A Redwall Winter's Tale

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"A Redwall Winter's Tale" is a rhyming picture book by Brian Jacques and illustrator Christopher Denise, the same duo who created "The Great Redwall Feast."  Expect more adorable pictures like this one, which is from the Holiday greeting card the Redwall Readers' Club sent to its members in 1998.


Info courtesy of www.redwall.org:

Length: 80 pages

As dark falls on the last day of Autumn, Redwall is abuzz! A troupe of traveling players is coming to entertain the Abbey with music and magic, acrobatics and feats of strength.

But another visitor is on his way to Redwall as well. Late that night, after the feasts and games are over, Mighty Bulbrock Badgers sense the sleepy Dibbuns off to their beds with the tale of the giant Snow Badger who brings Wintertide to the land whilst all are dreaming. The grown-up Redwallers chuckle: what a fanciful tale! But is it only a tale? Little Bungo wonders...

As they did in their previous collaboration, The Great Redwall Feast, Brian Jacques and Christopher Denise have created a warm and winsome world that readers of all ages will want to enter with their whole hearts.

In the tradition of The Great Redwall Feast, A Redwall Winter's Tale is written in rhyme, but also features some of Brian Jacques' world famous storytelling out of rhyme. Illustrated by Christopher Denise, this beautiful picture book is absolutely top notch, and would make a perfect Wintertime gift for a young one, or to complete a die-hard Redwaller's collection.

Also like The Great Redwall Feast, the art drawn on the same brown butcher paper in pastel colours. Included are all the standard Redwall feasts and poems and ballads, and the book is certainly completed by Christopher Denise's flawless renderings of all the animals. "


A blurb from editor Patti Gauch, courtesy of Redwall.org:

... this book is spectacular. Christopher Denise lived with the Redwall creatures for two years on the walls and drawing board of his Rhode Island home. The otters are splendid as usual, and a group of traveling players come to the Abbey on the last day of autumn, bringing such entertainment as you have never seen before.

But best of all, when little Bungo and the other Dibbuns trundle off to bed after the players have entertained and feasted, they hear the story of the Great White Badger who brings wintertime. What a story, the others say. Hmmmm, says little Bungo. And after they have all gone to sleep, he waits by the window - and there is the most amazing sight of all.

But I can't tell you what happens next, can I. That would be stealing the best part of the story. But I assure you, this book is so beautiful, and magical, and full of surprises, any Redwall fan will love it.

On a chat at Redwall.org on 3 April 1999, Brian Jacques said:
"It is again a book for younger readers and features Bungo and The Snow Badger! NO more hints!"