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TAILWART. Ferret in Badrang's horde. Killed in the final battle at Marshank. (MW)

TAGG.  See Deyna.

TALL ROCKS.  Two days' sail from Luke's caves, these two huge pillars of stone are surrounded by treacherous reefs.   The resting place of the Goreleech/Arfship.  (LL)

TAMMBEAK.  Male falcon in Mactalon’s clan who helped escort Thrugg back to Redwall. (SN)

TAMELLO De FFORMELO TUSSOCK. (TAMMO).  Male hare.  Son of Cornspurrey and Mem Divina, brother of Lynum and Saith, husband of Pasque.  From Camp Tussock, to the north-east of Mossflower.  Ran away from home with Russa Nodrey to join the Long Patrol.  Helped defend Redwall from Damug Warfang's Rampscallion army.  (LP)

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TAN LOC.  Male vole.  His entire family was killed by Hookfin when he was taken captive by searats.  He was a slave of Gabool, but escaped into the caves of Terramort Island.  He and Joseph the Bellmaker founded the Trag.  He spoke very little. (MR)

TANSY, ABBESS.  Female hedgehog of Redwall.   Good friend of Arven, Craklyn and Piknim.  She was the leader in the search for the Pearls of Lutra.  She succeeded Durral as Redwall leader.  (PL, LP)

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TARE.  Male hare.  Identical twin brother of Turry.  Member of Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  (LP)

TARQUIN LONGLEAP WOODSORREL.  Male hare.  Son of Lorquin, husband of Hon Rosie, and father of twelve.  Descendant of Bracken Woodsorrel (of the Westshore Woodsorrels.) He wore green and yellow jester's attire and played the harolina--often composing awful love songs to Hon Rosie.  He was sent by Rawnblade to Redwall to be the abbey's first resident hare.  He accompanied Mariel and Dandin on their quest to Terramort, then returned to Redwall to marry Hon Rosie.  (MR, BM)

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TAUNOC.  Male Little Owl.  Husband of Orocca, father of Nutwing, Nutbeak and Nutclaw.  Ally of Redwall.  Uses formal speech.  (LP)


TAZZIN.  Female weasel in Plugg's crew on the Seascab.  Expert dagger thrower.  (TS)

TEARS OF ALL OCEANS.  Another name for the Pearls of Lutra, mainly used by Corsairs.  (LP)

TEASEL STUMP.  Female hedgehog of Redwall.   Wife of Higgle. (PL)

TEASELPAW. Hedgehog maid in Noonvale. (MW)

TEETH OF THE DEEPS. Savage cannibal pike living in the shoals off the island in the Great Inland Lake.  (MX)

TENO. Male Guosim shrew. (PL)

TERRAMORT. Island off the north-west coast of Mossflower. Home to searats and their king. Location of Fort Bladegirt. (MR)


TESS CHURCHMOUSE.  Female mouse.  Daughter of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, twin sister of Tim, wife of Mattimeo, mother of Martin II.   She was known as a good speller.  She was taken by Slagar’s slave band to Malkariss’ Kingdom when she was young, but was rescued and returned to Redwall. (RW, MT)

THICKTAIL. Captain in Kotir. Killed by Argulor.   The character was introduced as a weasel but later referred to as a stoat.   (MF)

THISTLE. Hare of the Salamandastron Long Patrol. (SN)

THISTLEDOWN, BART. See Bart Thistledown.

THOMAS, ABBOT.  Predecessor of Bernard as leader of Redwall.  He died when Tarquin was a leveret.  (MR)

THREE-LEG.  One of the rats in Cluny's horde who was killed when the hay cart crashed.  (RW)

THREECLAWS.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.   He carried a vicious hook.  He was banished to the far south by Matthias and Orlando.  (MT)

THRUGAN.  Playlful female otter of Redwall.   Sister of Thrugg.  (SN)

THRUGG.  Male otter of Redwall.  Brother of Thrugan.  He and Dumble traveled north to find the Flowers of Icetor to stop the plague of Dryditch Fever at Redwall. (SN)

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THRUGG THE STRONG. Childhood friend of Martin the Warrior in the far north. (MF)

THUNDERBEAK. Female barn owl.  Wife of Stonehead, mother of two sons and two daughters.  Lives in north-west Mossflower.   (MR)

THURA.  Male stoat.  He deserted Ferahgo's horde with Dingeye and wandered Mossflower until they ended up at Redwall Abbey.  He died of Dryditch Fever in Mossflower woods shortly after fleeing the abbey.  (SN)

THURDALE. Young male hare of Southsward.   Nephew of Meldrum.  Brother of Coltvine, Burdill and Foghill. (BM)

THYME, BRIGADIER.  Young male hare of Salamandastron.   His Long Patrol partners were Clary and Hon Rosie.  He had a stiffly waxed whisker mustache.  He was killed by Greypatch's searats in a valiant stand that allowed the oarslaves to escape.    (MR)

TIM CHURCHMOUSE.  Male mouse.  Son of John and Mrs. Churchmouse, twin brother of Tess, brother-in-law of Mattimeo, uncle of Martin II.  He was among those taken as a slave to Malkariss' kingdom when he was young.   He succeeded his father as Recorder of Redwall Abbey six season after their return.   He served as Recorder during the Spring of the Lesser Periwinkle, the Autumn of the Late Marjoram, the Summer of the Rosebay Willowherb, and the Winter of the Deepest Snow.  (RW, MT)

TIMBALLISTO (a.k.a. TIMBAL, "T.B.")  Male mouse.  Grandfather of Barlom.   Childhood friend of Martin the Warrior. About three seasons older than Martin.  He was left in charge of the tribe after Luke's death. He was known for building ballistas. He was an oar slave on the Bloodwake, then rescued by Martin and his friends.  He died the winter after he helped overthrow Kotir. (MF, LL, MW)

TINGLE DILLYPIN.  Young female hedgehog with a good singing voice.  Niece of Jurkin.  (TG)

TIRG LINGL. Young male hedgehog. Son of Tirry and Dearie, brother of Gurmil, Giller and Bitty. (OR)

TIRRY LINGL.  Male hedgehog.  Husband of Dearie, father of Gurmil, Tirg, Giller and Bitty.  Friend of Sunflash.  He and his family lived in a cave in northwest Mossflower. (OR)

TOGGET.  Male mole.  Grandson of Dinny.  He followed Bryony on her quest to bring Veil back to Redwall.  He hated the rain.  He later became Foremole of Redwall. (OR)

TOOBLES.  Dibbun hedgehog at Redwall.   (TS)

TOOLAM. Water rat named commander of the army by Mokkan when he became King.  (MX)

TORGOCH.  Male hare.  Sergeant in Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  Collects weapons.  (LP)

TORLEEP.  Male hare of Salamandastron.  Wears a monocle.  Held captive by Ungatt Trunn but was later rescued. (BT)

TORNEAR. Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He was presumably killed in the stoat vs. weasel mutiny near Loamhedge, as he was not included on the list of survivors.  (MT)

TORRAB. Female hedgehog. One of fourteen hedgehogs adopted by Gawjo Swifteye after they were orphaned by Marlfoxes.  (MX)

TRAG. Terramort Resistance Against Gabool. Rebel alliance on Terramort of former slaves of the searats. Base of operations is a series of caves and tunnels on the north-east coast of Terramort. (MR)

TRAGGLO.  Male hedgehog.  Eldest son of Gurgan and Rufftip.  Has six siblings.  Succeeded Gurgan as Chieftan of the Waterhogs.  Also later was the cellerkeeper of Redwall.  A skilled carpenter.   (LP, MX)

TRAMUN JOSIAH CUTTLEFISH CLOGG. Fat corsair stoat. Captain of the Seascarab. Old acquaintance of Badrang. Braided fur. Wears wooden clogs. Enslaved by Badrang after their alliance broke up. Driven insane by a blow to the head by Badrang. (MW)

TRATTAK.  Male stoat.  Early follower of Swartt.  (OR)

TREEROSE. Pretty red squirrel. Wife of Oak Tom. Redwall resident until her marriage, then lived in Mossflower Woods. (MR, BM)

TREEWHIFFLER.  Squirrel name for a champion climber.   (TG)

TREFOIL. Young female squirrel in the Rambling Rosehip Players. (MW)

TREY.  Male mouse Dibbun of Redwall.  Youngest mouse in the abbey.  (TG)

TRIDENT-RATS. Police force of Ublaz on Sampetra. Led by Sagitar. (PL)

TRIMP. Guosim shrew. (PL)

TRIMP THE ROVER.  Hedgehog maid.   Grandaughter of Welff Tiptip.  She was born on the northland coast, but after being attacked by slavers her family moved to the midnorth hills.  After a roving trip up north to her birthplace, she went south to Redwall, where she joined Martin on his quest to find the truth about his father.  (LL)

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TRISSCAR (TRISS).  Female squirrel.   Daughter of Rocc Arrem.  She spent her youngest years as a slave at Riftgard.   She escaped with Welfo and Shogg and eventually made her way to Redwall Abbey, where she became the first female creature on record to be chosen by Martin to bear his sword.  As Abbey Champion she travelled to Riftgard to free the slaves.  (TS)

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TRISS.  Novel by Brian Jacques.   2002.  A squirrelmaid escapes from slavery in the far north to find a whole new destiny at Redwall Abbey.

TROBEE.  Old male hare of Salamandastron.   Held captive by Ungatt Trunn but was later rescued. (BT)

TROUTLAD. Young male otter in Rab and Iris Streamblade’s band. (BM)

TROWBAGGS.  Young male hare of Salamandastron.  (LP)

TRUBBLE.  Troublesome young mole in the Longladle family group with a "voice like a foghorn." (BT)

TRUBBS. Male hare of Salamandastron. Close friend of Wother and Ffring. (MF)

TRUFFEN. Baby male squirrel of Southsward. Son of Gael Squirrelking and Queen Serena.  Adoptive brother to Wincey, Benjy and Figgs.   He liked to dance with his nursemaid, Muta. (BM)

TRUGG, BROTHER. Resident of Redwall. He was a helper in Hugo's kitchens.  (MT)

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TRUGGLE.  Mole of Redwall.  (LP)

TRUNG. Small, fat hedgehog. Husband of Gulba. (MW)

TSARMINA GREENEYES.  Female wildcat. Granddaughter of Highland King Mortspear, daughter of Verdauga, niece of Ungatt Trunn, sister of Gingervere.  She was skilled with a bow and arrow.  She poisoned her father and took over leadership of Kotir as the Queen of a Thousand Eyes.   Her other titles included "Queen of Mossflower, slayer of enemies, Lady of the Thousand Eyes, conqueror of all creatures, ruler of Kotir, and Tsarmina the Magnificent."  She was terrified of water, and drowned during combat with Martin the Warrior. (MF)

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TUBGUTT. Male Guossom shrew with an enormous appetite.  His sister is married to Forbun.  He tried to stage a mutiny against Log-a-Log on the Great Inland Lake, but after Mara saved his life from the Deepcoiler he turned around his attitude and became fiercely loyal.  (SN)

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TUDD SPINNEY.  Male hedgehog of Redwall.   Husband of Faith.  He walks with a limp and a walking stick.  He had Dryditch Fever. (SN)

TUGGY.  Waterhog child.  (LP)

TULLGREW. Female otter. Slave in Marshank. (MW)

TUNGRO.  Otter leader in northern Mossflower.  Son of Bargud, nephew of Garraway, Warthorn (Skipper) and Riverwyte (Mask), brother of Folgrim.  Friend to Martin.  (LL)

TURFEE.  Male mouse Dibbun of Redwall.   (TS)

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TURGLE.  Male squirrel Dibbun of Redwall. (MR)

TURNA.  Old female hedgehog.  Healer on Peace Island.  (TS)

TURRY.  Male hare.  Identical twin brother of Tare.  Member of Perigord's
regiment of the Long Patrol.  (LP)

TURZEL. Young mousemaid of Redwall. Sister of Blossom. Had Dryditch Fever. (SN)

TUTTY POLLSPIKE.  Small, wiry female hedgehog.  Wife of Duddle, mother of Clematis Roselea and Arundo.  She and her family lived on a raft in the southern Broadstream. She wore a skirt and petticoats.  She frequently threatened to cut off the tail of any naughty creature.   (OR)

TWAYBLADE.  Female hare.  Sister of Perigord.  Captain in Perigord's regiment of the Long Patrol.  Good singer.  Favorite weapon is a rapier.  (LP)

TWIN ISLANDS.  Two closely-spaced islands south-west of Luke's caves, where the Sayna was wrecked.  (LL)

TWINDLE.  Young hedgehog maid, friend of Luke's tribe.  Daughter of Welff Tiptip, and either the mother or the aunt of Trimp the Rover.

TWOOLA.  Very old male mouse in Luke's tribe.  (LL)

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