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VALE, ABBESS.  Kind, elderly female mouse.   She succeeded Saxtus as leader of Redwall Abbey.  She had Dryditch Fever. (SN)

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VALLUG BOWBEAST.  Male ferret in the Juskarath clan.   He was an expert marksman with his bow and arrow.  He aspired to take the title of chief away from Gruven Zann.  Deyna/Tagg beheaded him with Martin's Sword outside Redwall Abbey.  (TG)

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VANNAN. Female Marlfox. Daughter of Silth, sister of Mokkan, Gelltor, Ascrod, Lantur, Predak and Ziral. Often paired with Ascrod. Killed in battle with Redwallers.  (MX)

VEIL SIXCLAW THE OUTCAST.  Male ferret.   Son of Swartt Sixclaw the Warlord and Bluefen, grandson of Bowfleg.  Like his father, he had six claws on his left paw.  After Bluefen died, he was given to an old female rat in the horde to raise.  He was abandoned on a battlefield as an infant and raised by Bryony at Redwall Abbey.  He was made an outcast after he tried to poison Friar Bunfold and accidentally poisoned Mrytle. He later died saving Bryony from Swartt above Bat Mountpit.  (OR)

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VENDANCE.  Male fox.  Rapscour in the Rapscallion army.  Ally of Byral and Borumm.  Fled after unsuccessfully trying to overthrow Damug, but was caught and executed.  (LP)

VENGRO.  Soldier in Urgan Nagru's army. (BM)

VERDAUGA GREENEYES.  Male wildcat. Son of Highland King Mortspear, younger brother of Ungatt Trunn, father of Tsarmina and Gingervere.   He was from the north, and in his prime was considered the mightiest warlord in all the land--with many scars to prove it.  He fought both with and against Bane in his youth.  He later moved southward into Mossflower and took over the fortress Kotir.  He ruled Mossflower as a tyrant for many seasons.  His titles included "Lord of Mossflower, Master of the Thousand Eyes, Slayer of Enemies, and Ruler of Kotir."  He lived to old age, suffered from a prolonged illness, and was eventually poisoned by Tsarmina and Fortunata. (MF)

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 VERITY, SISTER.  Redwall resident.   Teacher of Hubert and Sage.  (MR)

VERMIN. General term given to rats, weasels, stoats, ferrets and foxes.

VERMINFATE.  Huge broadsword carried by Rawnblade Widestripe of Salamandastron.  (MR)

VERNAL, SISTER.  Shy, austere female mouse.  She helped Memm Flackery look after the Dibbuns, and later took over as Redwall's healer and herbalist after Malbun retired.  (TS)

VIGLIM.  Male rat in Urgan Nagru’s army. Killed by Bowly Pintips. (BM)

VILU DASKAR.  Famed stoat pirate.  Captain of the Sea Rogues aboard the Goreleech.  Tall, sinewy, and much smarter than the average vermin.  He wears a long, red cloak, a plain black tunic, a broad red calico sash, a white silken scarf around his head, and a rounded silver helmet with a spike in the middle.  His weapon is a long, bone-handled scimitar.  He was killed when his ship was driven into the Tall Rocks by Luke.  (LL)

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VIOLA BANKVOLE, SISTER. Prissy female bankvole of Redwall.   She and Abbot Durral were captured by the forces of Ublaz, and although she was soon rescued she joined the others in their quest to save the Abbot.   She later became Redwall's Infirmary Sister.  She did not wear the traditional Redwall habit, choosing instead to dress in fancy ruffles and petticoats. (PL, LP)

VITCH. Young, undersized male rat in Slagar’s slave band.  He infiltrated Redwall as a spy before Mattimeo and the others were kidnapped.  Slagar offered him as a gift to Malkariss, who then enslaved Vitch.  He was killed by Slagar after the final collapse of Loamhedge. (MT)

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VOLE, MRS.  Female vole.  Wife of Abram, mother of Colin.  She and her family were held captive by Cluny but rescued by Matthias and Basil.  (RW)

VORTO.  Male rat from Riftgard.   Replaced Riftun as Kurda's Captain.  Killed by Sagax at Brockhall.  (TS)

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VULPUZ.  While in a trance Ermath the Seer referred to "the Great Vulpuz, Ruler of Hellgates" whose blood foxes alone carry.  The reference was oblique, but this sounds like some sort of vermin deity.  (TG)

VURG.  Male mouse.  Luke's best friend.  He accompanied Luke on his voyages, and was one of the few survivors of the wreck of the Goreleech/Arfship.   He returned to Luke's tribe's caves many times over the years to await his possible return, and there met Martin.  (LL)

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