the sworn enemy of Gabool and all searats. (MR)

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RED FIREBRAND PEPPER.  Raura's grandfather got this spice from a corsair ship.  It came from far across the ocean and is ten times hotter than normal otter hotroot pepper.  (TS)

REDFARL. Female squirrel of Mossflower, ally of Redwall.  She was a small but fierce fighter and archer. (OR)

REDTOOTH.  Male rat.  He was literate and an expert with a cutlass.  He was second-in-command of Cluny's horde from their arrival at Redwall until Constance killed him. His body was disposed of by Asmodeus. (RW)

REDWALL. By Brian Jacques, 1986. Covers the Late Rose Summer wars as Matthias becomes a warrior and Cluny the Scourge attacks Redwall Abbey.

REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

REEDTAIL.  Otter in northwestern Mossflower.  Ally of Salamandastron.  (OR)

REEDUM.  Hedgehog.  Brother of Grassum.   Helped rescue Skittles when he was lost in Mossflower Woods.  (BT)

REEKHIDE. Searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Killed by Hon Rosie and Thyme. (MR)

REEVE STARBUCK.  Male hare.  Runner in the Long Patrol.  Killed in the battle at the Ridge of a Thousand.  (LP)

REGGO.  Female weasel in Ungatt Trunn's Horde.   (BT)

REGUBA. In ancient squirrel language, the title for the greatest warrior in all the land.  (MX)

RELPH.  Blackbird of Southsward.  Ally of Gael and Rab. (BM)

RENN.  Old male fox. Travelling companion of Brool.  He carried a spear.  He was killed by Veil after he and Brool tied him to a tree and stole his food.  (OR)

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REYNARD CHOPSNOUT.  Fox corsair in the far north.   His ship was the Greenhawk.  His nose was chopped off in a swordfight with a ferret, and he replaced it with a blob of pitch.  He was killed by Luke.   (LL)

R.H.O.R.  Initials of the Royal House of Riftgard, written in the royal alphabet on ships, banners and insignia belonging to the Pure Ferrets.  (TS)

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RIBROW.  Male stoat in the Juskarath clan.  He was afraid of water.  He was captured by Deyna/Tagg and forced to tell everything he knew about the otter's past.  He was killed by the Cavemob for his role in starting a fatal landslide.  (TG)

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RIDDIG.  Son of Girfang.  A bratty, teasing, young, gray-brown water rat.  (LL)

RIDGE OF A THOUSAND.  Rocky hill west of the Redwall Abbey where a massive battle took place between the Rapscallion army and the forces of Redwall and Salamandastron.  (LP)

RIFFLE.  Male hare.  Brother of Algador.  Galloper in Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  (LP)

RIFTGARD.  Fortress in the northlands, on the coast of the western sea.  It was ruled by Sarengo and his descendants until Triss came to free the slaves and overthrow the Pure Ferrets.  After that it became a Redwall-like community of woodlanders and ex-slaves.  (TS)

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RIFTUN.  Male rat with a narrow face.   Captain of Riftgard, confidant of Kurda.  He was trying to use his favorite weapon, a spear, during a storm on board the Seascab when he was struck by lightning and killed.  (TS)

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RIGGAN.  Female rat with a long nose and slitted eyes.  Although she was somewhat older than most of the Ratguard members, she was highly respected as Riftgard's slavecatcher and an expert tracker.  She was killed by Log-a-Log at Brockhall.  (TS)

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RIGGLENT. Water rat. Member of the Guard Command killed by Silth via the "Teeth of the Deeps" for dropping a shield.  (MX)

RIGGO.  Shrew in Log-a-Log Grenn's tribe.   (BT)

RILLBROOK THE WANDERER. Old male otter who told the saga of Sunflash, Swartt and Veil to a group of young Salamandastron hares.  He claimed his father and grandfather were also named Rillbrook. (OR)

RILLFLAG.  Male otter of Redwall.  Husband of Filorn, father of Mhera and Deyna/Tagg.  Interested in old otter traditions and customs. Killed by Vallug Bowbeast.  (TG)

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RIMROSE. Female squirrel. Wife of Janglur, mother of Songbreeze. Later apprentice Recorder to Friar Butty of Redwall. (MX)

RINGPATCH.  Ferret on the Goreleech.   Died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

RINGTAIL. Searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen. Killed by Brigadier Thyme. (MR)

RINGWORM.  Male fox in the same band as Splidge and Blitch.  They harass travellers on the North Path, and tried to attack Thrugg and Dumble on their journey to the mountains.  (SN)

RINKUL.  Male ferret.  Member of the Rapscallion army.  Took Russa's stick, but Tammo killed him and retrieved it.  (LP)

RIPFANG. Male searat. Captain of the Bloodwake.   He has one long left fang and is half again as large as a normal searat.  His weapons are a sickle sword and a whiplash.  He fought, sunk and enslaved other searats in the waters around Salamandastron.  He was not superstitious and was the only searat captain who didn't fear the legend of Salamandastron.  He was a nemesis to Boar the Fighter for many seasons, until the hostility came to a head in Boar's Battle, when the badger lord crushed him to death. [Note:   According to, this is not the same character as the rat by this name in Lord Brocktree.]  (MF)

RIPFANG.  Fierce searat, brother of Doomeye.   Weapon of choice is a cutlass.  He has one large, curved tooth in the center of his top jaw.  He and his brother signed on to Ungatt Trunn's Horde at Salamandastron and quickly was promoted to the rank of captain.  [Note:  According to, this is not the same character as the rat by this name in Mossflower.] (BT)

RIPPER.  Male rat crewmember of the Seascab.   He had no tail, only one eye, and was missing half an ear.  His weapon was a sharp sickle.  (TS)

RIPPDOGG.  Female weasel Captain of Sampetra.   She was killed by Trident-rats for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

RIPPJAW.  Burly weasel on the Goreleech.  Killed by Vilu Daskar for withholding plunder.  (LL)

RIPTUNG.  Male searat.  Captain of the Nightwake.   He expertly wielded a curved sword.  He was killed by Dandin in the final battle at Bladegirt. (MR)

RIVAK. Guosssom shrew. (SN)

RIVENEYE.  Male rat.  Captain in Urgan Nagru’s army.  Killed by Glokkpod. (BM)

RIVER MOSS.  Runs from north-east of Redwall Abbey, north of the abbey, and empties into the ocean north of Salamandastron.  Pikes live in the ford where the river crosses the North Path.

RIVERHEADS. Tribe of water voles in eastern Mossflower.  (MX)

RIVERWOLF.  Name given to fierce pike by the Guosim.  (BT)

RIVERWYTE, a.k.a. THE MASK.  Male otter.  Brother of Bargud and Warthorn (Skipper), brother-in-law of Garraway, uncle of Folgrim and Tungro.   He was a fierce warrior until his tail was cut off by vermin.  Then he retired to woodland life and took the name "The Mask."   He lived alone in a large, hollow log in Mossflower.   He had odd, pale eyes.  A master disguise artist, he pretended to be an old fox named Patchcoat to infiltrate Kotir to rescue Gingervere, Ferdy and Coggs.   Unfortunately he was killed by Tsarmina’s arrow in the escape.  He was buried at Camp Willow. (MF, LL)

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ROAG.  Tough female weasel.  Captain in Trunn's Horde.  (BT)

ROARINGBURN. Strong southernly ocean current near Southsward. (BM)

ROBALD FORTHRIGHT.  Male hedgehog from the eastern branch of the Forthright family.  He has a very cultured way of talking and rarely shuts up.  He also is a songwriter.  He lives near the mountains in northern Mossflower.  After Gruven Zann and his vermin ransacked his home and nearly killed him, he moved in with his good friend and former nursemaid, "Great-Aunt" Lollery.  (TG)

ROCANGUS. Young male falcon. The only son of Laird Mactalon. He speaks with a thick high northern accent.  He befriended Thrugg and Dumble of Redwall when they helped him with a broken wing.  (SN)

ROCC ARREM.  Male squirrel warrior, reknowned for his skill with a sword.  Father of Trisscar, close friend of Drufo.   He died fighting Riftgard rats during King Sarengo's reign.  (TS)

ROCPAW. Male stoat Captain of Sampetra.  He was killed by Trident-rats for rebelling against Ublaz. (PL)

ROCKHANGER. Male bat in Bat Mountpit. (MF)

ROCKJAW GRANG.  "Giant of the North".  Large male hare.  Member of Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  Killed helping Tammo and Midge escape from the Rapscallions.  (LP)

ROCKLEG.  Old bachelor hare of Salamandastron.  Long Patrol Captain.  (OR)

ROCKSLIDE BURGOO.  Mixture used by Redwall moles to help move boulders from tunnels.  (MT)

ROCKWOOD.  Huge stone outcrop where Udara Groundslay lives.  (BT)

ROGG LONGLADLE.  Mole of Mossflower.  Father of Gurth.  Distantly related to Blossum Bunn.  Wears an embroidered green smock and a mushroom-shaped cap with an orange feather in it.  Often seen carrying a ladle. (BT)

ROLLO.  Male bankvole.  Son of Lettie.  He was very mischievious as a Dibbun, when he was taken hostage by Ironbeak, then rescued by other Redwallers.   He worked in the Abbey wine cellars in his youth.  As an adult, he wore spectacles, served as Abbey Recorder, and assisted in the search for the Pearls of Lutra.  (MT, PL)

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ROMSCA. Female ferret Corsair.  She wore ragged silks and brass earhoops and had tattooed paws.  She was Conva's first mate on the Waveworm and became its Captain after his death.  She and Lask Frildur went on a mission to Mossflower to recover the Pearls of Lutra for Emperor Ublaz.   Failing to locate the Pearls, they instead kidnapped Abbot Durral.  Romsca ended up befriending him and protected him from the Monitors.  On the return voyage to Sampetra she was killed in battle with Lask and his Monitors aboard the Waveworm. (PL)

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ROOBEE.  Female hedgehog known for her skill as a cook.  Wife of Birty, sister of Mammee, sister-in-law of Cumarnee, aunt of Fridilo.  (TS)

ROOBIL.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.   He was particularly mischieveous and refused to learn song lyrics, but danced very well.  (TS)

ROOLEE.  Male mole.  Husband of Osmunda.  Lives in Camp Tussock.  (LP)

ROOP. Male mole who wears spangled bloomers. Member of the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe.  (MX)

ROOT. Large male otter under Skipper’s command. (MF)

ROOTER. Male mole.  Resident of Redwall. (MT)

ROSABEL, SISTER.  Female squirrel of Redwall.   Daughter of Broggle and Fwirl.  She was Hoben's apprentice and then succeeded him as Abbey Recorder.  She wrote down the saga of Deyna/Tagg.  (TG)

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ROSALAUN.  Badger Lady of Salamandastron.   Wife of Russano, mother of Snowstripe and Melanius.  (BT)

ROSE. Female mouse. Full name is Laterose. From Noonvale. Daughter of Urran Voh and Aryah. Close friend of Grumm. The only love of Martin the Warrior’s life. Talented singer. Killed by Badrang. (MW)

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ROSE, SISTER.  Pretty resident of Redwall.   (BM)

ROSYQUEEN STUMP. Female hedgehog. Wife of Jabez, mother of Jube and ten daugthers. She lived in a log in Mossflower, then moved to Redwall. (MT)

ROTFACE.  Male rat in Ungatt Trunn's Horde.   Killed by Trunn for losing a skirmish to Salamandastron hares.  (BT)

ROTNOSE. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Superstitous. Killed by an arrow in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

ROWANOAK. Female badger performer. Co-founder of the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

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RUBBADUB.  Fat male hare.  Corporal in Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  Due to head wounds in battle, only speaks in drum sounds, and occasionally other instruments, but never words.  (LP)

RUBBY. Male vermin.  Cook on the Waveworm. (PL)

RUCKAL.  Otter in Rab and Iris' holt in Southsward.   (BM)

RUDD.  Name given to Rab Streambattle by Egbert the Scholar before the injured otter could speak to tell his real name.  (BM)

RUDDARING ISLE.  Hollow mountain in the sea north-north-west of Salamandastron.  Home of the Holt Rudderwake.  Settled in ancient times by four otter families who escaped from corsairs and fought off the native Monitors.  (PL)

RUDDLE BANKSNOUT.  Male otter.  Friend of Sunflash.  He lived with Folrig behind a waterfall in northwest Mossflower.  He and Folrig loved to playfully insult each other.  Loves to insult Folrig and vice versa. (OR)

RUFE BRUSH.  (Also known as Rufe Brushtail.)  Male squirrel.  He was Redwall Abbey's first bellringer.  He took Martin's sword to the Abbey roof after Dandin returned from Terramort. He also went on the quest to Southsward to find Mariel and Dandin.  Along the way he became close friends with Durry and Fatch. (MR, BM)

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RUFFGAR BROOKBACK.  "Ruff" was a lone male otter in Mossflower until he met Dotti and traveled with her and Brocktree to Salamandastron, where he joined Brog's holt.  He is fond of his grandmother, who used to wrestle with him!  (BT)

RUFFTIP.  Female hedgehog.  Wife of Gurgan, mother of seven.  Eldest son is Tragglo.  Waterhog.  (LP)

RUFUS, BROTHER.  Male mouse.  Resident of Redwall Abbey.  He was on sentry duty the night Cluny's horde attempted to breach the walls with a siege tower.  (RW, MT)

RUGGAN BOR.  Large, commanding male fox with striking golden eyes, no black tail tip, and golden fur instead of red.  Leader of the Juskabor.  "Lord of the South Coasts."  He wore a short black shoulder cloak, a chain link belt and a black kilt.  His weapon of choice is the sabre.   After slaying Gruven Zann, he took the title Ruggan Zann Taggerung.  He and his clan were banished to the south after clashing with Russano.  (TG)

ruggan-bor1.jpg (10779 bytes)   ruggan-bor2.jpg (7215 bytes)

RUGGER.  Guosim shrew in Furmo's tribe.  (LL)

RUGGUM.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.   He and his friend Bikkle accidentally rediscovered Brockhall, and later shared Abbey bellringing duties.  (TS)

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RUHEB. Water rat under Ziral's command.  (MX)

RUKKY GARGE.  Ancient female otter living alone in a cave in Mossflower about three days' march from Redwall.  All her fur has turned silvery white with age, she has no teeth left, and she walks bent over with a walking stick.  She wears hooped gold earrings and a black cloak covered with shiny ornaments.  She is legendary for her skills as a healer, but she will only treat other otters.  She dislikes being touched, and collects shiny trinkets.  (TG)

rukky-garge.jpg (10703 bytes) rukky-garge.jpg (15436 bytes)

RUKOO.  Shrew in Log-a-Log Grenn's tribe.   (BT)

RULANGO.  Mute heron living with Brogalaw's holt.   Likes to have his neck stroked.  (BT)

RUMBOL.  Male otter.  Brother of Churk, nephew of Skipper.  (TS)

RUNGLE.  Guosssom shrew.  (SN)

RUNGLE.  Male mole of Redwall.  (BM)

RUNKTIPP. Male hedgehog. Member of the Sensational Wandering Noonvale Companions Troupe.   (MX)


RUNN.  Mischievous male Dibbun otter of Redwall. Twin brother of Bagg.  Good friend of Grubb.  (MR, MW)

RUNTWOLD. Young male hare of Southsward.  Nephew of Meldrum. Brother of Coltvine, Thurdale and Foghill.  His footpaw was injured in the final battle to free Southsward.  (BM)

RURO.  Female squirrel medic in Jukka's tribe.   Took over as chieftain after Jukka's death at Salamandastron.  (BT)

RUSHCUTTER.  Otter in Skipper's tribe.   (PL)

RUSKEM.  Ancient male shrew of Mossflower.  He is a widower, and his sons and daughters have all either died or moved away.  He keeps pet fireflies for his lanterns.  He walks bent over with a staff, and has trouble remembering names.  He is skilled at etching portraits in slate.  (TG)

RUSSA NODREY.  Female red squirrel.  A wanderer of undeterminate origins.  Wears a rough green tunic.  Most prized possession is her walking stick, which doubles as a weapon.  Helped Tammo join the Long Patrol.  Friend of those at Camp Tussock and Redwall Abbey.  Killed in a skirmish with some Rapscallions.  Namesake of Russano the Wise.  (LP)

RUSSANO THE WISE.  Badger Lord of SalamandastronAdopted son of Cregga Rose Eyes.  Husband of Rosalaun, father of Snowstripe and Melanius.  As a baby, he was cared for by an old badgerwife who was killed by Rapscallions.  Then the Long Patrol took him to Redwall Abbey, where Cregga Rose Eyes took him under her wing and trained him.  He later succeeded her as ruler of Salamandastron and wrote down the saga of Lord Brocktree.  He helped drive the Juskabor away from Redwall Abbey.  At that time he attire was a plain brown cloak and tabard with a wide woven belt.  (LP, BT, TG)

   russano.jpg (13243 bytes)

RUSVUL REGUBA. Stern male squirrel warrior. Father of Dannflor. His wife died when Dann was an infant. Friend of Janglur Swifteye and the Redwallers. (MX)

RYEBACK. Female hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol. Has medicinal skills. (OR)

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