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WAKKA. Male squirrel. Leader of the Gawtrybe. (MW)

WALLOPER.  Crew member of the Goreleech, killed when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

WALLYUM RUDDERWAKE.  Old, grey male otter with a deep voice.  Husband of Dorumee, father of Inbar and Winniegold, father-in-law of Grath.  Leader of the Holt Rudderwake in Ruddaring Isle.   He wore a light brown tunic.  (PL)

WALT.  Male mole of Redwall.  Brother of Doby.   (RW)

WALTER, BROTHER.  Resident of Redwall.  (RW)

WARBEAK LOFT. Name given to the roofspaces above Redwall that are home to the Sparra after Queen Warbeak’s death. Sir Harry also lived there. (MT)

WARBEAK, QUEEN.  Female sparrow. Daughter of Dunwing and Greytail, niece of Bull. She was nursed back to health after a leg injury by Matthias and was thereafter an ally of the Redwallers.  She became the youngest Sparra Queen ever when she succeeded her crazy uncle Bull during the Late Rose Summer Wars.  She later helped Friar Hugo in the Abbey kitchens.  She was killed fighting Stonefleck’s army in far south Mossflower. (RW, MT)

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WARDEN OF MARSHWOOD HILL, THE. Male grey heron. Favorite saying: "I am the law!" (MW)


WARPCLAW.  Male Corsair searat.  Captain of the Gutprow.  He had many tattoos and wore silks and brass earrings.   He carried a scimitar.  He was killed by Sunflash.  (OR)

WARRIOR'S COTTAGE.  Name given to Redwall Abbey's gatehouse while Matthias and Cornflower lived there.  (MT)

WARTCLAW.  Male weasel.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  He was skilled with rope tricks.  He was banished to the far south by Matthias and Orlando.  (MT)

WARTHORN, a.k.a. SKIPPER.  Male otter.  Brother of Bargud and Riverwyte, brother-in-law of Garraway, uncle of Folgrim and Tungro.  He left the holt when he was still quite young and became the leader of the otters near Kotir, using the name/title Skipper.  He lived at Camp Willow and later moved into Redwall.  (MF, LL)

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WATERHOGS.  Hedgehogs living on boats and rafts in the waters of Mossflower Woods.  (LP)

WATERLILY. Starwort's boat on the northern Broadstream. (MW)

WATERWING. Log-a-Log Big Club’s boat.   It was destroyed in the waterfall by Bat Mountpit. It's wreckage was used to build the door over the top opening of Bat Mountpit. (MF)

WAVEBLADE. Searat vessel. Captained by Orgeye and then taken over by Rawnblade.  It was renamed Gabriel by Redwallers and captained by Durry on the voyage back to Mossflower. (MR)

WAVE BRETHREN.  Name given to Rasconza's rebel Corsairs on Sampetra.  (PL)

WAVEWORM.  Corsair vessel from Sampetra.  It was captained by Conva, then by Romsca.  It was burnt and sunk in Sampetra harbour by woodlanders.  (PL)

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WEARET, THE.  A huge male creature with no visible ears and practically no neck.  Perhaps a cross between a ferret and a stoat.  He was the Slavemaster of Malkariss.  His weapons included a large spear and a weighted net.  He was killed by Orlando. (MT)

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WEBMAKERS.  Pet spiders kept by Ungatt Trunn to decorate his cabin with webs...and dispose of stray bodies! (BT)

WEDGEBACK.  Male stoat.  Slaver in Slagar’s band.  Slagar pushed him off the Great South Cliffs as punishment for letting slaves escape.  (MT)

WEGG.  Male hedgehog Dibbun of Redwall.  Barely old enough to walk.  (TG)

WELDAN.  Old male squirrel of Southsward.  Longtime friend of Gael Squirrelking. (BM)

WELFF TIPTIP.  Female hedgehog of the North.   Trimp the Rover's grandmother, mother of Twindle. A friend of Luke's tribe. (LL)

WELFO.  Shy female hedgehog.  Wife of Urtica.  She nearly died from a head wound, thirst and hunger after escaping from slavery at Riftgard with Triss and Shogg.  She was nursed back to health on Peace Island, where she fell in love with Urtica at first sight.  She married him and made her home on the island.   (TS)

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WELKNOSE.  Male stoat with a long, lumpy nose.  Bosun of Zigu. (OR)

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WELKO.  Male Guosim shrew.  Son of Log-a-Log, brother of Plogg. (PL)

WELTSKIN.  Ragged male searat on Terramort.   Gabool pretended to give him his sword but cut off the tip of one of his ears instead.  (MR)

WETCHOPS.  Rat in Urgan Nagru’s army. (BM)

WETPAW. Ferret in Clogg's crew. (MW)

WHEGG. Skinny rat in Kotir. Friend of Bentbrush.   A mercenary under Bane's command, then a Kotir soldier.  One of the survivors of the flood who were banished from Mossflower. (MF)

WHERRUL.  Male rat in the Juskarath clan, and later in the Juskabor clan.  Friend of Felch.  (TG)

WHIDGE.  Skinny, old male searat in Plugg's crew.  He was killed by Tazzin while serving as bait for the adders in Brockhall.   (TS)

WHIPSCALE.  Newt who harasses travellers along the Great South Stream in the western mountains.  Companion of Deathcoil.  (MF)

WHIPPSCUT, COLONEL.  Male hare in the Long Patrol.  Husband of Dunfreda, father of Bescarum.  Wears a uniform with medals and has waxed, mustached whiskers.  (TS)

WHITEGHOST. Title Urthwyte used as Badger Lord of Salamandaston.   (SN, MX).

WHURP.  Male squirrel.  Father of Burnby.  Chieftan of the Coneslingers.  He often repeats the phrase, "...that's what I always say."  (TS)

WICKY.  Lanky male stoat with bad teeth.   He was the leader of a vermin band (the only other members being Kligger and Burgogg) who roamed Mossflower, harassing travellers, until Skipper and Log-a-Log banished them.  (TS)

WIDEPAW, SERGEANT.  Male hare of Salamandastron.  Veteran member of the Long Patrol.  (TS)

WIKK.  Young Guosssom shrew captured by toads along with Nordo.  (SN)

WILCE. Female water rat. Maid and spy for Lantur, who named her Chief Adviser when she became Queen. Partner of Ullig. Killed by angry slaves.  (MX)


WILDAG.  Male ferret.  Captain in Swartt’s army. He was older than Swartt but not as large and strong.  He attempted a mutiny, but died when Swartt ordered that he be force-fed an entire crow. (OR)

WILLAG.  Small searat on the Goreleech.  Died when the ship was wrecked on the Tall Rocks.  (LL)

WILLIP.  Female hare of Salamandastron killed by Trunn's Horde while serving on the Bark Crew.   (BT)

WILLOW. Female hare of Salamandastron. Close friend of Harebell and Honeydew. She later settled in Mossflower and became a founding member of the "Fur and Foot Fighters" border patrol there.  (MF)

WILLOWAY, NURSE.  Female hare of Salamandastron who took care of the leverets in addition to administering bad-smelling herbal tonics and physics.  She passed on long before Lord Brocktree arrived at Salamandastron, but she was remembered by Bramwil and Stonepaw.  (BT)

WILLYUM.  Fat male mole of Redwall.  Known as a champion singer. (MR)

WINCEY.  Young mousemaid of Southsward.  She never knew her father.  She was marooned on the Island of the Wrecked Ships, where she adopted Benjy and Figgs as her siblings.   After she was rescued by Finbarr and the crew of the Pearl Queen, she returned to Southsward.  King Gael and Queen Serena adopted her after the kingdom was liberated from Urgan Nagru. (BM)

WINDCOAT.  Full name Windcoat Bramwil Lepus II.   Salamandastron hare who later spent time at Bucko Bigbones' encampment.  Son of Bramwil.  As a child at Salamandastron, he got the nickname "Dribbler" due to a runny nose.  (BT)

WINDPAW. Female hare in the Salamandastron Long Patrol. Killed by Farran the Poisoner. (SN)

WINDPLUME. Sparra warrior. (RW)

WINDRED.  Female mouse.  Mother of Sayna, mother-in-law of Luke and grandmother of Martin.  Originally of St. Ninian's, later of Luke's tribe in the North.  Died in Badrang's enslavement.  (LL, MW)

WINGFOLD. Bat in Bat Mountpit. (MF)

WINGHYE. Falcon in Mactalon's clan who helped escort Thrugg back to Redwall. (SN)

WINIFRED. Female otter leader in Redwall.  An expert fisher.  (RW, MT)

WINNIEGOLD. Young female otter.  Daughter of Wallyum Rudderwake and Dorumee, sister of Inbar, sister-in-law of Grath.  She lived in Ruddering.  (PL)

WINTER OF THE DEEPEST SNOW.  A season in which Tim Churchmouse was Recorder of Redwall Abbey.  Preceeded by the Summer of the Rosebay Willowherb.  (LP)

WIPPBACK.  Corsair on the Greenhawk.   Killed by Luke's tribe. (LL)

WITHE, SISTER.  Slender female mouse.   Infirmarykeeper and Herbalist of Redwall. (OR)

WOEBEE.  Fat old female hare of Salamandastron who often complains.   (BT)

WOOD ISLE.  Island west of Luke's caves with fresh water supplies.  (LL)

WORMTAIL.  Older male rat in Cluny's horde.  He lost a paw when the hay cart crashed.  (RW)

WOTHER. Male hare of Salamandastron. Close friend of Trubbs and Ffring. (MF)

WRAITH, THE.  Small, skinny male weasel with mottled fur of gray, dirt-white and dark brown.  He had no teeth and odd, pale eyes.  He was quick but not very strong.  He draws out R-sounds in his speech.   He was not a member of Swartt's horde, but offered his services as an assassin.   He carried a small, poisoned knife called "The Kisser." Swartt hired him to assassinate Sunflash.  He died by simultaneously sticking himself with his poisoned knife and falling from high on Salamandastron. (OR)


WUDBEAK. Tawny female owl. Friend of Redwall. (OR)

WUDDSHIPP. Sunk in the River Moss to create a dam to flood Kotir. Later refloated. Formerly named the Bloodwake. (See also Bloodwake.) (MF)

WUDDSHIPP CREEK.  Name given to a tributary of the River Moss after the liberation of Mossflower.  (OR)

WUGGER. Male mole Dibbun of Redwall.  (MX)

WULLER.  Mole of Redwall.  (LP)

WULLGER.  Fat male otter who wears a belted tunic.  Gatekeeper of Redwall.  (PL)

WULPP. Searat in Clogg's crew. Paw injured by Ballaw and Felldoh. Treated by Brome, who spared him in the final battle. The only beast of Marshank to survive the final battle. (MW)

WUMMPLE.  Fat, kindly mole of Redwall.  (TG)

WURGG THE SPINECRACKER.  Giant, extremely strong male weasel.  Bodyguard of Bowfleg.  He was poisoned by Swartt.  (OR)

WURPLEDOWN DUMM.  Rascally male mole in a humorous ballad.  (OR)


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