Rakkety Tam
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Lock up the Dibbuns and sharpen your swords! 
There's a wolverine loose in Mossflower!

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From beyond the cold northern seas and the lands of ice, a terrifying beast arrives on the shores of Mossflower Country: Gulo the Savage! With his crew of white-furred vermin, this creature out of nightmare comes to murder his brother and seize the fabled Walking Stone. Nobeast is safe from the mighty Gulo, who feasts on the flesh of his enemies.

But something stands between Gulo and what he seeks: the ancient Abbey of Redwall. Who will come to the aid of Abbot Humble and his peaceful woodlanders? The mercenary warrior from the borders, Rakkety Tam MacBurl, that's who! With his mate Wild Doogy Plumm, the brave squirrel sets forth on a quest to rescue two kidnapped Redwall maidens, and joins forces with one hundred perilous hares from the Long Patrol. Together they face a battle that ranges far over the plains, streams and woodlands of Mossflower in this epic tale of war, courage and comradeship.

Hark to the battlecries: Redwaaaaaaall! Eulaliiiiaaaa! Haway the Braaaaaaw!

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Meet the pompous Squirrelking Araltum and Idga Drayqueen, giggly ottermaid Brooky, beautiful infirmary keeper Sister Armel, the white fox Captain Shard and his mate Freeta, travelling mole Wandering Walt and his pal Hitheryon Jem, cousin to hedgehog Abbot Humble, and Long Patrol hares Wonwill, Ferdimond, Crumshaw, twins Kersey and Dauncey, and Salamandastron ruler Lady Melesme!

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