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Taggerung covers and extra information


ABBEY SCHOOL.  The lessons Dibbuns at Redwall attend to learn reading, writing, arithmetic and abbey history.  (TG, LH)

ALFIK.  Relatively large male pigmy shrew from the Cavemob tribe.  Son of Bodjev and Chich, brother of Dinat and three other sisters.   (TG)

ALKANET, SISTER.  Thin, stern female mouse.  As the infirmary keeper of Redwall she was dreaded due to her tendency to administer physick for the slightest reason.  She had a no-nonsense attitude and was stubborn and pessimistic.  She became more relaxed after she retired from the infirmary to be Assistant Cellarkeeper to Drogg Spearback.  (TG)

ANTIGRA.  Female stoat.  Mate of Gruven, mother of Gruven Zann.  Member of the Juskarath clan since birth.  Killed Sawney Rath.   Killed by Ruggan Bor for challenging his authority.  (TG)

ARVEN THE CHAMPION.  Male squirrel of Redwall.   Abbey Warrior. Close friend of Tansy.  (PL, LP, MX, TG)


BIRREL.  Mousemaid of Redwall.  (TG)

BLEKKER.  Female otter in Skipper's crew.  Sister of Swash.  (TG)

BOBB, FRIAR.  Stout male squirrel serving as head cook of Redwall.  (TG)

BODJEV.  Tiny, fat pigmy shrew.  Husband of Chich, father of Alfik, Dinat, and three other daughters.  Cavemob chieftain.   (TG)

BOORAB THE FOOL. (Full name Bellscut Oglecrop Obrathon Ragglewaithe Audube Baggscut.)  Male hare.  Grandson of Pieface Baggscut of Salamandastron.  He wore a harlequin jester's costume and played the haredee gurdee.   He was a traveling musician, comedian and entertainer before coming to Redwall, where, after a long probationary period, he was named Master of Abbey Music.  He later handed over this title to Nimbalo and became the abbey's Assistant Cook instead--rarely is a hare trusted so close to the abbey's food supply!  (TG)

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BOTARUS.  Large male bittern (bird).  He saved Madd's life after vermin killed her family, and remained her friend ever after.  (TG)

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BROGGLE.  Male squirrel of Redwall.  Husband of Fwirl, father of Rosabel.  He worked as a kitchen assistant, then succeeded Bobb as the abbey's Head Cook.  He is skilled with a needle and thread as well as a kitchen knife.  He had a bad stutter until Boorab taught him to sing, and was soon cured.   (TG)

BRULL, FOREMOLE.  Female mole.  Leader of the moles at Redwall.  (TG)

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CAMPATHIA FORTHRIGHT.  Female hedgehog from the southern branch of the Forthright family.  Wife of Merradink, mother of Pecunia.   She is prissy, snooty and domineering.  (TG)

CAVEMOB.  Tribe of pigmy shrews in northern Mossflower.  (TG)

CAVERN HOLE.  Cozy, informal meeting and dining area in Redwall Abbey, down from Great Hall.

CHICH.  Female pigmy shrew in the Cavemob tribe.   Wife of Bodjev, mother of Alfik and four daughters, including Dinat.  (TG)

CREGGA ROSE EYES.  Female badger.  Unofficially adopted mother of Russano.  She was once the ruler of Salamandastron, but after she was blinded in battle she retired to Redwall Abbey as badgermum.  She ran the abbey between Abbess Song's death and Abbess Mhera's installation.  She was killed by Vallug Bowbeast.  (LP, MX, TG)

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DAGRAB.  Female rat in the Juskarath clan.  She was killed by Nimbalo outside Redwall Abbey because she killed his father.  (TG)

DEYNA.  Male otter.  Grandfather of Rillflag, great-grandfather and namesake of the Taggerung Deyna.  He had a birthmark shaped like a speedwell flower.  (TG)

DEYNA, a.k.a. TAGG.  Male otter.  Son of Rillflag and Filorn, younger brother of Mhera.  Born with a birthmark on his right paw in the shape of a speedwell flower.  When he was only days old he was kidnapped by Juskarath and raised as the adopted son of Sawney Rath.  As the Taggerung of the Juskarath, he had the usual clan tattoos as well as a blue lightning flash on his left cheek.  His tattoos and birthmark were later removed by Rukky Garge.  After splitting with the Juskarath, Deyna traveled to Redwall Abbey, where he was reunited with his mother and sister and became abbey Champion.  (TG) 


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DIBBUNS. Infants at Redwall Abbey.

DINAT.  Pigmy shrewmaid of the Cavemob tribe.   Daughter of Bodjev and Chich, sister of Alfik and three sisters.  She was "chosen" by a dripping stalactite to be the next sacrifice to Yo Karr, but Deyna/Tagg killed the eel and saved her life.  (TG)

DROGG SPEARBACK.  Male hedgehog.  Grandfather of Egburt and Floburt, great-grandson of Gurgan Spearback.  Abbey Cellarkeeper.   (TG)

DURBY FURREL.  Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.  He likes to mimic people, and is good friends with Feegle.    He survived a fall from the abbey wall--something Cluny the Scourge barely survived!  (TG)

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EEFERA.  Large male weasel in the Juskarath clan.   Loyal to Sawney Rath.  Killed by Deyna/Tagg with Martin's Sword.  (TG)

EGBURT, BROTHER.  Male hedgehog of Redwall.   Grandson of Drogg, brother of Floburt, great-great-grandson of Gurgan Spearback.   With Floburt, succeeded Sister Alkanet as abbey infirmary keeper.  (TG)

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ERMATH.  Old, toothless vixen seer with the Juskabor clan.  (TG)


FEEGLE.  Dibbun mousemaid of Redwall.  Friends with Durby.  She survived a fall from the abbey wall--something Cluny the Scourge barely survived!  (TG)

FELCH.  Male fox in the Juskarath clan.  His weapon of choice was the axe.  One of his paws was crippled by Sawney Rath after he threatened baby Deyna/Tagg.  He tried to desert the Juskarath fifteen seasons after Deyna/Tagg's birth, but he was caught.  Antigra soon killed him because he witnessed Sawney Rath's murder.  (TG)

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FILORN.  Female otter of Redwall.  Wife of Rillflag, mother of Mhera and Deyna/Tagg.  She enjoyed cooking and was quite good at it. (TG)

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FLOBURT, SISTER.  Female hedgehog of Redwall.   Granddaughter of Drogg, sister of Egburt, great-great-granddaughter of Gurgan Spearback.  With Egburt, succeeded Sister Alkanet as abbey infirmary keeper.   (TG)

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FURREL, MRS.  Female mole of Redwall, mother of Durby.   (TG)

FWIRL.  Female squirrel.  Wife of Broggle, mother of Rosabel.  She was orphaned by foxes as an infant and lived on her own in Mossflower for years.  Eventually she met Broggle and moved into Redwall Abbey.   She was a beautiful squirrel with large eyes, white teeth and a "red gold tail."  Her attire was "a short, belted tunic of soft green."   She was a "treewhiffler," or expert climber.  (TG)

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GREAT HALL. Large meeting area in Redwall Abbey. Inside is a large tapestry chronicling the abbey's history.

GRISSOUL.  Old vixen seer of the Juskarath clan, then the Juskazann, then the Juskabor.  She had one lazy eye and wore a red and black barkcloth coat with bracelets of coral, brass and silver.  She died while in a trance trying to predict the future of Ruggan Bor and the fate of the Taggerung.  (TG)

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GROBAIT.  Male rat in the Juskarath clan.  (TG)

GRUVEN.  Male stoat in the Juskarath clan.  Mate of Antigra, father of Gruven Zann.  His weapon of choice was the spear.  He was described as "big, strong but not too intelligent."  He was killed by Sawney Rath for challenging his leadership.  (TG)

GRUVEN ZANN JUSKAZANN.  Male stoat.  Son of Antigra and Gruven.  Approximately the same age as Deyna/Tagg.  His given name, Zann, means "Mighty One" or "Great Warrior," because his mother expected him to be the Taggerung, but Sawney decreed that he must be called Gruven instead.  After Sawney's death, Gruven attempted to take over as chief and renamed the clan the Juskazann, but he could not claim the title without first slaying the Taggerung, Deyna.  His cowardly and inept attempts at doing so were unsuccessful, but he succeeded in convincing Ruggan Bor that he had killed Deyna/Tagg.  This meant he was now Gruven Zann Taggerung--so Bor beheaded him and claimed the title for himself   (TG).

GRUZZLE.  Large female weasel in the Juskabor clan.   Her weapon of choice is a sword.  She is unswervingly loyal to Ruggan Bor.   (TG)

GUNDIL.  Male mole of Redwall, a few seasons older than Deyna/Tagg.  Good friend of Mhera.  Succeeded Brull as Foremole of Redwall.   (TG)


HAREDEE GURDEE.  Cumbersome instrument played by Boorab.  Combination of a mandolin, drums, a fiddle, flutes, bugles and a harp.   (TG)

HOARG, BROTHER.  Ancient male dormouse.   Gatekeeper of Redwall Abbey.  (TG)

HOBEN, BROTHER.  Male mouse of Redwall.  He was the Abbey Recorder; Rosabel was his apprentice and later succeeded him as Recorder.   (TG)

HULLABALOO.  Otter festival held every fourth summer where the streams and rivers meet the sea.  Includes sea otters and river otters and can last until autumn if everything goes well.  (TG)


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JACQUES, BRIAN. Author of the Redwall series. Visit the Official Brian Jacques Homepage!

JOLLY DIBBUNS CHOIR OF REDWALL.  Dibbun singing group that performed at feasts.  (TG)

JURKIN DILLYPIN.  Fat, rough male hedgehog.   Related to Lollery.  Uncle of Tingle.  Also distantly related to one of Redwall's cellarhogs.  He wears flowers and trailing weeds in his spikes.  His weapon of choice is the sling.  He is very competitive and a champion spiketussler.   (TG)

JUSKA.  Clans of nomadic vermin in north-west Mossflower.  (TG)

JUSKABOR.  Large Juska clan led by Ruggan Bor.   Clan tattoos are wavy green lines on the brow with a yellow circle on each cheek.   The Juskazan were absorbed into this larger tribe.  After clashing with Russano they were banished to the southern coast.  (TG)

JUSKARATH.  The Juska clan headed by Sawney Rath.   About sixty members.  The clan tattoo markings included a black stripe along the face with two lines of red dots on either side.

JUSKAZANN.  Name of the Juskarath clan after Sawney's death and Gruven Zann's (attempted) takeover.  This clan was later absorbed into the larger Juskabor clan.  (TG)


KROBZY.  Small, fat male bankvole.  Husband of Prethil.  Leader of a vole community in north-west Mossflower.  (TG)


LOLLERY, GREAT-AUNT.  Female hedgehog living near the mountains in northern Mossflower.  She was Robald's nurse when he was a child.   She is related to the Dillypin clan.  She is renowned as an excellent cook.   (TG)

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LONG PATROL, THE.  Force of fighting hares from Salamandastron.  (TG)


MADD.  Large, strong but aging female squirrel.   She went mad after vermin killed her family and left her for dead with a deep head wound.  Botarus nursed her back to health.  Now she prowls north-west Mossflower, seeking vengeance by killing any vermin she finds.  She wears a tunic made from the skins of weasels, rats and foxes.  (TG)

MARTIN THE WARRIOR. The central figure of the Redwall series. Male mouse. He was Redwall Abbey’s co-founder, along with Abbess Germaine.  His ghost sometimes appears in dreams and visions to offer advice to troubled Redwallers. (MW, MF, LL)

MERRADINK FORTHRIGHT.  Male hedgehog from the southern branch of the Forthright family.  Husband of Campathia, father of Pecunia.  His wife is so intimidating that he usually just stands back and repeats whatever she says.   (TG)

MHERA, ABBESS.  Female otter of Redwall.   Daughter of Rillflag and Filorn, older sister of Deyna/Tagg.  She was four seasons past Dibbunhood when Deyna was born.  She became very close friends with Cregga, who eventually chose her to become the abbess of Redwall.  (TG)

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MILKEYE.  One-eyed male weasel in the Juskarath clan.   Killed by a poisoned dart shot by Krobzy.  (TG)

MOSSFLOWER. Forest that runs along the east side of the North Path. Numerous streams run through it.


NIMBALO THE SLAYER.  Male harvest mouse from northern Mossflower.  He had light golden brown fur and wore a yellow tunic.  Champion fibber.  Cannot swim.  He was abused by his father and never knew his mother.   He became good friends with Deyna/Tagg and eventually moved into Redwall, finally overcoming his fear of families.  Boorab taught him how to play the haredee gurdee and eventually handed down to him the title of Master of Music of Redwall Abbey.   (TG)

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PECUNIA FORTHRIGHT.  Young female hedgehog from the southern branch of the Forthright family.  Daughter of Merradink and Campathia.   (TG)

POSKRA.  Old male water rat.  He wandered in Mossflower after his petty thievery and nastiness got him kicked out of several vermin tribes.  He had only one tooth left and adored damson wine.  He planned to ransom Durby and Feegle after they fell over the abbey wall, but  was killed by Vallug Bowbeast.  (TG)

PRETHIL.  Fat female bankvole living in north-west Mossflower.  Wife of Krobzy.  (TG)


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RABBAD.  Small male fox in the Juskarath clan.   He was killed by burbot and pike while crossing a stream in Mossflower.  (TG)

RAKKADOO.  Female fieldvole in Krobzy's tribe esteemed for her singing voice.  (TG)

RAWBACK.  Male stoat in the Juskarath clan.  He went insane when Gruven Zann tricked him into getting lost in a swamp, where he nearly died in quicksand.  He later was taken in by the Juskabor.  (TG)

REDWALL ABBEY. Large red sandstone structure located between Mossflower woods and the main north road. Surrounded by tall walls. Major areas within the walls are: the gatehouse, bell tower, orchard, pond, Great Hall, Cavern Hole, infirmary, cellar, kitchens, Warbeak Loft. Built from red sandstone from a quarry north-east of the abbey. Founded by Abbess Germaine of Loamhedge and Martin the Warrior.

RIBROW.  Male stoat in the Juskarath clan.  He was afraid of water.  He was captured by Deyna/Tagg and forced to tell everything he knew about the otter's past.  He was killed by the Cavemob for his role in starting a fatal landslide.  (TG)

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RILLFLAG.  Male otter of Redwall.  Husband of Filorn, father of Mhera and Deyna/Tagg.  Interested in old otter traditions and customs. Killed by Vallug Bowbeast.  (TG)

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ROBALD FORTHRIGHT.  Male hedgehog from the eastern branch of the Forthright family.  He has a very cultured way of talking and rarely shuts up.  He also is a songwriter.  He lives near the mountains in northern Mossflower.  After Gruven Zann and his vermin ransacked his home and nearly killed him, he moved in with his good friend and former nursemaid, "Great-Aunt" Lollery.  (TG)

ROSABEL, SISTER.  Female squirrel of Redwall.   Daughter of Broggle and Fwirl.  She was Hoben's apprentice and then succeeded him as Abbey Recorder.  She wrote down the saga of Deyna/Tagg.  (TG)

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RUGGAN BOR.  Large, commanding male fox with striking golden eyes, no black tail tip, and golden fur instead of red.  Leader of the Juskabor.  "Lord of the South Coasts."  He wore a short black shoulder cloak, a chain link belt and a black kilt.  His weapon of choice is the sabre.   After slaying Gruven Zann, he took the title Ruggan Zann Taggerung.  He and his clan were banished to the south after clashing with Russano.  (TG)

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RUKKY GARGE.  Ancient female otter living alone in a cave in Mossflower about three days' march from Redwall.  All her fur has turned silvery white with age, she has no teeth left, and she walks bent over with a walking stick.  She wears hooped gold earrings and a black cloak covered with shiny ornaments.  She is legendary for her skills as a healer, but she will only treat other otters.  She dislikes being touched, and collects shiny trinkets.  (TG)

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RUSKEM.  Ancient male shrew of Mossflower.  He is a widower, and his sons and daughters have all either died or moved away.  He keeps pet fireflies for his lanterns.  He walks bent over with a staff, and has trouble remembering names.  He is skilled at etching portraits in slate.  (TG)

RUSSANO THE WISE.  Badger Lord of Salamandastron.   Adopted son of Cregga.  Wears a plain brown cloak and tabard with a wide woven belt.  (LP, BT, TG)

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SALAMANDASTRON. Extinct volcano that has been made into a fortress to guard the seashore. Generations of Badger Lords have ruled the mountain, with the help of the hares of the Long Patrol.

SAWNEY RATH.  Average-sized male ferret.   Adoptive father (and kidnapper) of Deyna/Tagg.  Leader of the Juskarath, a clan of sixty vermin along the north-west coast of Mossflower.  Plagued by stomach pains.  Sawney wore a plain leather tabard with a belt of brass links.  He carried a straight dagger with an amber handle and sapphire pommel stone.  He was killed by Antigra right after his falling out with Deyna/Tagg.  (TG)

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SEKKINDIN.  Bushy male watervole.  His name comes from the fact that he's "second in" command of a Mossflower vole community.   (TG)

SHREWBURGOO.   Stew made with whatever random mix of ingredients happen to be available.  (TG)

SKIPPER.  Leader of the Mossflower otters.  Has a pike tattoo on one paw.  (TG)

SONGBREEZE, ABBESS (SONG).  Female squirrel of Redwall.  Daughter of Janglur and Rimrose, granddaughter of Gawjo and Ellayo.   Was Abbey leader before Cregga's stewardship and Mhera's installation as abbess.   She was a wise creature with excellent penmanship.  She was good friends with Cregga.  Her sign was an S with wavy lines through it.  She died seasons before Filorn's generation was even born but left behind clues that would help Cregga choose her successor.  (MX, TG)

SPIKETUSSLING.  A form of wrestling practiced by hedgehogs.  The two combatants lock headspikes and try to throw each other.   (TG)

SQUIDJEE.  Pigmy shrew word for an infant.  (MW, TG)

SUMMER OF FRIENDSHIP FEAST.  First held by Mhera and Cregga the year Deyna/Tagg was born.  (TG)

SWASH.  Female otter in Skipper's crew.  Sister of Blekker.  (TG)


TAGG.  See Deyna.

TANSY, ABBESS.  Female hedgehog of Redwall.  (PL, TG)

TINGLE DILLYPIN.  Young female hedgehog with a good singing voice.  Niece of Jurkin.  (TG)

TREEWHIFFLER.  Squirrel name for a champion climber.   (TG)

TREY.  Male mouse Dibbun of Redwall.  Youngest mouse in the abbey.  (TG)


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VALLUG BOWBEAST.  Male ferret in the Juskarath clan.   He was an expert marksman with his bow and arrow.  He aspired to take the title of chief away from Gruven Zann.  Deyna/Tagg beheaded him with Martin's Sword outside Redwall Abbey.  (TG)

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VULPUZ.  While in a trance Ermath the Seer referred to "the Great Vulpuz, Ruler of Hellgates" whose blood foxes alone carry.  The reference was oblique, but this sounds like some sort of vermin deity.  (TG)


WEGG.  Male hedgehog Dibbun of Redwall.  Barely old enough to walk.  (TG)

WHERRUL.  Male rat in the Juskarath clan, and later in the Juskabor clan.  Friend of Felch.  (TG)

WUMMPLE.  Fat, kindly mole of Redwall.  (TG)


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YO KARR.  Giant eel in the Cavemob tribe's cave.   The shrews fed it sacrifices after each new batch of elvers to ensure a continued food supply.  It was killed by Deyna/Tagg.  (TG)


ZANN JUSKARATH TAGGERUNG.  Male stoat.  Father of Sawney Rath.  Great, famous Juska clan leader.  His name means, "Mighty Warrior of our clan, the Taggerung."  The name was also once applied to Deyna/Tagg by Sawney Rath.  (TG)