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UBLAZ MADEYES, EMPEROR. Large male pine marten with black, almond-shaped eyes and curled whiskers.  He was strong, sleek and handsome, with fine brown fur from head to bushy tail, and a creamy yellow throat and ears.  He carried a silver-bladed dagger with blue sapphires on the handle.    He was feared for the hypnotic powers of his eyes.  He was once a Corsair, feared for his great skill with a sword.  Later he set himself up as ruler of Sampetra, backed by Monitors and Trident-rats.  He had an extensive wardrobe of silk robes, including ones in brown; gold; green with a gold border and a sharkskin belt; and umber bordered with silver filigree work.  He also sometimes wore turbans:   one was white with a feather and a green jewel, and another was dark green with silver fringes.  He had a crown but chose not to be seen wearing it until he had the Pearls of Lutra to decorate it.   He never did get his paws on the Pearls.   He received a fatal bite from his pet coral water snake while dueling with Martin II. (PL)


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UDARA GROUNDSLAY.  Male, flightless, short-eared owl.    Wise, fierce and territorial.  (BT)

UGRATH.  Male rat in Urgan Nagru’s army. (BM)

ULLIG. Male water rat. Sadistic slave Captain of the Marlfoxes. Partner of Wilce. Killed by Nettlebud.  (MX)

UMMER.  Old female mole.  Wife of Blunn, aunt of Bruff Dubbo.  She played an instrument called a gurdelstick.  She and her family lived in a cave in northwest Mossflower.  (OR)

UNGATT TRUNN.  This male wildcat's titles include "Ruler of the Earth," "The Fearsome Beast," and "The Earth Shaker."  Son of Highland King Mortspear, older brother of Verdauga Greeneyes, uncle of Tsarmina and Gingervere.  He keeps pet spiders.  His weapon of choice is a trident.  He avoids fancy dress and wears plain chainmail.  His Horde attacked and briefly conquered Salamandastron, before Brocktree arrived and challenged him to face-to-face combat.  The Badger paralyzed Trunn and cast him into the sea, where he later drowned after Groddil refused aid.  (BT)

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URGAN.  Male wolf who lived in the icy lands across the sea.  He froze to death during a hard winter, and a fox took his pelt, dubbing himself Urgan Nagru the Foxwolf.  (BM)

URGAN NAGRU THE FOXWOLF.  Male fox.   Husband of Silvamord.  He was a large, lean and powerful fox with mottled bluish grey fur.  He wore the skin of a wolf named Urgan he claimed to have killed in battle.  Only he and his mate know the truth, that the wolf had actually frozen to death.  He replaced the wolf's claws with sharp iron hooks.  He and Silvamord came from the icy lands across the sea to conquer Southsward with their army of rats.   They ruled from Castle Floret until overthrown by Mariel, Dandin, Joseph and others.  Urgan Nagru died in the battle to liberate Southsward when Finbarr Galedeep smashed his head against a tree. (BM)


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URRAN VOH. Patriarch of Noonvale. Husband of Aryah, father of Rose and Brome, great-grandfather of Aubretia. Grey mouse with a beard. Wears a green robe. Values peace highly. (MW)

URRM, FOREMOLE.  Male mole.  Uncle of Furrel.  Leader of the moles at Redwall. (TS)

URTHCLAW.  Male badger.  Husband of Loambudd, father of Urthhound, grandfather of Urthwyte and Urthstripe.  He lived in the Southwest Lands but had already been dead for many seasons when Urthstripe and Urthwyte were born.  (SN)

URTHCLAW.  Young male mole.  A champion digger.  Friend of the Stickles. (MF)

URTHOUND.  Male badger.  Son of Loambudd and Urthclaw, husband of Urthrun and father of Urthstripe and Urthwyte.  He was known a very strong and wise.  He was the ruler of the Southwest Lands before Ferahgo killed him and took his medallion. (SN)

URTHRUN.  Female badger.  Wife of Urthhound and mother of Urthstripe and Urthwyte. She lived in the Southwest Lands and was known for her great beauty and gentleness.  She was killed by Ferahgo at her husband's side, just one season after giving birth to the twins. (SN)

URTHRUN THE GRIPPER.  An ancient badger lord of Salamandastron, mummified and entombed in the secret chamber.  He ruled the Mountain sometime prior to Lord Stonepaw.  (MF, BT)

URTHSTRIPE THE STRONG.  Male badger. Grandson of Loambudd and Urthclaw, son of Urthound and Urthrun, twin brother of Urthwyte, adoptive father of Mara.  He was born in the autumn in the Southwest Lands but was orphaned just one season later.  He went on to become Lord of Salamandastron.  He was a fearsome warrior plagued by Bloodwrath.   He carried a huge spear with a leaf-shaped blade and barbed crosstrees.  He died in battle against Ferahgo's horde, but managed to take Ferahgo with him by jumping from the top of Salamandastron while holding onto the weasel. (SN)

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URTHWYTE THE MIGHTY.  Albino male badger. Grandson of Loambudd and Urthclaw, son of Urthhound and Urthrun, twin brother of Urthstripe.  He was a bit simple-minded but very strong and kind.   He carried an oaken war club.  He was born in the autumn in the Southwest Lands but was orphaned less than a season later.  His grandmother fled eastward with him, and he lived with Loambudd and Ashnin on the island in the Big Inland Lake for many years.  He later succeeded Urthstripe as Badger Lord of Salamandastron.  (SN)

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URTICA.  Male hedgehog.  Son of Bistort and Downyrose, husband of Welfo.  Resident of Peace Island.  Uses archaic speech.  (TS)

URVO.  Sea otter in Brogalaw's holt.   (BT)

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