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Redwall covers / extra information



ABRAM VOLE.  Male vole.  Father of Colin Vole.  He and his family were held captive by Cluny during the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW)

ALF, BROTHER. (See Mordalfus.)

AMBROSE SPIKE. Male hedgehog.   Cellarkeeper of Redwall.  He knows magic tricks and has an appetite to match a hare's.  He was injured by Cluny's army early in the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW, MT, GF)

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ANTHONY, BROTHER.  Strong male mouse of Redwall.  He was trained by Matthias before the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW)

ASMODEUS POISONTEETH.  Giant male adder who lived in the old quarry north-east of Redwall Abbey.  He was also called "Giant Ice Eyes" by the Guosim.  For several years he had the sword of Martin the Warrior in his lair.  He was slain by Matthias the Warrior. (RW)

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BANKVOLE, MR.  Male vole.  A friend of the Redwallers who suffers from a bad back.  He is presumably the husband of Lettie and father of Rollo, meaning he died sometime between the Late Rose Summer Wars and the arrival of Slagar at Redwall.  (RW)

BASIL STAG HARE.  Very tall male hare.   He had odd, patchworked fur of ashen color with blotches of grey and a light-brown-flecked white underbelly.  He idolized stags and took his middle name from them.  Thyme makes him sneeze.  Like most hares, he was known for his huge appetite.  He was a camouflage expert and a former member of the Fur and Foot Fighting Patrol, as well as the 47th Hare Border Rangers.  His expressive ears moved to illustrate his points as he talked.  He spoke with what Matthias described as "a slightly affected quaver."  He lived as a bachelor in Mossflower but was a close friend of Matthias and a valuable ally of Redwall during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  (RW, MT, GF)

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BATTLEHAWK. Sparra warrior. (RW)

BEAVER, THE. Solitary beaver in Redwall.  The only known member of his species ever to appear in the Mossflower world.  (RW)

"BEE FOLK OF REDWALL."  A tome in Methuselah's gatehouse library.  (RW)

BILL.  Young male mole of Redwall.  (RW)

BLACKSTONE. Sacred stone of the Guosim/Guosssom. Only the one holding this stone has permission to speak. Possession of the stone is the Log-a-Log's privilege. (RW, SN)

BLOODFEATHER.  Male sparrow.  He was King of the Sparra before Bull, when Dunwing was young.  He stole Martin's sword from Redwall's weathervane.  (RW)

BULL SPARRA, KING.  Male sparrow.   King of the Sparra tribe living in the roofspaces of Redwall. Brother of Dunwing, uncle of Warbeak.  Has no wife or children.  He was vain and mentally unstable with a dangerous temper.  He died falling off the Abbey while trying to get Martin's swordbelt and scabbard back from Matthias. (RW)



CAVERN HOLE.  Cozy, informal meeting and dining area in Redwall Abbey, down from Great Hall.

CEDRIC, ABBOT. Redwall leader prior to Mortimer.

CHEESETHIEF.  Male rat.  Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army.  He was prone to jealousy, leading him to kill his rival, Scragg.   He was afraid of heights.  He briefly served as Cluny's second-in-command before he was killed by Constance and the beaver. (RW)

CHICKENHOUND.  Young male fox.  Son of Sela.  He was literate, clever and skilled in matters of espionage.  He learned much about the art of healing from his mother.  He was left for dead by Cluny's army but nursed back to health by the Redwallers.  He repaid their kindness by ransacking the Abbey and killing Methuselah.  As he hid in Mossflower to escape the Redwallers' vengeance, he was bitten by Asmodeus.  (RW)

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CHURCHMOUSE, MR. AND MRS JOHN. Lived at St. Ninian's Church. They had twins, Tim and Tess. John became abbey recorder. (See also John Churchmouse.) (RW, MT)

CLEMENCE, SISTER.  Older female mouse. Resident of Redwall Abbey. She could be sarcastic and condescending sometimes.  (RW)

CLUNY THE SCOURGE.  Male black rat.   He was larger than any of the other rats in his horde.  He once lost an eye in a battle with a pike, and is described as still having "the left" with an eyepatch over the other.  His remaining eye is green and yellow.  His distinguishing feature was his unusually long, strong tail, which he used a whip.  In battle he wore a poisoned spike on the tip.   He wore a batwing cloak fastened at the throat with a mole skull, and a war helmet topped with blackbird feathers and stag beetle horns.  Cluny was very strong and agile, able to leap and jump large distances and run very quickly.  He was known for being observant, ambitious, calculating and cunning, with an excellent memory and a knack for military strategy.  His weaknesses included recurring nightmares and lapses of sanity when his temper got out of control. Described as both a bilge rat and a searat, he was originally from somewhere warm across the seas, but began making a name for himself as a warlord in the far north of Mossflower.  He moved gradually southward, causing havoc and destruction along the way.  His horde of rats numbered five hundred by the time he reached Redwall.  He and his horde waged a war against Redwall Abbey in the Summer of the Late Rose. During the war, he fell from a tall tree and was severely wounded. Sela the Vixen healed him, and the war continued. He was able to gain entry to Redwall, but Matthias faced him in combat just when his victory seemed assured.  Although the rat was larger and stronger, Matthias killed him by dropping the Joseph Bell on him. (RW)

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COLIN VOLE.  Young male vole prone to whining and rude comments. He and his parents, Abram and Mrs. Vole, were held hostage by Cluny's army but rescued by Matthias and Basil. (RW)

COLUMBINE AGNES.  This is the name Basil Stag Hare's mother would have given him if he had been born a girl.  (RW)

CONSTANCE. Female badger guardian of Redwall.   She is no longer young but is feared by vermin for her strength, determination and vengeful nature.  (RW, MT, GF)

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CORNFLOWER FIELDMOUSE. Female mouse. Wife of Matthias, mother of Mattimeo, grandmother of Martin II.  She is a skilled cook, a quick thinker and a good hostess.  She often wears headbands.(RW, MT, GF)

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DARKCLAW.  Male rat.    Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army.  Killed by boiling water during an attempt to tunnel into Redwall. (RW)

DOBY.  Male mole of Redwall.   Brother of Walt.  (RW)

DUNWING SPARRA.  Female sparrow living above Redwall Abbey.  Widow of Greytail, mother of Warbeak, sister of Bull. She is brave, kind and stoic.  (RW)


EDMUND, BROTHER. Male mouse.   Resident of Redwall Abbey.  He holds a set of keys to the cellars.  He was on sentry duty the night Shadow climbed the abbey wall. (RW)


FANGBURN.  Male rat.  Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army. Illiterate.  He lost a chunk of his ear in a fight with Redtooth.   He was killed by Constance in the final battle for Redwall Abbey. (RW)

FIELDMOUSE, MR. AND MRS.  Cornflower's parents.  He was injured by Shadow but recovered.  (RW)

FOREMOLE. Title given to the leader of the moles.  The first mole to hold that title in Redwall was Dinny, although the term predates the Abbey.

FOREMOLE.  Male mole of Redwall.   The otherwise unnamed Foremole of Matthias' generation was a direct descendant of Dinny.  (RW, MT)

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FROGBLOOD.  Male rat.  Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army. He was killed by Matthias in the final battle at Redwall.   (RW)


GAFFER. Mole resident of Redwall. (RW, MT)

GEORGE, BROTHER. Mouse. Resident of Redwall. (RW)

GLACIER.  Owl.  Esteemed ancestor of Captain Snow.  (RW)

GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GREYTAIL.  Male sparrow.  Husband of Dunwing, father of Warbeak.  He was considered a brave warrior.  He was killed by Asmodeus the spring before the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW)

GUOSIM. Female shrew. President of the shrew union. She wore a brightly colored headscarf and has spiky fur.  She was killed by Asmodeus in the old quarry. (RW)

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GUOSIM. Guerilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower. Their leader is called Log-a-Log. They are skilled at handling river craft and good cooks but are very argumentive. In a meeting, only the person who hold the Blackstone may speak.


HUGO, FRIAR.  Fat male mouse.   He was the head cook of Redwall and took great pride in his work.  He wore a dockleaf on his tail and a white apron. He was on sentry duty with Edmund the night Shadow climbed the Abbey wall during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  (RW, MT)


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JESS SQUIRREL. Female squirrel.  Wife of Mr. Squirrel, mother of Sam.  She is a champion climber and can use a bow and arrow.   She was involved in the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW, MT)

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JOHN CHURCHMOUSE.  Male mouse.  Husband of Mrs. Churchmouse, father of Tim and Tess.  His father, grandfather and great-grandfather lived at St. Ninian’s Church, as did he and his family until the Late Rose Summer Wars began.  They they moved to Redwall Abbey, where he later became Redwall Recorder. (RW, MT)

JOSEPH BELL. Giant bell of Redwall. Made by Joseph the Bellmaker. Dropped on Cluny the Scourge and broken. It was recast into two smaller bells named Matthias and Methuselah.

JOSEPH, BROTHER. Resident of Redwall. (RW)

JULIAN GINGERVERE, SQUIRE.  Male wildcat.  The last descendant of Gingervere and Sandingomm.  He has turquoise green eyes and a high, reedy, cultured voice.  He is a vegetarian and rather fastidious.  He lives as a bachelor on the Gingervere ancestral farm in eastern Mossflower.  Desipte a long quarrel that Matthias helped to end, he is close friends with Captain Snow.   (RW)

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KILLCONEY. Male ferret in Cluny's army.   He is a native of Mossflower and occasionally refers to advice given to him by his mother.  He holds knowledge in a wide variety of topics, such as playing a drum while marching, pitching tents, tunneling and digging, as well as engineering principles like fulcrum and leverage.  He was killed by Matthias in the final battle of the Late Rose Summer Warsl. [Note: In certain places in the text of Redwall, Killconey is referred to as a "she," but author Brian Jacques says the character was intended to be male. The "she's" were typos.] (RW)


LATE ROSE SUMMER WARS. Redwall Abbey was beseiged by Cluny the Scourge’s army. (RW)

LOG-A-LOG. Title given to the leader of the Guosim shrews.

LOG-A-LOG.  Male shrew.  The Guosim leader of  Matthias' generation was from a family of ferryshrews on the river near the old quarry in Mossflower woods.  His father and grandfather also held the title of Log-a-Log.  (RW, MT)

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MANGEFUR. Rat Captain and scavenger in Cluny the Scourge's army. (RW)

MARGE. Mole of Redwall. (RW)

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series. Male mouse. He was a great warrior from the far north who helped to free Mossflower from the reign of cruel wildcats.  He was severely wounded in the battle but survived. He then hung up his sword and led a life of peace, becoming Redwall Abbey’s co-founder with Abbess Germaine.  He presumably died of old age (there is no evidence to the contrary,) and was buried in a tomb beneath the Abbey.  His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)

MATTHIAS THE WARRIOR.  Male mouse.   Husband of Cornflower, father of Mattimeo, grandfather of Martin II.  Matthias was entrusted to the care of the Redwallers as an infant, presumably having been orphaned.   Both Abbot Mortimer and Methuselah were father figures to him in his childhood. He idolized Martin the Warrior and was not comfortable being a plain Redwall mouse.  When the Late Rose Summer Wars broke out, he quested to retrieve Martin's armor and sword.  In the process he learned that Martin somehow knew Matthias would be his heir, and was guided by the Warrior's spirit and riddles in his quest.  He eventually killed Asmodeus and retrieved Martin's sword.  He returned to save Redwall from the forces of Cluny the Scourge.  (RW, MT, GF)

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MATTHIAS.  Along with Methuselah, one of the two bells cast from the remains of the Joseph Bell, which broke at the end of the Late Rose Summer Wars.

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MATTIMEO. Son of Matthias and Cornflower. Full name is Matthias Methuselah Mortimer. (RW, MT)

METHUSELAH.  Ancient male mouse.   Wears spectacles. In addition to his duties as Redwall Abbey's Recorder, he also kept detailed records of tales travelers shared with him.  He could speak to birds that almost no one else can understand.  He was a close friend of Matthias.   Chickenhound killed him when he tried to stop him from escaping from Redwall. (RW)

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METHUSELAH.  Along with Matthias, one of the two bells cast from the remains of the Joseph Bell, which broke at the end of the Late Rose Summer Wars.

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MINGO.  Male Guosim shrew.  Killed by Asmodeus near the old quarry.  (RW)

MORDALFUS, ABBOT. Prefers to be known as Alf.   He is a skilled fishermouse and former pondkeeper of Redwall.  He succeeded Mortimer as Abbot of Redwall. (RW, MT, GF)

MORITMER, ABBOT.  Male mouse.  He was a gentle soul who disliked violence.  He was a skilled healer, and liked to take afternoon naps in Redwall's orchard.  He was a father figure to Matthias.  He was killed by Cluny in the final battle of the Late Rose Summer Wars. (RW)

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MRS. CHURCHMOUSE. Wife of John Churchmouse, mother of Tim and Tess, friend of Cornflower, resident of Redwall. (RW, MT)


NYCTEA.  Owl.  Esteemed ancestor of Captain Snow.  (RW)


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PLUMPEN. Youngish male dormouse.   He was the leader of a family group of about twenty members in Mossflower woods.   He had a wife and two children.  His parents were both alive at the time of the Late Rose Summer Wars.  He also had brothers and sisters.  He has captured by Cluny and forced to help the horde gain access to Redwall Abbey.  He and his family became friends of the Abbey after the war. (RW)


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RAGEAR.  Fat, awkward male rat.  Soldier and scavenger in Cluny the Scourge's army. He was killed by Asmodeus after Matthias left him tied to a tree in Mossflower woods. (RW)

RATDEATH. Name given to Matthias' sword by Mortimer after the defeat of Cluny. (RW, MT)

REDTOOTH.  Male rat.  He was literate and an expert with a cutlass.  He was second-in-command of Cluny's horde from their arrival at Redwall until Constance killed him. His body was disposed of by Asmodeus. (RW)

REDWALL. By Brian Jacques, 1986. Covers the Late Rose Summer wars as Matthias becomes a warrior and Cluny the Scourge attacks Redwall Abbey.

REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

RUFUS, BROTHER.  Male mouse.   Resident of Redwall Abbey.  He was on sentry duty the night Cluny's horde attempted to breach the walls with a siege tower.  (RW, MT)


SAINT NINIAN'S CHURCH.  Once occupied by the Churchmouse family, then by Cluny's army. Located on the east side of the path south of Redwall Abbey.

("SILENT") SAM SQUIRREL. Son of Jess and Mr. Squirrel.  He had a thumb-sucking habit and was mute as an infant, but gained speech after the Late Rose Summer Wars. The following summer was named the Summer of the Talking Squirrel after him. He was then briefly called "Noisy Sam." (RW, MT, GF)

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SCRAGG.  Male weasel in Cluny's army.   Originally from Mossflower.  Cluny admired him and was considering him for a promotion.  Scragg amazingly survived a fall from the Abbey wall, but was then killed by Cheesethief--who had pushed him in the first place. (RW)

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SCRATCH.  Rat in Cluny's horde.  Killed when the hay cart crashed.  (RW)

SCUMNOSE.  Male rat.  Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army. (RW)

SELA THE VIXEN.  Female fox of Mossflower.  Mother of Chickenhound. She was literate, clever and a double-dealing spy.  She had golden eyes and considerable skill as a healer.  She was killed by Cluny’s soldiers when he learned she was a double agent. (RW)

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SHADOW. Male weasel-like rat.  He had jet-black fur, a long, sinewy body, yellowed fangs and slanted, flat, black eyes.  He had a silky voice and referred to himself in the third person.  He was in Cluny the Scourge's army for many years. He was an expert climber and skilled in breaking, entering and stealing.  He died after falling from the wall of Redwall while trying to steal the Abbey's tapestry. (RW)

SKULLFACE.  Thin, bony male rat in Cluny's horde.  He was trampled to death by the horse pulling the cart. (RW)

SNOW, CAPTAIN. Large male owl living in eastern Mossflower.  Descendant of Nyctea and Glacier.  He has huge golden eyes and white feathers except for a few brown bars on the wing and dark spots on his head.   Basil Stag Hare once saved his life. He was cranky but very observant.  He feuded with Julian for years, but eventually made peace.  He lost a bet to Matthias and had to swear never to eat mice or shrews again. (RW)

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SPARRA. Tribe of sparrows living in the highest rafters of Redwall Abbey.  Also the name given to their language. (RW, MT)

STEPHANIE, SISTER.  Redwall resident who, with Matthias, helped Tim and Tess Churchmouse get over the tail rickets. (RW)

SUMMER OF THE LATE ROSE.  Season in which Redwall Abbey was beseiged by the forces of Cluny the Scourge.  (RW)

SUMMER OF THE TALKING SQUIRREL.  The summer after the Summer of the Late Rose.  It was called thus because that was when "Silent" Sam finally began talking.  (RW)


TESS CHURCHMOUSE.  Female mouse.  Daughter of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, twin sister of Tim.  (RW, MT)

THREE-LEG.  One of the rats in Cluny's horde who was killed when the hay cart crashed.  (RW)

TIM CHURCHMOUSE.  Male mouse.   Son of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, twin brother of Tess. (RW, MT)


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VOLE, MRS.  Female vole.  Wife of Abram, mother of Colin.  She and her family were held captive by Cluny but rescued by Matthias and Basil.  (RW)


WALT.  Male mole of Redwall.  Brother of Doby.   (RW)

WALTER, BROTHER.  Resident of Redwall.  (RW)

WARBEAK, QUEEN.  Female sparrow. Daughter of Dunwing and Greytail, niece of Bull. She was nursed back to health after a leg injury by Matthias and was thereafter an ally of the Redwallers.  She became the youngest Sparra Queen ever when she succeeded her crazy uncle Bull during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  She later helped Friar Hugo in the Abbey kitchens. (RW, MT)

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WINDPLUME. Sparra warrior. (RW)

WINIFRED. Female otter leader in Redwall.  An expert fisher.  (RW, MT)

WORMTAIL.  Older male rat in Cluny's horde.  He lost a paw when the hay cart crashed.  (RW)


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