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SABLE BROCK, LADY. Female badger.  Ancestor of Boar and Bella.  She once helped the injured Olav Skyfurrow, and wrote down directions to Salamandastron. (MF)

SABRETACHE. Male hare of Salamandastron.   He was an officer in the Long Patrol.  He was an expert with a long sword, and killed Zigu in a duel. (OR)


SAGAXUS (SAGAX).  Male badger.  Son of Hightor and Merola.  His name means "wise."  He left his home at Salamandastron with Bescarum and Kroova to go questing, and returned as a more mature badger after having learned the way of the warrior helping Triss and her friends.  He used Plugg Firetail's double-bladed axe as his weapon.  He spent much of his time at Redwall but still visited Salamandastron regularly. (TS)

SAGE, SISTER.  Plump, older female mouse.   Resident of Redwall Abbey.  Childhood sweetheart of Hubert.  (MR, BM)

SAGITAR SAWFANG. Large, lean and sinewy female searat.  As Chief Trident-rat of Sampetra she was second only to Lask Frildur under Ublaz's command. She wore a tunic.  She betrayed Ublaz and joined Rasconza's rebels, but when she turned on Rasconza during the final battle for the palace he killed her.  (PL)


SAILEARS.  Old female hare of Salamandastron.  Was held captive by Ungatt Trunn but was later rescued.  (BT)

SAINT NINIAN'S CHURCH.  Ancient building to the south of Redwall Abbey, on the east side of the road.  It was built before Luke's generation by Ninian's wife.  By the time of the fall of Kotir it was an abandoned, overgrown ruin.  It was fixed up and became the home of Gonff and Columbine and six generations of their descendants. In later generations it was inhabited by the Churchmouse family, Cluny's army and Slagar the Cruel's band of slavers.  It was burned down by Redwallers after jackdaws killed Piknim there.


SAITHE.  Female hare.  Daughter of Cornspurrey and Mem Divina, sister of Lynum, older sister of Tammo.  Lives in Camp Tussock.  Interested in farming.  (LP)

SALAMANDASTRON. By Brian Jacques, 1993. Salamandastron is under siege, young beasts go questing, and Redwall is plagued by a deadly fever.

SALAMANDASTRON. Extinct volcano that has been made into a fortress to guard the seashore. Generations of Badger Lords have ruled the mountain, with the help of the hares of the Long Patrol.

SALTAR.  Male searat corsair.  Brother of Bludrigg.  Captain of the Darkqueen.  He fought with a sword and a sharp hook.  He was killed by Gabool. (MR)

("SILENT") SAM SQUIRREL. Son of Jess and Mr. Squirrel.  He had a thumb-sucking habit and was mute as an infant, but gained speech after the Late Rose Summer Wars. The following summer was named the Summer of the Talking Squirrel after him. He was then briefly called "Noisy Sam."   He was later kidnapped by Slagar the Cruel and taken to Malkariss’ Kingdom.   After he was rescued and returned to Redwall he became a Mossflower Patrol member. (RW, MT, GF)

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SAMKIM.  Orphaned young male squirrel from Redwall.  He was skilled with a bow and arrow, and also became adept wielding the Sword of Martin.  He wore a soft green cloth tunic and a beret with a wren feather in it.  He and his best friend Arula went on a quest to retreive Martin's sword after it was stolen and ended up also helping to defeat Ferahgo at Salamandastron. (SN)

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SAMPETRA. Tropical island in the far western sea ruled by Emperor Ublaz. Has a palace, a harbor and many taverns. Many corsairs were marooned there after Ublaz's defeat. (PL)


SANDINGOMM. Reddish wildcat. Wife of Gingervere. (MF)

SANDGALL, COLONEL. Male hare. Wears a monocle. Most senior of the Officers of the Long Patrol. (OR)

SAPWOOD.  Male hare.  Sergeant in the Long Patrol at Salamandastron.  Longtime friend of Urthstripe.  He liked to shadowbox and was a strong swimmer.  He pronounced words with extra Hs in them.  He was one season older than his comrade, Oxeye.  He was captured by Ferahgo's horde, but escaped. (SN)

SARENGO, KING.  Male Pure Ferret (albino).   King of Riftgard.  Father of Agarnu, grandfather of Kurda and Bladd.  His weapon of choice was a mace and chain.  He died in Brockhall in a battle with the adder Berrussca that took both their lives.  (TS)

SAWNEY RATH.  Average-sized male ferret.   Adoptive father (and kidnapper) of Deyna/Tagg.  Leader of the Juskarath, a clan of sixty vermin along the north-west coast of Mossflower.  Plagued by stomach pains.  Sawney wore a plain leather tabard with a belt of brass links.  He carried a straight dagger with an amber handle and sapphire pommel stone.  He was killed by Antigra right after his falling out with Deyna/Tagg.  (TG)

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SAXTUS, ABBOT.  Male harvest mouse.   Childhood friend of Dandin.  He was very studious and well-behaved as a Dibbun.  He succeeded Bernard as Abbot of Redwall.  He also served as Abbey Recorder.  He was a bit overweight and wore spectacles.  (MR, BM, MW)


SAXUS, ABBOT.  Redwall leader sometime prior to Mortimer.  He was known as a good cook.  (MT)

SAYNA.  Female mouse born at St. Ninian's.  Daughter of Windred, wife of Luke and mother of Martin.  Killed by Vilu Daskar.  (LL)

SAYNA.  Ship used by Luke and his friends on their quest of vengeance against Vilu Daskar.  Formerly the Greenhawk, Reynard Chopsnout's corsair ship. It was destroyed when the Goreleech rammed it.   (LL)

SCARBACK.  Male weasel.  Assassin in Swartt’s army.  He was strangled to death by the Crow Brethren.  (OR)

SCARUM.  See Bescarum Lepuswold Whippscut.

SCRAGG.  Male weasel in Cluny's army.   Originally from Mossflower.  Cluny admired him and was considering him for a promotion.  Scragg amazingly survived a fall from the Abbey wall, but was then killed by Cheesethief--who had pushed him in the first place. (RW)

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SCRATCH.  Rat in Cluny's horde.  Killed when the hay cart crashed.  (RW)

SCRATCH.  Male weasel. Captain in Kotir.   He was fairly observant, but not alert enough to avoid being killed by a swan defending its eggs. (MF)

SCRATT.  A soldier in Kotir.  He was introduced as a ferret but later consistently called a weasel.  (MF)

SCRAW.  Male rat.  He was a Senior Counselor in Bowfleg’s army, and was later made a Captain by Swartt.  He was accidentally killed by arrows fired by his fellow hordebeasts during a skirmish with Redwall squirrel archers.  (OR)

SCREAMHOLE. Torture pit of the toads near Bat Mountpit. Home of Snakefish. (MF)

SCRIMMO. Otter Dibbun. Twin of Blatt. The twins lived at Redwall with their mother. (OR)

SCRINGE. Male ferret.  Slaver in Slagar’s band. He carried a sword.  He was killed near Loamhedge by Halftail. (MT)

SCRITCHY.  Corsair on the Greenhawk.   Killed by Luke's tribe.  (LL)

SCRUVO.  Male jackdaw.  He was the leader of the jackdaws at Saint Ninian's who killed Piknim.  He was slain by Rangapaw.  (PL)

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SCUBBI.  Guosim shrew.  (LP)

SCULRAG.  Fat but strong male searat.   Captain of the Sprayraider.  Killed by Grath.  (PL)

SCUMMY.  Male stoat in Plugg's crew on the Seascab.  He has few teeth left, but can read and write and has some healing knowledge.  (TS)

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SCUMNOSE.  Male rat.  Captain in Cluny the Scourge's army. (RW)

SCURL DROPTAIL. Male frilled newt with a red belly. He was sneaky and dishonest.  He lived in southern Mossflower.  (MT)

SEA BOGLE.  Mythical ocean-faring ghost portrayed by Beau and Vurg on the Goreleech.  (LL)

SEA ROGUES.  Vilu Daskar's corsair band.  (LL)

SEAFANG.  The ship Sarengo took to Mossflower.  (TS)

SEAKING. (See Freebooter.)

SEASCAB.  The largest Freebooter vessel in the northern waters of the western sea.  Captained by Plugg Firetail.   It was later captured by Redwallers and the Guosim, who renamed it Freedom.   (TS)

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SEASCARAB. Tramun Clogg's ship. Green vessel with one mast. Burned by Badrang's horde. (MW)

SEATALON.  Searat vessel captained by Catseyes.  Powered by oarslaves.  It was sunk in Terramort Cove by the Trag. (MR)

SEAWEED GROG. Foul-tasting searat drink that makes colors when spat into a fire.

SEAWOOD. Hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol with skill as a healer. (SN)

SEDGE, BROTHER. Male mouse.  Resident of Redwall.  He was a good cook who helped Hugo in the kitchens.  (MT)

SEDUM, BROTHER.  Redwall inhabitant.  (LP)

SEKKINDIN.  Bushy male watervole.  His name comes from the fact that he's "second in" command of a Mossflower vole community.   (TG)

SELA THE VIXEN.  Female fox of Mossflower.  Mother of Chickenhound (Slagar). She was literate, clever and a double-dealing spy.  She had golden eyes and considerable skill as a healer.   She was killed by Cluny’s soldiers when he learned she was a double agent. (RW)

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SERENA, SISTER.  Fat female mouse.  She ran the Redwall Abbey infirmary. (MR)

SERENA, QUEEN.  Female squirrel of Southsward.   Wife of Gael Squirrelking, mother of Truffen, adoptive mother of Wincey, Benjy and Figgs.   She was imprisoned by Urgan Nagru when Castle Floret was conquered, but escaped with Truffen.  Iris' holt of otters hid and protected her until her husband was restored to power.  (BM)

SESSTRA.  Female adder.   Daughter of Berrussca, sister of Zassaliss and Harssacss.  She and her two brothers were permanently joined together near their tails by the mace and chain of Sarengo, after being trapped in it while barely half-grown.  They lived in the ruins of Brockhall.  She was killed by Shogg.  (TS)

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SHAD.  Big male otter.  Gatekeeper of Redwall Abbey.  (LP)

SHADOW. Male weasel-like rat.  He had jet-black fur, a long, sinewy body, yellowed fangs and slanted, flat, black eyes.  He had a silky voice and referred to himself in the third person.  He was in Cluny the Scourge's army for many years. He was an expert climber and skilled in breaking, entering and stealing.  He died after falling from the wall of Redwall while trying to steal the Abbey's tapestry. (RW)

SHALLA.  Guosim shrew.  (LP)

SHALLOO. Searat ship captained by Strapp.   It was swallowed up by the Green Maelstrom with a double crew on board. (BM)

SHANG DAMSONTOUNGE.  Large, tough vixen with a purple tounge.  She carried a bola and used archaic speech.  She was the leader of the foxes in the gorge near the wastelands of northeast Mossflower.  She was poisoned by Swartt, and her followers joined the ferret's horde.  (OR)

SHANGLE WIDEPAD.  Older male hare in the Long Patrol.  Fine deep singing voice.  (LP)

SHARKOE. Searat on the Shalloo. Killed in the Green Maelstrom. (BM)

SHARPTAIL. Shrew from Log-a-Log Big Club’s villiage. Former oar slave on the Bloodwake. Has a wife, children and grandchildren. (MF)

SHAVVAKAMALLA.  Leader of the savage tree rats known as Painted Ones in north-east Mossflower.  (LP)

SHOGG.  Male otter.  Best friend of Triss.  He escaped from slavery at Riftgard with Triss and Welfo, and eventually came to Redwall Abbey.  He was killed by the adder Zassaliss at Brockhall and was buried at Redwall.  (TS)

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SHOGG.  Name given by Triss to the ship she, Welfo and Shogg used to escape Riftgard.  The vessel had been commissioned by Agarnu for Kurda and Bladd, and it was built by the slaves.  (TS)

SHOLABAR.  Fox leader of a small band of vermin in northern Mossflower.  He wears tattered silks, hooped brass earrings and some old tattoos.  His weapon is a single-headed axe.  Killed by Folgrim.   (LL)


SHOREBUCK.  Sandy-colored male hare of Salamandastron. (MR)

SHOREBUCK.  Very young male hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol.  Uses slingstones.  The clash with Ferahgo's army was his first--and only--batle.  He was poisoned by Farran. (SN)

SHORECLAW.  Male searat in Greypatch's crew on the Darkqueen.   Carried a spear.  Killed by Clary.  (MR)

SHORNEAR.  Male searat.  He was a crew member on the Darkqueen under Saltar and left behind on Terramort when Greypatch stole the ship. (MR)

SHREWBURGOO.   Stew made with whatever random mix of ingredients happen to be available.  (TG)

SHUNKO.  Hedgehog in the Rabble tribe.   (BT)

SICANT. Female rat soldier and Silvamord’s maid. Wife of Graywort. (BM)

SICKEAR.  Small, stringy male water rat.   He was a former searat who joined Ferahgo's army.  It was was his tales of treasure hoaded in Salamandastron that convinced Ferahgo to come northward to attack the mountain.  He also played nursemaid to Ferahgo after he was burned. He was killed by Raptail and Forgrin, who mistook him for Ferahgo. (SN)

SILTH. Queen of the Marlfoxes. Mother of Lantur, Mokkan, Ziral, Ascrod, Vannan, Gelltor and Predak. Killed her mate when he wanted to become King. Rides in a curtained palanquin. Obsessed with beauty. Has a rasping voice. In her old age, was driven crazy by Lantur, who later killed her.

SILVAMORD.  Vixen.  Wife of Urgan Nagru.   She had dark green eyes and whitish grey fur with a silver-striped muzzle and back markings.  She wore a skirt made of the tails of other animals, decorated with chips of glittering crystal.  She couldn't swim.  She and her mate came from the frozen lands across the sea to conquer Southsward.  They ruled from Castle Floret until Mariel, Dandin, Joseph and others overthrew them.  She was killed by Rab Streambattle in the moat of Castle Floret. (BM)

SIMEON. Blind male mouse.  Friend of Bernard.   Herbalist at Redwall. (MR, BM, MW)

"SISTER HEARTWOOD’S COMPLEAT CATEGORY". Medical book at Redwall. Has five chapters on birds. (MT)

SITCH. Female watervole. Wife of Glinc. Took in Grath after Conva's crew injured her. (PL)

SKALRAG. Fox in Marshank. Aide of Badrang. Killed by Badrang. (MW)

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SKAN.  Young male Guosim shrew.  He challenged Log-a-Log's authority and left the Guosim with a handful of followers.  He betrayed the Guosim and their Redwall companions to Slagar, but was enslaved by the fox.   He was killed by the Painted Ones. (MT)

SKARBOD.  Burly male stoat.  Veteran Corsair of Sampetra.  Killed by Skipper.  (PL)

SKARLATH.  Male kestrel.  He left the nest later than this brothers and sisters, and flew north.  He soon met Sunflash, and the two were the best of friends forever after.  Sunflash summoned him with a grass whistle whenever he was needed.  He was killed by Nightshade's poisoned arrow. (OR)

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SKAUP.  Male ferret.  Rapmark in the Rapscallion army.  (LP)

SKEL.  Male weasel in Ungatt Trunn's Horde.  (BT)

SKINE. Mate of Stryk Redkite. Great red kite (bird). (MT)

SKINPAW.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.   He was once in a travelling entertainment troupe. (MT)

SKIPPER.  Title given to the leader of the otters in Mossflower.

SKIPPER. See Warthorn.  (MF, LL)

SKIPPER.  Leader of the Mossflower otters.  Has a pike tattoo on one paw.  (TG)

SKIPPER.  Male otter.  Direct descendant of Deyna/Tagg, uncle of Churk and Rumbol.  He was once invited by Abbot Apodemus to become the Abbey's Warrior, but he declined and took the title of Master of Arms at the Abbey instead, and helped train others in the use of weapons.  He and his crew were a great help to the Abbey in times of crisis.  (TS)

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SKIPPER.  Big, tough-looking male otter with a deep, gruff voice.  Father of Rangapaw.  He was the leader of the otters living in Mossflower's forest and waterways and an ally of Redwall Abbey.  (PL)  

SKIPPERJO.  Huge, brawny male otter.  Leader of the otters at Redwall.  (OR)

SKITTLES.  Hedgehog.  Full name is Skittle Burrtrump Spikediggle.  Young son of Drucco and Mirklewort.  Wandered off and got lost in Mossflower Woods, but was found by Grassum and Reedum, and later Dotti and Brocktree helped to reunite him with his parents. (BT)

SKIV. (See "Mariel".)

SKRABBLAG.  Large black scorpion taken to Terramort from the tropics by Gabool and Greypatch. Kept in a pit in Fort Bladegirt.   Killed by Dandin.  (MR)

SKULKA.  Female ferret.  Member of the Rapscallion army.  Weapon is a bow and arrows.  Partner of Gromal.  Killed by Perigord's Long Patrol regiment.  (LP)


SKULLFACE.  Thin, bony male rat in Cluny's horde.  He was trampled to death by the horse pulling the cart. (RW)

SKULLGOR.  Male searat. Captain of the Crabclaw.  He was killed by Gabool for accidentally damaging the Crabclaw. (MR)

SLAGAR THE CRUEL.  Male fox.  Also known as the Sly One, the Cruel One and Lunar Stellaris, Lord of the Mountebanks. Born Chickenhound, son of Sela. With Sela, he acted as a double agent, spying for both Cluny and the Redwallers during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  When the double-dealing was discovered, Cluny ordered Sela and Chickenhound killed.  He survived, however, and was taken in by the Redwallers.  Once healed, he stole some valuables and escaped from Redwall, killing Methuselah in the process. While hiding from those seeking to avenge Methuselah’s death, he was bitten by Asmodeus.  He awoke in Asmodeus’ lair, escaped, and healed himself, but his face was terribly disfigured.  A harlequinned mask with a red and purple diamond pattern thereafter concealed his face.  His voice became hoarse and rasping.  He organized a slave band, providing a labor force for Malkariss.  He was promised land and power in return.  He kidnapped Auma, Mattimeo, Tim, Tess, Cynthia, Sam and Jube, causing Matthias, Orlando, Jess, Basil, Jabez and the Guosim to follow him to Malkariss’ Kingdom.  He escaped during the battle to liberate the slaves, and killed Vitch when he tried to do the same.   Orlando and Matthias chased him, but he fell down Loamhedge’s old well and died.  He and Vitch were buried together in the well. (RW, MT)

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SLARISS.  Snake worshipped by Marrahagga's tribe of pygmy rats, on an island south-west of Luke's caves.  Killed by Luke's crew.  (LL)

SLASHBACK.  Grizzled male searat.  Captain of the Bloodkeel. He was killed for rebelling against Ublaz.  (PL)


SLEEVE.  Slim, pretty female sea otter.   She was a slave at Riftgard since birth, and was orphaned at a young age.   Drufo taught her to read and write, and it was her written account of the slave revolt that was entered into Redwall's archives.  After Triss freed the slaves she married Kroova and adopted the mousebabe Freedom, and helped turn Riftgard into a haven for peace.   (TS)

SLINKBACK. Weasel. Kotir soldier. (MF)

SLIPP, CAPTAIN.  Male bilgerat/searat.   Brother of Strapp.  He wore a tailed coat and seaboots.  He was once the Captain of the Pearl Queen.   After he lost his ship he and Blaggut wandered into Mossflower, eventually ending up at Redwall.  He killed Mellus and was then in turn killed by Blaggut. (BM)

SLIPPO.  Sleek, male grey seal.   Lives with Raura Shellrudd in a sea cave.  Speaks only in seal noises but can play a harp.  (TS)

SLITFANG.  Thin, gap-toothed male weasel.   Plugg Firetail's first mate on the Seascab.  He was beheaded by Kurda shortly after Plugg's death.  (TS)

SLOEY, SISTER.  Female mouse Dibbun of Redwall who grew up to run the Abbey infirmary.  (LP, MX)

SMERC.  Small, skinny male newt who painted himself orange and blue with plant dyes.  He played a reed flute.  He lived in a swamp in northwest Mossflower, where he was allied with an eel.  He was hostile to woodlanders.  (OR)

SNAKEFISH. Giant eel in the Screamhole. Set free by Martin, Dinny, Gonff and Log-a-Log. Loves to eat toads. (MF)

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SNAKESPUR.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.   He carried an iron hook.  He was banished to the far south by Matthias and Orlando.  (MT)

SNEEZEWORT.  Male rat.  Low-ranking member of the Rapscallion army.  Close companion of Lousewort.  (LP)

SNICKER. Searat on the Shalloo. Killed in the Green Maelstrom. (BM)

SNIDJER. Savage weasel. Leader of the Flitchaye. (MR)

SNOW, CAPTAIN. Large male owl living in eastern Mossflower.  Descendant of Nyctea and Glacier.  He has huge golden eyes and white feathers except for a few brown bars on the wing and dark spots on his head.   Basil Stag Hare once saved his life. He was cranky but very observant.  He feuded with Julian for years, but eventually made peace.  He lost a bet to Matthias and had to swear never to eat mice or shrews again. (RW)

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SNOWSTRIPE.  Badger.  Son of Lord Russano and Lady Rosalaun of Salamandastron.  Three seasons younger than his sister Melanius.  (BT)

SOILBURR. (See Egbert the Scholar.)

SOILFLYER.  Male mole.  Champion digging mole of Mossflower. (MF)

SOLLERTREE ("SOLL"). Solitary, fat male hedgehog living in southern Mossflower. Likes to eat nuts. Originally named Skyspike. Husband of Beechtipp, father of Nettlebud.  Friends with Goodwife Brimm.  Keeps a pet frog named Croikle.  (MX)


SOMGIL. Trident-rat appointed Captain by Ublaz. (PL)

SONGBREEZE, ABBESS (SONG). Female squirrel. Daughter of Janglur and Rimrose, granddaughter of Gawjo and Ellayo. One of the "Four Chieftains" who journeyed to Marlfox Island. During the quest, she used a special greenstone stick as a weapon. She has a beautiful singing voice. She was abbess before Cregga's stewardship and Mhera's installation as abbess.   She was a wise creature with excellent penmanship, and good friends with Cregga.  Her sign was an S with wavy lines through it.  She died seasons before Filorn's generation was even born but left behind clues that would help Cregga choose her successor.  (MX, TG)

SOURGALL.  Male rat.  Soldier in Urgan Nagru’s army. Killed by Rab Streambattle. (BM)

SOUTHPAW.  Hare.  Twin brother of Bobweave, grandson of Stiffener Medick.  Lived in Bucko Bigbones' encampment for several years.  (BT)

SOUTHSWARD. Kingdom ruled by Gael Squirrelking and Queen Serena. Temporarily conquered by Urgan Nagru. (BM)

SPARRA. Tribe of sparrows living in the highest rafters of Redwall Abbey.  Also the name given to their language. (RW, MT)

SPEARLADY GORSE.  Lady badger ruler of Salamandastron at some time prior to Lord Stonepaw.  Mummified and entombed in the secret chamber in the Mountain.  (MF, OR, BT)

SPIKE STICKLE. Hedgehog. Son of Ben and Goody. Brother of Coggs, Ferdy and Posy. (MF)

SPIKETUSSLING.  A form of wrestling practiced by hedgehogs.  The two combatants lock headspikes and try to throw each other.   (TG)

SPLIDGE. Fox in the same band as Ringworm and Blitch.   They harass travellers on the North Path, and tried to attack Thrugg and Dumble on their journey to the mountains.  (SN)

SPLIKKER. Male Guosim shrew.  (MX)

SPLITNOSE. Male stoat.  Soldier in Kotir.   He was sucked down in a mudpit in a stream. (MF)

SPRAYDOG.  Sea otter in Brogalaw's holt.  (BT)

SPRAYRAIDER.  Searat ship. Lost when it ran into rocks. Only Captain Sculrag, Karvil and five other rats survived. (PL)

SPRIGGAT. Old male hedgehog.  He was an avid insectivore and especially loved to eat wasps.  He lived in Mossflower woods south of Redwall.  He was an excellent tracker and joined Samkin and Arula on their quest to recover the Sword of Martin.  He was mortally wounded by the Deepcoiler. (SN)

SPRING. Young female otter under Skipper’s command. Injured by a Kotir soldier’s arrow. (MF)

SPRINGPAW. Squirrel under Amber’s command. (MF)

SPRING OF THE LATE SNOWDROPS. Season when the Abbey Foundation Stone was laid. (MT)

SPRING OF THE LESSER PERIWINKLE.  A season in which Tim Churchmouse was Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  (PL)

SPURGE. Weasel slaver in Southsward. Companion of Agric. (BM)

SPURHAKK.  Stoat.  An early follower of Swartt, and a valued member of his horde.  Killed by Sunflash.  (OR)

SPYKEL.  Guosim shrew.  (LP)

SQUIDJEES. Baby pygmy shrews in Amballa's tribe and other shrew tribes in northern Mossflower. (MW, TG)

SQUINT.  Male stoat.  Soldier in Kotir.   He was killed by Tsarmina, who was delusional at the time and thought he was Gingervere. (MF)

STARBOB.  Male hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol.  Archer.  (SN)

STARBUCK.  Male hare of Salamandastron.   Son of Lupin and Buffheart, older brother of Breeze.  He died of old age after completing the mission of welcoming Sunflash to Salamandastron.  (MF, OR)

STARWORT. Otter. Husband of Marigold. Captains the Waterlily. (MW)

STEPHANIE, SISTER.  Redwall resident who, with Matthias, helped Tim and Tess Churchmouse get over the tail rickets. (RW)

STEWER. Fat otter cook. Starwort and Marigold's acquaintance. (MW)

STICKABEE. Fanciful name used by Mokkan to trick Dwopple, Wugger and Blinny.  (MX)

STIFFEAR. Weasel in Badrang's horde. Killed by Clogg's corsairs. (MW)

STIFFENER MEDICK.  Old boxing hare of Salamandastron.  Grandfather of Southpaw and Bobweave.  (BT)

STINKY.  Male weasel in Plugg's crew on the Seascab.  (TS)

STONEFLECK. Large male rat with grey, white and black markings which provide camouflage.  He carried a bow and arrows.  He was the leader of a huge rat army near the Great South Cliffs.  He showed little emotion and was a ruthless fighter.  He was killed by Log-a-Log. (MT)

STONEHEAD McGURNEY. Large male barn owl.   Son of Heavywing, husband of Thunderbeak, father of two sons and two daughters.   He had golden eyes.  He lived in north-west Mossflower and was a menace to the Flitchaye.  (MR)

STONEPAW.  Badger Lord of Salamandastron.  Father of Brocktree.  He died defending his hares from the Horde of Ungatt Trunn in the catacombs beneath Salamandastron and is entombed in a bottomless pool.  He had ruled the Mountain longer than any other badger lord to date.  (BT)

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STONEPAW'S STALWARTS.  A nickname for the fighting hare serving at Salamandastron under Lord Stonepaw, prior to the founding of the Long Patrol.  (BT)

STOPDOG, THE.  Double-sailed ketch that Kroova stole from three searats.  He named it the Stopdog because the last thing he heard the searats yelling after him was "Stop, dog!"  The craft actually used to belong to King Sarengo, who towed it behind his main ship.  It burned on the beach well north of Salamandastron after a skirmish with Plugg's crew of Freebooters.  (TS)

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STORMFIN. Giant pike captured by Skipper and the Mask. Killed Gloomer. (MF)

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STORM GULLWHACKER. Name Mariel used for herself until she recovered from amnesia. (MR)

STRAPP, CAPTAIN. Male rat Corsair.  Brother of Slipp.  Captain of the Shalloo.  He was smaller but more eloquent than Slipp.  He was killed when the Shalloo went down in the Green Maelstrom.   (BM)

STREAMBANK STEW.  Dish served by Guosim shrews.  (TS)

STREAMER. Young male otter under Skipper’s command. (MF)

STREAMSLEEK. Young male otter of Redwall. (MT)

STRYK REDKITE.  Female great red kite (bird) from the western mountains.  Mate of Skine and mother of May.  After her wing was broken in a rockslide she came to Redwall Abbey for assistance.  Sister May and Abbot Mordalfus healed her, and she and May became great friends.  She repaid their kindness by killing Ironbeak and freeing Redwall from the raven's grip.  She returned to the mountains and married Skine.   She named her firstborn daughter May, in honor of her mouse friend. (MT)

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STUKKFURR. Male water rat under Ascrod's command. Nearly killed after falling from a tree during an attack on Redwall, but survived, only losing his teeth.  (MX)

STUMPCLAW.  Male searat in Graypatch's crew on the Darkqueen.  Killed by Iraktaan. (MR)

STUMPTOOTH. Ferret in Badrang's horde. (MW)

SUMIN.  Stout, solid-looking male squirrel of Redwall with a no-nonsense attitude.  He was well-traveled within Mossflower Woods.   (OR)

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SUMMER OF FRIENDSHIP FEAST.  First held by Mhera and Cregga the year Deyna/Tagg was born.  (TG)

SUMMER OF THE GOLDEN PLAIN.  Season in which Mattimeo and the other abbey young ones were kidnapped by Slagar.  The eighth season since the Summer of the Late Rose.  (MT)

SUMMER OF THE LATE ROSE.  Season in which Redwall Abbey was beseiged by the forces of Cluny the Scourge.  (RW)

SUMMER OF THE LAZY TROUT.  Season in which Dryditch Fever struck Redwall Abbey.  (SN)

SUMMER OF THE ROSEBAY WILLOWHERB.  The sixth season after the Autumn of the Warrior's Return.  Was followed by the Winter of the Deepest Snow.   Tim Churchmouse was Recorder of Redwall Abbey then.  (MT, LP)

SUMMER OF THE TALKING SQUIRREL.  The summer after the Summer of the Late Rose.  It was called thus because that was when "Silent" Sam finally began talking.  (RW)

SUNDEW.  Young, shrewd female hare of Salamandastron. Close friend of Sunflash. (OR)

SUNFLASH THE MACE.  Male badger.   Son of Bella and Barkstripe, grandson of Boar, great-grandson of Old Lord Brocktree.  He was born less than a year before Verdauga arrived in Mossflower.  He snuck out of Brockhall one night to avenge his father's death but was far too young to face Kotir. He was presumed dead but was actually the prisoner of Swartt Sixclaw, who called him "Scumtripe."  Sunflash was about the same age as Swartt. He had a golden-colored headstripe and dark brown eyes.  He crippled Swartt’s sixclaw while escaping with Skarlath, who named him Sunflash because he could not remember his real name.  His favorite weapon was a large mace.  He was a defender of the poor and helpless who liked writing poems, farming and playing with young ones.  He was a life long enemy of Swartt, whom he eventually killed.  He later visited Redwall and was reunited with Bella.  After her death, he moved back to Salamandastron, changed his name to "Sunstripe" and became a farmer.  (MF, OR)

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SWALLOW. Light boat acquired by the Four Chieftains from the Riverhead tribe.  (MX)

SWARTT SIXCLAW THE WARLORD.  Tall, sinewy male ferret.  Also known as "The Pitiless One."  Husband of Bluefen, father of Veil.  Nightshade was his closest confidante.   He wore the teeth and claws of defeated enemies around his neck, a bright blue cloak and a snakeskin belt.  He wore stripes of purple and green warpaint on his face and dyed his teeth red.  He had six claws on his left paw, which was crippled by Sunflash. After that, Swartt wore a meshed brass mail gauntlet on his sixclaw, and he and Sunflash became lifelong arch-enemies.  He was originally from Bowfleg's horde, but he left while still young to make a name for himself.  He later returned, killed Bowfleg and took over the horde.  His war banner had a sixclaw symbol on it.  He married Bluefen, and their son was born just prior to her death.  Swartt ignored his offspring, who was soon abandoned near Redwall.  Swartt’s horde grew in size and strength over the years but was decimated in a battle at Salamandastron.   Swartt’s son, Veil, was briefly reunited with him in Bat Mountpit.   Moments after accidentally killing Veil, Swartt himself was slain when Sunflash threw him off the top of the mountain.  (OR)

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SWASH.  Female otter in Skipper's crew.  Sister of Blekker.  (TG)

SWINCH.  Male captain in Ungatt Trunn's Horde.  (BT)

SWINKEE.  Male sand lizard with a bright yellow stomach who lived in the dunes near Salamandastron.  He turned Mara and Pikkle over to cannibal toads after they unknowingly upset his home. (SN)

SWORD OF MARTIN THE WARRIOR.  Legendary sword belonging to Redwall's co-founder and guardian spirit, Martin the Warrior.  It originally belonged to Martin, grandfather of Luke the Warrior.  It was passed on to the famous Martin the Warrior, who brought it to Mossflower with him.  It was broken by Tsarmina and later reforged by Boar the Fighter at Salamandastron using metal from a fallen star.  Some superstitious vermin erroneously believe it to be magical.  It was later wielded by Dandin, Samkin, Matthias, Mattimeo, Martin II, Triss and many other Redwall heroes.


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